Just want the joy of this simple code word, Dujia k610w three-mode hot-swappable keyboard

Nowadays, three-mode, hot-swappable, and RGB backlighting have become the norm for customized keyboards. Mechanical keyboards are no longer purely for the joy of simple codewords. All kinds of customized keycaps, shafts, kits, mechanical keyboards provide us with more personalization than simple codeword functions. However, in the face of such a variety of customized keyboards, there are many people who prefer simplicity, just like a friend of mine who doesn’t like any lights on the keyboard, because it will interfere with his typing.

I don’t know if there are many people who prefer simple code words, so let me share the Duga three-mode hot-swappable keyboard I recently bought. At present, the most frequent use of my daily office work is still Dujia's keyboard, so I recently bought their three-mode hot-swappable keyboard k610w. First of all, the packaging has changed from the previous blue theme to a white theme, and the packaging always feels much larger than before.

Different from the Duga keyboard that I bought a long time ago, the k610w uses double-layer packaging, and the internal packaging is very simple, similar to the work bags often mentioned on the market.

After opening the package, what is more surprising is that the foam pads that protect the keyboard have been upgraded inside, which are located on both sides of the keyboard and lift the entire keyboard in the middle. This can better protect the keyboard. After all, the courier often sends violent loading and unloading and the packaging is damaged. This can protect the keyboard from damage to the greatest extent.

K610W accessories, wired cable, keycap puller, shaft puller, USB to Type-C conversion, cable management belt, and three replacement keycaps. Since it is a hot-swappable keyboard, Dujia also added the accessories of the shaft puller very thoughtfully, so that other shaft experience can be replaced in the future.

The k610w currently has two colors to choose from. I chose the Echo-Fog Blue, which is a more plain color scheme. The keycaps use the three-color combination of "pure white + fog gray + sea blue", plus an ultra-narrow edge and a three-sided black base. The complexity is simplified, and the use of color is quite thoughtful, creating a fresh and elegant atmosphere.

The shape design of k610w is different from the ordinary square shape design in the past, and more asymmetrical geometric designs are used to highlight the individuality. The three sides of the side adopt angular black borders, which form a sharp color collision with the theme of white, gray and blue. The logo of Dujia is very eye-catching on the right border of the keyboard.

The switch of the keyboard is located on the upper left, and the position of the USB interface is different from the past in that it is not hidden, but placed directly in the most conspicuous position, on the right side of the switch.

The 2.4G receiver is still located in the dark compartment on the side of the keyboard support as before, which not only takes into account the aesthetics, but also protects it from being lost.

Four silicone pads and three-section foot supports are used on the back, providing three heights for convenient selection, while the silicone pad keeps the keyboard in place and is not easy to slide.

There are 6 indicator lights in the upper left corner, which are the number key indicator, upper and lower case/Bluetooth 1 indicator, lock key/Bluetooth 2 indicator, onboard custom button/2.4G indicator, and battery indicator. all available.

Multi-function keys such as Bluetooth, 2.4G switching and other keys adopt a side engraved design. In order to take into account both win users and mac users, there are three different keys with double labels. Of course, if you only use win users, you can replace them with replacement keycaps.

PBT material, the height of the original factory, the front characters adopt a two-color closed design, the materials are not stingy, the workmanship is round, wear-resistant, not easy to oil, and the texture is very good.

The k610w uses a custom-made shaft, which belongs to the CAP series. The obvious difference from Jiadalong's CAP is that the crystal axis adopts a black transparent shell.

The surface data of the silver crystal shaft is almost the same as that of g silver and cap silver, and the difference in feel needs to be savored carefully. There is a clear difference in the feel of silver crystal switches and cherry silver switches. The sound of the cherry silver shaft is crisp and crisp, and the rebound is relatively small. Silver crystal axis, the sound is low, the sound is smaller, and the rebound is stronger. Compared with Jiadalong's own pick-up white shaft, pick-up white is lighter.

With Dugazeus driver software DZE, after installation, it can automatically recognize the keyboard you are currently using. After clicking, you can set the keyboard. K610w supports full keyboard (except FN key) for customization, macro commands, modification, combination keys, and multimedia. , Mouse, text, start applications, and other functions to meet the needs of different groups of people.

As a three-mode hot-swappable keyboard, K610w supports 2 sets of Bluetooth storage connections and 1 set of 2.4G storage connections. It can support multiple devices at the same time, even for win and mac users. The 104 arrangement is my favorite keyboard arrangement. It is also the configuration that I use the most. The use of small keyboards and function keys can bring great convenience to daily use.

The K610w is also excellent in terms of battery life. It can be used for 8 hours a day when it is fully charged, it can last for 200 days under 2.4G, and it can last for 360 days under Bluetooth mode.

As a 104-array keyboard, Duga K610w supports three modes of wired, 2.4G and Bluetooth, supports 2 sets of Bluetooth storage connections and quick switching of shortcut keys, supports 1 set of 2.4 setting storage connections and quick switching of shortcut keys, wired key line Separated patterns. With the crystal axis customized in cooperation with Jiadalong, on the Jiadalong cap axis, it has been deeply tuned by Dujia, making it feel smooth and comfortable. The hot-swappable design allows not only the keycaps to be DIY, but also the shaft body to choose according to your own needs.

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