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JAMES DONKEY RS2 Mechanical Keyboard Review

I bought a Red Switch K8 made in Beijing last month. I couldn’t get used to it without a small keyboard, so I simply used it for a long time and then returned it. It’s a shameful experience party...but I always have it on hand. The Logitech K375s I used was really difficult to use, especially after experiencing the red-axis keyboard for a long time, I couldn't stand it anymore, so I drew a coupon at PDD and placed an order, and the price was 350 yuan.

-------------------------------------------------- - Cut to rule forever ----------------------------------------------- -----------

The express delivery was delivered quickly, the goods were signed and received quickly, and then the box was unpacked.

The foam wrap is pretty good, but still can't keep a perfect box. The box workmanship is ok, the inside is not damaged. On the back is a brief introduction.

The family portrait is relatively simple, without a dust cover, and the cushioning is just a plastic shell with a normal texture at the bottom. I feel that this protective measure is not very safe. The data cable is okay, the key puller shaft puller is very simple, and this kind of metal hook key puller feels that it is easy to damage the keycap.

The appearance and color of the keyboard body can only be said to be different. For amateur users, I think the feel is fine. I think the appearance is average. The overall workmanship is okay, there is no burr on the big frame, and some rough places can be removed with a fingernail. I think the weight is okay, not as light as expected, and the overall texture is not as good as the metal plate K8.

Looking at this side, several evaluations say it is a feature, not so monotonous. The texture of the knob is not bad. After all, there is a metal ring, which feels good enough. The scale of the knob is clear, and you can switch to mute by pressing it vertically, but there is a problem with my hand. The knob has been changed to adjust the light and shade. After adding the official group, it will be normal after updating the firmware.

This is also a feature. There is no flaw in the appearance, but there is a problem with the fixing of the C port. After asking, it seems to be a common problem, and the workmanship needs to be improved.

It's this...

The back is an improvement over the version late last month. The label has turned beige, the 2.4g receiver has also been changed to a magnetic attraction, and the two-speed bracket is relatively stable.

If it is magnetically attracted, it can stand upright

For amateur players, only a few keycaps with obvious burrs are pulled off, and the shaft will not be pulled out, and the shell will not be removed. The workmanship of the keycaps also needs to be improved, and there are more than a dozen keycaps with obvious spouts. In addition, the indicator light of the keyboard has also been changed to beige, which is more coordinated than the previous blue, but the light leakage is a bit embarrassing.

Some of the keycaps involved, and a few others are too lazy to pick

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I think this keyboard is okay as a whole. Except for the basic workmanship and room for improvement, the minor problems when it first came out have almost been improved. In addition, PDD has lowered the price a little, and the price/performance ratio is still there. It's just that I always feel that the sound of my space bar is different from the sound in the video review, not as crisp as others. What's more, if there is a version of other colors later, I may regret it.

Finally, the LOGO of this store looks very interesting.

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