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Key Words Key Words Chapter 55: Free Knobs, Split Spaces, Not only Easy to Use, but Fun, My Experience Using GK75

Nerf is a brand that often brings surprises to players. Friends who have a certain understanding of mechanical keyboards may know that Nerf has launched a keyboard with plastic keycaps before, and later launched a lite Gasket structure. Basically, you can use mahjong sounds that are not inferior to real Gasket or even more HIFI.

During this year's Double 11, the nerd launched a brand new GK75 series. This time, the nerd has played a new trick: it comes with two knobs and can be freely installed in multiple positions, and it supports modification into a split space design. Then let's take a look at how the creative keyboard of the little nerd performs.

First of all, this may be the keyboard with the most abundant accessories I have ever seen. In addition to the basic configuration of the keyboard, dust cover, data cable, and puller, it also includes three packs of supplementary keycaps, including the keyboard itself. That should be close to a big kit. There are also a few screws with silicone bumpers, a small positioning plate to replace the blanks, and an extra knob.

This keyboard is designed with a black translucent shell, and the bottom steel plate is painted yellow (it should not be a copper plate), and it looks golden underneath through the shell. There are two color schemes for the keycaps. The design of this set is two deep blue and pink color contrast designs, which is very individual.

The surface of the shell is matte texture, with a three-way outlet design on the back, a special 2.4G receiver storage slot, and double-stage feet. In addition, the mode switching slider and the win/mac switching slider are also under the product label, which is very concealed and will not damage the overall aesthetic feeling.

The corners of the entire case kit are relatively sharp. When this design is applied to the keyboard of a conventional case, it is a cheap and monotonous performance, but when it is applied to a black translucent case, it can achieve better visual effects.

The knob adopts CNC technology, the surface texture is very good, and the side is a mesh anti-slip texture. However, from my personal habits, the damping of this knob is a bit small, but when you press it down, the pressure of the paragraph is just right, and there is a clear feeling. A sense of confirmation.

Power on and connect to the computer, the RGB backlight is on, and the texture of the entire keyboard is still good.

This keyboard uses a GK5 height PBT ball cap. This is the first time I have experienced that this height is a bit like the original factory height, but it feels more rounded.

The keycap adopts two-color technology, and the frosted texture on the surface of the closed characters is more delicate, and there is a slight concave in the shape, which can fit the fingers better. Perhaps it is because the processing difficulty of this concave shape is relatively difficult to deal with shrinkage. , the letters of the main keypad have a certain concave-convex feeling to the touch.

Now comes the interesting part of this keyboard. The positioning plate under its space can be replaced, and it can be seen that the shaft body in the space is different from its shaft, and the pressure of the shaft body in the space is larger, which can better maintain the consistency of the feel.

Take out the attached small positioning board, replace the original one, and install a new one. One space will be split into three buttons.

It is worth noting that there are actually four slots under the space, which means that four shafts can be installed.

This picture can also be seen that this keyboard is equipped with a silicone sandwich pad, a silicone shaft underpad, and a black bottom cotton. The configuration is very complete.

The screw of the small bug is different from other people's. It has a silicone gasket, which cooperates with the sandwich silicone between the motherboard and the positioning plate and the pad under the shaft to reduce the resonance caused by tapping the keyboard. It can be regarded as the same goal as the Gasket structure. up.

After such modification, one space is split into three buttons. This design isn't just for fun. The blank space is not the first design, of course, it is the first design bug that can be split into four buttons at most.

When most of us use the space, we actually tap the space with our left thumb, while the right side of the long space and our right thumb are equivalent to the idle state. Splitting the space can change the key values ​​of other keys in the space through the driver software to realize the functions of other keys or combined keys, especially the alt, ctl, and fn keys that are arranged in 75% of the space are relatively small and inconvenient to press. One of the buttons on the side can be modified to replace them, which will be more convenient and improve efficiency when using.

There are a lot of matching buttons provided by Xiaodu, but it is not equipped with an exclusive split space button, and needs to be replaced with other keycaps. I don’t know if this will be improved in the future.

Another interesting point is the multi-knob design. Although only one more knob is provided, double knobs can be combined. In fact, knobs can be installed wherever there are such four holes on the positioning plate, that is, to realize the heat dissipation of the knobs. Plug and unplug.

According to the actual measurement, knobs can be installed in a total of five positions of ESC, F12, and the three buttons under the original knob on the right. With the addition of the original knobs, it can support up to six knobs.

The practical value of this knob design is that when the knob is on the ESC, you can control the knob while manipulating the direction keys with both hands, which is more practical especially in games, and the knob can realize more practical functions.

The one in my hand is a glacier tea shaft. I thought it would be a regular tea shaft, but when I got started, I found out that it was a large-section shaft in advance that resembled a holy panda. The feel is very similar to the recently very popular Jiadalong wallaby switch. Considering the long-term cooperation relationship between the small nerd and Jiadalong, it is not ruled out that this switch is the younger brother of the wallaby. In addition, the adjustment of the big key Also excellent, no meat, no noise. With the patented lite Gasket structure, the sound is very nice.

Many functions of split spaces and multi-knobs need to be realized by the driver, and the perfect driver has always been the strength of the little nerd. We can adjust various backlight modes in the driver and the three operations of turning the knob left, right, and pressing. realized function.

In fact, compared to various interesting designs, what is more commendable about this keyboard is that it has put a lot of effort into its internal strength. The wireless module of this keyboard uses Nordic's solution and peripherals such as GPW and Viper from the same door to ensure wireless stability. The PCB uses an 8-chip motherboard, and the materials are piled up where they cannot be seen. The little nerd is a real person! In addition, the 4000mAh battery is also quite sincere for the 75% keyboard. Although there are already 10000mAh power bank-level keyboard products on the market, 4000 is enough to meet the wireless battery life needs of most people.

In addition to the one in my hand, GK75 also has FR-4 immersion gold positioning plate and PC positioning plate, and there will be an aluminum alloy cover version in the future.

For friends with limited budget, you can consider the "Youth Edition" of GK75, which cuts off the hot-swappable knob, split space and three-mode, retains the GK5 height ball cap, and uses a translucent shell design with a glacier optical axis, which is more suitable for pursuing practicality players.

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