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Key words and key words Part 32: 60% of the mechanical keyboards with independent arrow keys, e-element Z11RGB three-mode hot-swappable keyboard brief test

The mechanical keyboard with 60% configuration has always been the most portable in the mainstream configuration, but there is also a common problem with this type of keyboard, that is, there is no independent direction key. The arrow keys of this type of keyboard are generally completed by FN combination keys or FN switching the four buttons in the lower right corner, but after switching, the input of "?" and "/" needs to be completed through combination keys, which is very inconvenient.

However, the e-element Z11 I evaluated today puts 63 keys in 60% of the conventional keyboard space, thus realizing a complete set of four dedicated arrow keys. So whether this keyboard is good or not, let's take a look.

A very compact keyboard with a yellow box. I chose the red switch version.

This keyboard has RGB backlight, supports three-mode, full-key non-return and hot-swappable, which means that it has all the functions of mainstream keyboards now.

However, the price is only 189 yuan after the coupon.

In addition to the keyboard, the package also includes 5 replacement switches, two supplementary keycaps for ESC+ space, key puller, shaft puller and C-port data cable.

Among them, the C port part of the data cable is designed as an elbow, which is more convenient when connecting to a notebook.

The keyboard in my hand is a black and gray color scheme, which is not outstanding. Although the price of the keyboard is very cheap, the overall workmanship is fine.

The back is a non-slip mat and a one-piece foot support, and the 2.4G receiver is magnetically attracted to the groove on the back of the keyboard.

The three-stage switch can be easily switched between 2.4G, wired and Bluetooth modes.

The shaft used is Huanuo shaft. Although it is a low-end shaft, it is also an old brand, and the product quality is guaranteed.

The biggest advantage of the 60% arrangement of the keyboard is that it really saves space, especially for some gamers, this arrangement can provide more space for the operation of the mouse.

This keyboard adopts a floating design without a top cover, because the top cover of the switch body is also transparent, so you can see the light under the switch body from the side, which is very beautiful.

Moreover, compared with some common low-end suspension structures, the e-element extends and bends the positioning plate to cover half of the side frame. The advantage of doing this is not only to make the entire keyboard look better, but also to improve the consistency of the overall keyboard feel when typing.

The hot-swapping solution of this keyboard is sleeve hot-swapping. Because the jack is relatively small, it only supports the switches of several manufacturers such as Huanuo, Constant, and Goto.

But as a switch that costs less than 200 yuan, would you give it a switch that costs more than 2 yuan or more than 3 yuan? Moreover, Gotek’s switches are very complete. You need to go ahead of time, heavy pressure, light pressure, large strokes, and light strokes. You can choose any high-tech switch you want to experience. The price is cheap enough for people with low fever on the keyboard I understand the axis form.

The keycap is a PBT keycap with two-color injection molding, which can ensure the service life and avoid oiling. The side wall of the keycap is relatively thin, and the spout is handled well.

The characters are non-closed design, which is acceptable considering its price. At the same time, laser etching technology is used to write some function key names after Fn combination on some keys, so that the functions of other keys can be easily realized even without the instruction manual.

The independent arrow keys are actually brought about by changing the 1.5U buttons in the lower right corner into regular 1U buttons, and dividing the right Shift into two. This configuration needs to be easily adapted when using the right shift. After getting used to it, it is still very fragrant, and it is much more convenient to use than other 60% keyboards on the market.

The keyboard of less than 200 yuan does not use the basic version of the white satellite switch, and even gives you a moisturizing satellite switch. Can you believe it, the e element can be called full of sincerity. However, I still want to say that there are still noises when the space and shift keys are actually used, so since we have all lubricated the satellite shafts from the factory, may we consider changing the grease and improving the lubrication process.

Of course, the current performance of the large keys of the e-element Z11 is relatively good in the 200 yuan price keyboard.

The lighting effect of the e element is very rich, and those who want to simply play with the lights should be satisfied.

The important thing is the feel. The red switch of Huanuo is a little bit beyond my expectation. Although the stability of the axis is average, the smoothness is really good. It is better than the current version of the cherry red switch. It can fully meet your pleasant input needs.

The brightness of the light is enough, not dazzling, and it can be used safely in dark conditions.

As a low-end mechanical keyboard that costs less than 200 yuan, the e-element Z11 RGB three-mode model has all the functions of the current mainstream keyboard that costs five or six hundred yuan. It is just what many people need, but because of insufficient budget, it is often required that the price be as cheap as possible. At a price of less than 200 yuan, the only one that can achieve the above functions should be the Z11 RGB.

But at such a low price, Z11 still delivered a good answer. Although there are relatively cheap options from the keycap to the structure to the shaft body, the feel of the Huannuo shaft and the moistened satellite shaft make me feel better. I saw that the e element is trying its best to be uncompromising in terms of feel.

And the biggest highlight, 60% of the independent direction keys are arranged under the plug, which is also a very innovative idea, which brings a very good user experience.

I have used 3 keyboards for less than 200 yuan, and Z11 can be regarded as the most cost-effective and sincere product among the three.

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