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Key Words Key Words Chapter 38: A good choice for Chinese Valentine’s Day gifts, find the feel of the laptop keyboard, experience sharing of Lvlian Fun low-axis mechanical keyboard

I have been in the pit of mechanical keyboards for so many years, and I have used fifty or sixty keyboards, but this is the first time I have experienced a mechanical keyboard with a low axis.

Some time ago, Greenlink, a domestic computer charging and peripheral brand, launched its first mechanical keyboard - Fun+, which is a Bluetooth/wired dual-mode keyboard equipped with a high-tech and low-end tea switch. Different from the products of traditional peripheral manufacturers, I have seen a lot of the style and tonality of the Lulian brand on this keyboard.

The packaging of this keyboard adopts the design of flipping and opening the cover, which has a feeling of opening a gift. The color matching of this dreamland is designed in a pink and gold lettering box. The whole packaging is simple and fresh.

Inside the package is a cream biscuit-like paradise pattern, and underneath is a fun cardboard, which perfectly interprets the theme of Dreamland.

Remove the cardboard, and you can see the keyboard body under the dust cover. The appearance of this keyboard is really very characteristic. It has a large round shell with four sides and chamfered corners, and the keycaps are also designed with rounded corners. The buttons on the four sides are especially With a large round edge treatment, the whole appearance looks round.

In addition to the dust cover, accessories include data cables, key pullers, manuals, etc., because this is a keyboard that supports both Win and Mac systems, so Greenlink also comes with several keycaps, which are exactly the same color as the original keycaps. It is the same, but engraved with the shortcut keys of the Mac system, which is convenient for switching between different partners.

The delicate frosted plastic case is somewhat similar to macaron blue in color. The color of the keycaps changes from orange to green and then white from top to bottom, plus the keycaps that look like pebbles and small mushrooms, this design is still very distinctive.

Because this is an ultra-thin and portable keyboard, there is no openable footrest designed, and there is a round protrusion on the back to ensure that the keycap can have a more comfortable angle when used. On the back side is the Bluetooth switch and win/Mac switch button.

Because of the low shaft and the special curved surface design, this keyboard looks thinner than it actually is.

The surface of the keycap should be skin-like paint, coupled with the special round finger design, it looks very cute.

As mentioned earlier, this keyboard supports Bluetooth and wired dual-mode, but the Bluetooth wireless mode is the most suitable for it in terms of portability and visual point of view.

The connection speed between Fun+ and the Bluetooth of the computer or mobile phone is very fast. When connecting, there are two modes of Bluetooth 3.0 and Bluetooth 5.0 to choose from, that is, it can support the new version of Bluetooth, which is more fun and more stable. It can also support some old devices .

The short shaft, ultra-thin keycaps, and streamlined design make this keyboard change everyone's impression of being big and heavy, and the entire keyboard looks very thin. With the keycaps in gradient rainbow colors, there is also a fresh breath on the desktop.

This keyboard supports white backlight, and also uses coated translucent keycaps. At the same time, there are four levels of brightness and 15 backlight effects to choose from. However, the brightness under the highest gear is average.

On the one hand, the white backlight can be used as an ambient light to improve the appearance of the entire keyboard under bright light conditions, and on the other hand, it can help some friends who are not particularly familiar with computer keys to input better in dark light conditions to prevent accidental touches.

On the right side are three indicator lights for battery, win, and Mac. When the battery is low, the battery indicator will give a reminder. Press the CAPS button to turn on the capitalization mode, and a small green indicator will light up.

This keyboard uses Jiadalong short brown switch. Compared with the sluggishness of the brown switch in the conventional mechanical keyboard market, the brown switch is the most common switch in the short switch keyboard. After all, the linear switch is missing under the too short key travel. Some sense of confirmation.

Because the MX-like cross axis is also used, the keycap compatibility of this keyboard is not bad, and it can adapt to most cross-center low-axis keycaps.

This keycap should be designed with ABS+ skin-like coating. The surface of the keycap is concave to fit your fingers. The characters are laser-etched, which feels smooth and delicate, and the injection nozzle is relatively regular.

Limited by the too short and thin keycaps, in fact, the low-axis keyboard input feel is not as refreshing as that of conventional mechanical keyboards. However, the problem that the special-shaped keycaps caused the input accidental touches that were worried before completely disappeared after a short period of time. Adapted, and will not affect the efficiency of the input.

The fun+ of Lulian is not a mechanical keyboard in our traditional sense. Its ultra-thin thickness and the use of brown switches make its feel somewhat similar to that of a notebook keyboard. Users who have transitioned from notebook keyboards or ordinary thin-film office keyboards will surely like the feel of the fun+ keyboard.

The biggest feature of this keyboard is actually the fresh and lovely gradient color design. The ultra-thin + 585g weight is light and portable, making it very suitable for mobile office no matter it is used with a desktop computer or with a notebook. Naturally, it will also be a favorite for girls. The type you like.

We often say that giving a girl a big and heavy mechanical keyboard as a gift is a straight man's behavior, but such a compact and beautiful low-axis keyboard may not belong to this situation.

In addition to this warm-toned Dreamland theme, Fun+ also has a blue-based island vacation option, which is more suitable for male users.

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