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Key travel adjustable? One key switch? LT optical axis with heart-changing speed Shuangfeiyan bloody hand ghost T98 mechanical keyboard

Attention those who often play games, recently experienced a very good peripheral. Produced by Shuangfeiyan, the bloody ghost T98 variable speed mechanical keyboard. Have you ever experienced a keyboard that can switch keystrokes at will? Tie Zi, who likes to toss, must have done a lot of research on customized keyboards in order to find a keyboard that suits him. The traditional switch needs to be plugged and unplugged, and the switch body needs to be replaced in order to change the trigger stroke of the keyboard. The Bloody Ghost uses a self-developed LT optical axis, which directly changes the trigger stroke through the characteristics of the axis itself. One key switch 2.0MM, 1.5MM, 1.0MM key travel switch. Whether it is for daily use, it can be changed at any time when playing games. Find the peak moment that suits you best.

Unboxing the Bloody Specter T98, the pixel black color is available. The 98-key keyboard body, the connecting cable designed for cutting and separating, and the key puller come with 25 game-specific PBT keycaps. Instruction manual, warranty card, and other accessories. The eye-catching LT red keycap on the keyboard is a special key that changes the key travel.

Both the data cable and the key puller have the LOGO of the bloody ghost, and the accessories are full of sincerity. It is difficult to see the trademark on the key puller that I bought before.

Very intuitive and user-friendly instructions make it easier for users to use the product.

It is also rare to have a dust cover that fits perfectly. Shuangfeiyan is full of sincerity for the T98, and the tailor-made mold is very popular.

The keyboard uses a dustproof and waterproof nano-coating to effectively protect the internal circuit board. None of the Shuangfeiyan I used when I was young was scrapped, and the quality is still top-notch.

For a more intuitive understanding, Shuangfeiyan Bloody Hand Ghost T98 variable speed mechanical keyboard. At the risk of dismantling the insurance, I will share it with my friends, friends, don’t learn from me. The sound-absorbing structural sponge is sandwiched inside the keyboard, which reduces the volume of the keyboard cavity and effectively controls the noise during typing.

The corners inside the keyboard after mold opening have been polished very finely, without any burrs.

The PCB circuit board is evenly distributed, which shows that the workmanship is exquisite. It's a pity that I'm not a good peripheral player, so I can't continue the discussion with the knowledgeable Tie Zi. According to the experience of playing the machine, this workmanship is absolutely superior.

Shuangfeiyan's self-developed LT optical axis, the yellow, blue, and red three-color transformation corresponds to three different key travels.

A close-up of the LE optical shaft. The triggering feeling of the switch body is like the mechanical feel of the red switch, and the powder switch is smooth and quiet. This feeling is very subtle.

The 25 PBT keycaps are included to create the strongest gaming experience for you.

1-speed Blu-ray standard 2.0mm stroke, the first choice for daily standard players.

2 levels of yellow light Acceleration 1.5mm stroke, short distance gaming, the best choice for operation.

3 levels of red light, super speed 1.0mm travel, extreme key travel, play your peak operation.

A three-way wire is added to the bottom of the keyboard, and the design of three height adjustments.

After installing the PBT keycaps, the appearance of the keyboard has been improved a lot.

The 98-key key setting is much more refined than the 104-key keyboard.

Click the red LT key to switch the key range with one key. There is no need to change the keyboard during daily office work, leisure and entertainment.

Usually I don’t play a lot of games, I only play LOL for competitive games, and I spend most of my time playing independent games on Steam. Although they are all small games, any game needs to be operated very much. Have you guys played these games?

The table below is becoming more and more exquisite, and I am still picking out exquisite items recently. If you have any good items, you must recommend me. A mechanical keyboard that can change the key travel as you like, a keyboard solves your state switching in front of the computer, the experience is simply too cool. Are you excited? Let's act quickly.

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