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kemove k68: I'll give you 400 yuan, can you flirt with me?

I haven't posted a post worth buying for two years.

The original intention of posting is to promote those interesting but unknown products, and share them with those who are looking for or waiting for them through this platform.

The two keyboards of kemove are such products.

It has been two weeks since I got the k68 (a gift from a friend), and I have been paying attention to the sales of this keyboard on JD.com during this period, and there are very few. Searches are worth buying original articles about it for not even one.

So far, it is my duty to "Hu".

After two years, kemove has brought its second product in the true sense (the first one is dk61), a pair of k68 with great personality and good experience at this price.

The outer packaging of the product should be a continuation of the dk series (the outline of the keyboard at the bottom), and the word butterfly changed in the upper right corner is a metaphor that the design comes from a butterfly?

Yes, the most prominent and intuitive selling point of this keyboard! The unique global RGB backlight plus 360° ring light strip, two independent lighting systems can be set through shortcut keys to achieve the same or different lighting effects.

The pbt backlit low ball cap has a micro double skin milk design, which brings better light transmission effect and hand feeling.

Dual-system physical button switching, stable and low-latency 2.4g and Bluetooth wireless connection.

Full-key hot-swappable (support 3pin, 5pin mechanical switches), Gateron pro switches are used by default, equipped with silicone sandwich cotton, and the configuration is full.

Dual-platform drivers, providing additional macro commands, 4+1 editing layers, custom lighting effects, and music rhythms.

I can't show its delicate touch, excellent big keys, and nice sound. This is where the graphics and texts are weak.

Of course, it also has its own or personal shortcomings.

The card position is not strong enough, and it can even be said that the foot support is loose. When pushing the keyboard forward, there is a probability of retracting it.

The 2.4G receiver magnetic absorption storage compartment is not designed.

Poor design of the metal nameplate on the back (above) (the big logo design (below) or printed shortcut keys would be more suitable for the first model)

Although it adapts to the Mac key layout, it does not provide the corresponding replaceable keycaps.


Graphics and text are not enough for this keyboard.

Jingdong purchase link

kemove's first product dk 2 years ago61

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