Key Words and Key Words Chapter 73: One hundred yuan can also have a fun experience, 8 recommended mechanical keyboards for one hundred yuan, including the introduction of the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

If it was a year ago, you asked me to recommend a mechanical keyboard within 200 yuan, I would still be very entangled, because it is really difficult to use. But today, a year later, if you mention the keyboards with a maximum price of less than 199 yuan, they are all new keyboard styles in 2022 and 2023. Whether it is the shaft body, large keys, appearance or function, there has been significant improvement. Now you can buy a comfortable mechanical keyboard for less than 200 yuan. However, the current market is still mixed, so this article recommends 8 keyboards for everyone and introduces their respective advantages and disadvantages, hoping to provide reference for your purchase.

The rk r87 and 104 priced at 100 yuan are of the true God level. The most important recommendation is the lowest monochrome backlight, the 87 version with 18 hot-swappable keys and the 104 version with 21 hot-swappable keys. The price of more than 200 for the top version is actually not so competitive.

After all, rk is a brand of its own shaft factory, and with the newly opened and improved large key last year, it is completely superior in terms of feel at the price of 100 yuan. K yellow has a very good smoothness and texture, the overall firmness, and the stability of the axis are all at the level of three or four hundred yuan.

The kit itself has some low-end shadows, but it is also trying to make its own characteristics. The low-end feeling comes from the general treatment of various corners, there are many sharp places, but there are RGB light strips on both sides as embellishments, and a soft light version is added, the texture of the side light is great.

Correspondingly, the keycaps of the r series are made of ABS two-color material, which feels smooth, and there will be a little injection water mark on the closer inspection.

rk can be said to be the earliest brand in China to produce mechanical keyboards with a low-end price of 100 yuan. I have two colleagues who bought rk for more than 170 in 2017. They are still in use and have no problem at all. Although keyboards at this price generally have a high failure rate, rk does have a relatively good idea of ​​how to make the keyboard cheap while ensuring quality control.

The biggest advantage of 3087T is that it has RGB backlight and it is a three-mode full-key switch hot-swappable keyboard. The starting price is 199 yuan, but the event price can often reach more than 170. Then you can buy the shafts of the reverse prison for more than 190. The overall experience is better than A powder and A yellow.

The smoothness of the lowest A powder shaft is acceptable, but the feeling of bottoming is not crisp enough, and the rebound of A powder is a bit weak. If you don’t have to lightly press the shaft, it is recommended to have more A yellow.

The appearance is the traditional upper and lower cover design, but the positioning board is made of PC material, and the sound of typing on the keyboard is surprisingly pleasant. You can also buy the wine red switch version and then moisturize it yourself. This keyboard can also sound very HIFI. .

The keycaps are ABS light-transmitting two-color, without injection molding defects, which is the best overall workmanship and feel among all the keycaps in this article. So in general, except that the lowest configuration of the switch body is indeed a little weaker, the 3087 can be regarded as the most water-bucket keyboard overall.

V98pro is really popular. Although V98 is the residual blood version of 98pro, it does not have RGB backlight but changed it to monochrome backlight. The keycap has shrunk from PBT ball cap to ABS two-color light transmission. The battery has shrunk from 8000mAh to 4000mAh. The filling material is compared with the pro version. Also worse.

However, it retains the original appearance of V98pro, the same wireless three-mode and supports full-key hot-swappable. Although the plastic quality of the Numbani switch feels poor, the smoothness is relatively good, and the adjustment of the large key is also very good. Not bad.

Although the backlight is very dark, and the ABS keycaps have obvious injection water marks, but at this price, from a practical point of view, the V98 is still quite competitive. The entire V98 series cannot be shipped immediately after placing an order, and it will take a while to receive it.

I didn't buy this one, and I didn't care about the brand's requirements, so it's simple and I won't go into details.

Because AK992 and VGN V98 have the same appearance, 992 mainly focuses on the difference from V98. All 992 series are three-mode, but there is a large battery version with RGB backlight and no small battery version without backlight.

Compared with V98, it also supports full-key hot swapping, and also has sandwich cotton and bottom cotton. But the AK992 has a volume knob, and the two-color PBT keycaps are better looking and more durable. The entry-level version does not have an under-shaft pad, the smoothness of the shaft body is slightly worse than that of VGN, and the battery capacity is only 1200mAh.

The most important thing is that AK992 is in stock.

Three-mode, hot-swappable, backlight, how much does it cost when all these are needed? The answer given by GK65 is 149 yuan, of course, some platforms can be lower. Although the sleeve is hot-swappable, there are actually many types of shafts that can be used. A bunch of shafts from Kontente, Huannuo, and Gaote can be used. It is not that the shafts are changed frequently, so there is no problem at all.

There is one thing to say, the low-end line of Langtu is really good, and it has its own characteristics. At the low end, a product with a male model or a sharp-edged design, the entire GK series has a rounded appearance, which is relatively rare at this price point.

The keycap is the more distinctive ABS ball cap of Langtu, with rounded corners and comfortable to the touch, but the engraving process is laser etching, which is relatively rare now, and the surface has obvious unevenness when touched, which can be regarded as relatively good and bad. Obvious keycaps too.

The shaft body is a custom-made gold shaft, the smoothness and basic quality are acceptable, and a little bit dry, which is above the absolute qualified line for the shaft body at this price.

I only have i3 and i5, the price of these two is more than 200, but they are only different from i2 in configuration, so these photos are just for reference. The i2 is a wired keyboard with 75% configuration, and I think it is also the most cost-effective one in the entire i series. This series all support RGB backlight and full-key hot-swapping, so the overall playability is no problem.

The biggest feature of the i series is the use of the aluminum extrusion process for the shell material. Although it is not considered aluminum, it is not easy to experience the aluminum skin for 199 yuan. As far as the texture of the keyboard itself is concerned, it can be said that there is no one that can type at the same price as the i series. Of course, one small disadvantage of the aluminum case is that this keyboard has no feet to adjust the height.

The switch body is the Kuai Kuai Jing switch series, the overall level is close to the BOX V2 switch body, especially the life of the Kaihua switch is not a small advantage. The keycap is a ball cap made of PBT two-color material, which is also relatively rare at this price.

Therefore, except for the lack of a wireless connection mode, the Black Canyon i2 is relatively balanced overall, and the texture is the best at this price.

Xuanjixing focuses on an entry-level e-sports keyboard, so it also uses the favorite floating design of e-sports keyboards and supports full keys without punching.

The shaft body is the basic type of Huannuo shaft, the smoothness is good, and the life span is relatively good among low-priced shafts. It's a pity that the large keys are not adjusted at all, and the noise is more obvious.

The advantage is that it is relatively sufficient. In addition to the ABS two-color translucent keycaps of the original machine, an additional set of ABS two-color keycaps is provided. The whole is a cream-style color scheme. Users can use two sets of keycaps according to their preferences. Spell out your favorite color. The backlight is mixed color, and the color is not bad. In addition, during the first release, a set of Xuanjixing mouse pad will be given away. The workmanship of the pad is quite good.

Yunmo puts a lot of videos to the UP master of station B, and many say that it can challenge the status of rk r87. But from the actual situation, I bought the K87 with the lowest basic version. Its biggest problem is that the cavity sound is too big and too obvious. Every time I hit it, I can hear a long echo. This feeling is really uncomfortable.

If it is the king of this price, rk r87, then the smoothness and rebound of the shaft body are weaker, although it is also a shaft body produced by Jiuzi. However, Yunmo can also add money to choose the version of the Jiuzi K-axis, so that it is the same as the rk axis. The advantage of Yunmo is that the keycaps have several different colors to choose from, and at the same time, there are no injection defects like rk and vgn keycaps. In addition, in terms of appearance, it can be said that it is trying to make a little sense of high-end, which can be said to be a bit low-profile with CMK87, although CMK87 is also a keyboard with an imitation shape.

In addition, the USB cable of Yunmo is plugged in directly, which is more convenient than the three-way outlet of the r87, but the freedom in a cramped space is also less.

So if this keyboard is used with headphones, the actual feel is pretty good at this price. If you don’t wear headphones every day, then it is not recommended to buy the lowest configuration, or it will be better if you do some filling and modification after you get it. good.

In addition to the above options, you can also buy a fully transparent keyboard X75 wired version of the salt white switch for 199 yuan, but I personally recommend the salt ice switch version of 239 yuan, and I will share with you when I have the opportunity to recommend a keyboard priced below 300. elaborate.

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