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Keep the innocence in my heart, lofree Luofei Crayon Shin-chan mechanical keyboard

The keyboard is basically a computer peripheral that everyone uses every day. When we choose a keyboard, we will also choose the corresponding keyboard according to our own needs. Today, I recommend a childlike keyboard for everyone. He is lofree Luo Fei Crayon Shin-chan mechanical keyboard.

First of all, look at the outer packaging of the product. The outer packaging of this product is highly recognizable. There is a big Crayon Shin-chan head portrait on the surface of the product, so that you can see at a glance that this mechanical keyboard of this brand is the same as Crayon Shin-chan's joint design looks very childlike, and it really warms my heart.

On the back of the box is a rendering of the product, which looks very simple, with only the brand name and Crayon Shin-chan written on it, the overall design is still very remarkable.

After opening the package, you can see the contents of the product and its accessories. In addition to the keyboard, the accessories include data cables, manuals and other basic accessories.

In addition to the above-mentioned basic accessories, he also presented a keyboard, palm rest and mouse pad, which are generally very good!

After reading the outer packaging, let's take a look at the appearance of the product. The appearance of this product is still very childlike, and it also fits the theme of his joint design with Crayon Shin-chan. The overall appearance is very high.

The function keys of the keyboard are set to become various expressions of Crayon Shin-chan. It looks very cute and cute!

After reading the appearance of the product, let's take a look at the product function.

As we all know, the switch of the keyboard is the core of a keyboard. The importance of the switch can be imagined. This keyboard uses Gateron brown switch with high-definition character pad printing design!

The tea switch brings us a better percussion feeling, whether it is used for games or typing, the hand feel is very good! The life of the shaft is very long, each shaft has a lifespan of 50 million inputs, which greatly improves the use time of the keyboard!

A good shaft determines the sound it brings. The sound of this keyboard is relatively small. In daily work and use, it will not affect the work of others because of the excessive sound of the keyboard. It is very user-friendly!

The pad printing design of the keycap makes the printed characters clearer and will not be easily worn out. Even after a long time of use, it can still maintain its original shape! In addition to not being easily worn out, this round keycap has another advantage that it does not leak oil. Even if the hands are in contact with the keyboard for a long time in the summer, the keyboard will not leak oil. For those For friends who often use keyboards, this design is very good!

The back design also has a unique design concept. The rounded corner design with four cushions looks really cute and interesting.

It comes with a 4000 mAh lithium battery, which can bring us a long battery life. It is not a problem for daily work, and it has four gears for the backlight, and the brightness can be adjusted. It is more cool for daily use, whether it is used for taking pictures or The decorations are very beautiful.

Two usage modes extend its usage range, this keyboard supports Bluetooth 3.0 connection mode and wired connection mode! Two options, you can choose, there is always one that suits you!

Overall, this keyboard gives me a very good feeling. Its unique percussion feel greatly improves my input efficiency, and the cute and cute keycaps also add a touch of excitement to my busy work. Childlike innocence, very good. If you also want to buy a co-branded keyboard, you might as well get this lofree Luofei Crayon Shin-chan mechanical keyboard to keep your inner childishness.

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