Key words and mouse language Part 2: Mahjong sound on the mahjong axis, the mahjong tone surprises the world|Appreciation and analysis of Daryu mahjong axis

Don't complain about the title, it's simply because the rhyme is easy to use as the title, this axis is not to the point of shocking the world.

Recently, "Mahjong sound" has become popular in key rings.

What is Mahjong tone?

Friends who have played mahjong should know that the mahjong tablecloth is usually very thick, the purpose is to reduce the noise generated when turning mahjong, so that the sound is very solid. Therefore, the characteristics of mahjong sound are boring and solid.

Putting this set of features on the keyboard, it is easy to think of the popular gasket structure. There is no steel structure and screw-supported liner inside, and then it is cushioned with dense under-shaft pads and silicone pads to minimize the weight of the shaft keycaps. Crisp sound.

Although the mahjong sound is sought after by many players, the nature of the mahjong sound determines that it is not determined by a single accessory. The kit structure, internal filling and keycap shaft all play a big role. However, Dareu has recently launched a very distinctive shaft body. The shape is not to mention the shape of mahjong, and the poster also uses mahjong sound as an important selling point. As a ruthless collector of keyboards, how can such a distinctive switch body be missed, and let me have a plate.

▼There are not many shafts under Dareu, but they are all distinctive. In particular, its sky axis, with its excellent smoothness, stands out from the crowd. Last year, the axis ladder diagram in the evaluation of Guanwei last year dominated the list for nearly a year, fully proving its strength. This time the mahjong axis still belongs to the linear axis series, but from the perspective of price, it is positioned as a high-end, and the main focus should be on the user group who pursue personalization/high-end quality.

▼Grass green outer box packaging, the big "hair" meaning on the front is quite good. On the back, the mahjong elements of Wantong are everywhere. This time the first set is a limited edition of 35 pieces/box. I don’t know if there will be more versions later.

▼There are two small cards inside, and the shaft parameters are listed one by one

Shaft Type: Linear Shaft

Trigger pressure: 45 ± 3g

Bottom pressure: 55±5g

Trigger travel: 20 ± 0.4mm

Total stroke: 3.6±0.2mm

Lifespan: 8000W times

▼Axis body color matching perfectly restores the color combination of mahjong, green lower cover, white upper cover with red axis, iconic mahjong elements such as east, west, north, middle and white are printed on the front of the upper cover, it is said that the pattern adopts deinking transfer printing technology , the color is indeed very positive, the definition is extremely high, and the font is also restored by God.

▼This set of shafts has two types: limited edition and mass production version. The difference is whether there is a pattern or not. The price of the mass production version is much cheaper.

▼As a Sichuanese, the damn sense of ritual cannot be less

▼The shaft body structure is fence type, which has a certain bonus to the stability of the shaft body. The upper cover is made of POK material, which has the characteristics of high wear resistance and impact resistance. Theoretically, it has a great advantage in lifespan. The lower cover is made of common nylon.

▼The light guide mirror has its own characteristics here. Firstly, the large area brings higher light transmittance. Secondly, from the structural point of view, there is an obvious trapezoidal design, which can make the lighting effect more uniform. The actual performance will be discussed later.

▼Take it apart to find out. POM axis, without lubrication, the more you use it, the smoother it is; 20mm gold-plated spring, press the Q bullet, rebound and follow the hand, and the straight up and down fence design makes the tapping experience very good.

▼I have been using the paragraph axis for a while, but when I suddenly come into contact with the linear axis, I have a good feeling for the first time. It has to be said that the linear axis is the most suitable axis for the general public, and the high frequency of use of the paragraph axis is a bit tiring.

▼The kit is VGN211, and the pure white shell seems to match this shaft very well.

▼The feel is described from personal experience. The smoothness is in place, and there is no rustling when pressing. The consistency is excellent, and you can get the same tactile feedback when you press any position of the keycap. However, the total stroke of this axis is short, the trigger pressure is a bit high, and the response is fast, which sometimes makes it feel like it has bottomed out as soon as it is triggered, which is a bit like an early paragraph.

▼The lighting effect is very brilliant, the light transmittance is high but not dazzling. I guess it looks very bright when I took it with a camera, but it is actually a softer kind, which feels very suitable for matching with transparent keycaps.

▼Even the completely opaque keycap display effect is very good.

▼The last part is the actual knock test (the kit is VGN 211). However, as mentioned earlier, the mahjong sound is not simply provided by the shaft body, the key is the filling of the keyboard kit.

Dareu mahjong shaft still maintains the brand's excellent consistency and smoothness, coupled with the distinctive shape design and process details, the quality of the shaft body can be described as excellent. But there is one thing to say, the price of a single 5.7 yuan is still on the high side. There are too many choices at this price, and it is more suitable for friends who focus on early adopters and collections.

The above is the whole content of this sharing. If you have any questions, you can consult them in the comments, and I will try my best to reply. Finally, if you think this article is acceptable, please like, bookmark, reward, forward, thank you all.

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