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Key Words Key Words Chapter 54: Looking at the mechanical keyboard switch body from the ladder released by Guanwei Evaluation, the backwardness of the cherry switch is completely hammered

In the past few days, the well-known hardcore evaluation team Guanwei Evaluation has released the first phase of the mechanical keyboard switch body ladder. Many results are expected, and there are many unexpected results.

First of all, the instrument used for testing by Guanwei Evaluation has been developed in 2019, and he has used this machine for testing in many of his previous videos and articles.

A total of 15 types of conventional mechanical switches and 4 types of non-contact switches were tested in this review. The specific results are as follows. The following pictures are from the review. If there is any infringement, I will delete it.

With a smoothness of 98.5%, compared with 92.13% of the second-ranked gold powder switch, the RX red switch has a leading edge in rolling over all mechanical axes and optical axes.

Consistency is a good level, but the temporary set of ratings of ViewWeft does not fully reflect the advantages of the RX axis. It is also mentioned in the video that it is because of the unique scissors support structure and the huge four-sided axis similar to a film. , The RX axis is the only one that maintains a stable pressure in grams when pressing each edge of the keycap.

What is not reflected in the added data is that although the RX Red has a pressure of 45g of the standard red switch, the overall rebound is very close to the hand, and the feel is very Q-bouncing, which is completely different from the ordinary red switch.

In the mechanical keyboard science article launched on 618 this year, I mentioned that the RX red axis "can be said to be the most advanced linear axis at present." This time it finally has data support.

Well, this year’s Double 11, the RX axis version of ROG Ranger is still my most recommended gaming keyboard. Note that there is also the NX axis version of the conventional mechanical axis body, relatively speaking, the performance is not as good as the RX axis, pay attention to the distinction.

Ranked first is the Dareu sky switch. Because Dareu produced low-end keyboards in the early stage, some stores promoted it as a "top peripheral" for sales. As a result, these four words became a stalk of Dareu. However, with the start of EK861, Dareu has really started to make keyboards seriously, especially last year’s A98, the first batch of gasket structure keyboards in mass production, which can be said to be the peak since its debut. So far there are so many gasket structure keyboards on the market. The keyboard is gone, but I still think the A98 has the best overall feel. This time, Dareu really deserves the title of top peripheral.

The A98's good feel is naturally due to its main axis, the sky axis V3. Guanwei’s review mentioned that the retail price of this shaft is 2.4 yuan. In fact, the price of this shaft in the second-hand market was once a little over 1 yuan, which is quite cost-effective.

Among the two data given by Guanwei Evaluation, I personally think that the smoothness is actually more important than the consistency, and the refraction has a greater impact on the experience, so there is no need to tout the sky axis V3 too much, after all, the smoothness It is still lower than gold powder and ash wood, but the consistency is still very good, reflecting the craftsmanship of Huannuo.

The POM material also has the characteristic of becoming more slippery as it is used, so the smoothness of the POM shafts such as the sky shaft V3, ash wood shaft V3, and ice cream shaft may be further improved as the use time is prolonged.

What I want to say here is that it is not only Daryou who turned around, but also Huannuo. Huannuo has a large number of axes around 1 yuan, many of which are the same mold as the sky axis V3. The evaluation of the player circle is very good, such as Cream Rose axis. The results of Sky V3 also prove the standard of Huannuo's mold.

The same name is also corrected by the TTC gold powder switch, which is worthy of pushing the domestic mass-produced keyboard to a new height. In fact, there have been a lot of criticisms from TTC and gold powder recently. It is believed that marketing is more important than substance. The shaft body, but from this result, in terms of smoothness, gold powder is still the GOAT level of mass-produced mechanical shafts. Still the same sentence, what is better than it is not as cheap as it is, and what is cheaper than it is not as good as it is, gold powder is still a god.

Leobog is very popular in the small circle of mechanical keyboard players this year. Many people bought the keyboard of the Kuaiyin switch, sold the Kuaiyin, and replaced it with Ashwood V3, because everyone felt that the feel was not bad. Judging from the results this time, this is even a positive upgrade of the feel. Some people said that Ashwood V3 is "Little Kuaiyin", so can Kuaiyin be called "Little Ashwood" now?

If you don’t know Ashwood V3 before, let me tell you, the new retail price of this switch is a little more than 6 cents, and the price of the popular TTC quick silver switch dismantling switch on the market is also around 2.5 yuan. In addition, leobog has many other shafts besides ash wood shafts, which are also very cost-effective.

In fact, a big reason for the low price of ash wood switch terminals is that it does not supply mass-produced brands and sells them only to player groups. In fact, the prices that large mass-produced switch manufacturers supply to keyboard manufacturers are not high, and retail switches are only available. A small percentage of shipments. Setting a high retail price can make the switch appear more high-end, and indirectly increase the willingness of keyboard manufacturers to use it.

When I repeatedly publicized the new cherry switch in various mechanical keyboard articles, after the revision in 2017 and 2018, the axis has changed to a certain extent, and the smoothness has also dropped a lot. There are still a small number of friends who are still arguing with me about the cherry shaft in the comment area. Is it worth buying a keyboard with many cherry switches?

In this evaluation, the Cherry axis lags behind in all aspects from smoothness to consistency. With data support, the main reason we buy mechanical keyboards is for a better feel. If the basic smoothness cannot be guaranteed, then how can we talk about the feel? ? Of course, cherry shafts do not have factory lubrication at present, but many domestic shafts have factory lubrication, which can be regarded as having certain advantages, and this point needs to be explained.

Also, in addition to cherry, don’t forget the bottom 4 on the list. The three words in the brackets are "Pole Star Axis". If the score is high, it will be the third from the bottom, and the smoothness is only better than the two axes of the cherry.

So someone asks if filco and leopold are worth buying, well, I don’t think there is any need to answer, what do you think?

The last thing to say is that although this evaluation can well reflect a lot of data on the shaft body, there is still a big difference between the test environment and the actual use environment, such as the attenuation characteristics of the shaft body and the slippery characteristics of the POM material as it is used. In the laboratory environment, the keycap and the shaft are pressed straight up and down, but the actual finger press will have a certain angle. At the same time, the performance of the same shaft body in different batches will also be different, so although this result is of great reference value, it cannot represent the same. In addition, the final result is just a summed average value. It is not clear about the specific number of test shafts and the number of tests, and it is impossible to see the size of the variance and so on.

In any case, in the end, I still hope that the view weft evaluation can provide us with more test shafts and data, and provide a strong reference for everyone's purchase.

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