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Many people will definitely choose a mechanical keyboard when choosing between a normal keyboard and a mechanical keyboard, because it brings us not only a pleasure of typing, but also an immersive experience, whether it is a white-collar worker or a gamer. Enthusiasts, mechanical keyboards are always a favorite. As a keyboard fan, I also have a lot of keyboards at home, such as Luofei Xiaoqiao, Xueshou B930, Xiaowu Mute Keyboard, etc. Today, the author also got the Duga K310 mechanical keyboard of the Taurus series. Let’s take a look at this product today. What is the selling point? Let's take a closer look!

The packaging design of this product is more fashionable and simple, and the blue and black color matching is refreshing. There is no vector map of the product printed on the packaging box, but the word "DURGOD" is printed on the front of the product, as well as the Durgod LOGO in the upper right corner. The whole is relatively simple, and the weight of the entire packaging is relatively acceptable, after all, it has added weight mechanical keyboard.

The outer packaging adopts a clamshell design. After opening the outer packaging box, there is a special plastic mold for protection. In addition, there can only be a user guide with a warranty service card, a USB to Type-C cable, and a Type-C to Type-C cable, key puller, Velcro strap. The most heart-warming thing about this product compared to other products is the Type-C to Type-C cable, which fully considers the current mainstream laptops without USB ports and does not want to use external extenders, so Type-C to Type- The C cable will come in handy.

The body size of this product is 438 x 132.5 x 24.5mm, and the weight of the built-in stable key shaft steel plate reaches 1.06kg. Duga Taurus K310 has four versions: gray and white, dark gray and white, blue ink, and light fog blue. The author What I got was a light fog blue matte version with 104 keys. After I got it in my hand, I felt that it was indeed a youthful and beautiful color at first glance. And when using it, the mood is naturally much more comfortable, so the efficiency is naturally much better.

This light mist blue version, in fact, in terms of the color of the keys, the color of the entire keyboard is matched with the blue color, which is particularly eye-catching. In terms of material, this product is made of spray paint and matte technology, which has a very metallic texture. . This product adopts a 104-key full-key conflict-free design, and the large key position adopts a satellite shaft design, which is convenient for replacing keycaps and enjoying DIY fun. After repeated adjustments by professional technicians, the feel of the key shaft is restored.

In addition, there are five indicators on the entire keyboard (numeric keypad lock indicator, caps lock indicator, scroll lock indicator, WIN key function lock indicator, onboard configuration file call indicator), and there are 9 keys There is also a mark on the side of the cap, which is more convenient for the realization of the corresponding "Fn+" function.

The keycap of this product uses the original German cherry red switch mechanical switch body. Its trigger pressure is 45CN and the key stroke is 1.9mm. It will not make a loud sound when coding in the office or late at night. There are green switch, red switch, brown switch, black switch, silver switch and silent cherry red switch for the button switch. When choosing the switch body, I work in the office according to my needs, so I decisively chose the silent cherry red switch. , First, the button sound is small; second, the button feedback is both rigid and soft, without any sense of frustration and weight. From the actual use effect, it really meets the requirements of office work.

The transmission line of this product adopts a detachable design, the port is Type-C, and three wiring ports are designed on the back for wiring. The size of the card slot and the size of the transmission line are perfectly linked. Feel free to change, this will make the entire desktop much more tidy.

The foot support of this keyboard is also a heart-warming point. The foot support adopts a two-stage design, and there are also silicone pads on the foot support. From the perspective of the distribution of the silicone pads on the entire base, there are 5 silicone pads as a whole. Completely play a non-slip effect.

During the use of this product, I feel that the touch of the cherry red switch brings not only the feeling of a mechanical keyboard, but also soft and comfortable operation in actual operation. Silky sticky block, full rebound, long-term use of fingers will not be tired, now it is very comfortable to code, the more you use it, the smoother it is. In terms of texture, it is much better than mechanical keyboards at the same price. It not only restores the most minimalist method, but also the unique metal texture gives us a different mood.

Including the use of the office, this Dujia K310 cherry red switch is definitely the best choice. Except for the sound of the mechanic, there is no difference in other experiences. The overtime code in the office is also an experience. In fact, there are many White-collar workers will say that the keyboard they use has never been inspired by creation. The saying "a good horse matches a good saddle" is correct. Only a good product experience can create more value and make you feel How delicious is the taste of money! If I were to choose a mechanical keyboard again, I would definitely choose the cherry red switch. This experience is really great, but I will still choose the light version, which is the pursuit of every boy!

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