Key Words Key Words Chapter 66: [Picture and Text First Release] This time, relying on slotting PCB to kill the game, rk r98, this is the ultimate form of mass-produced Gasket

This time, killing the game by slotting PCB, rk r98, this is the ultimate form of mass-produced Gasket

The new benchmark of mechanical keyboard with 98 series is coming!

rk r98, from the lowest 149 to the top 399, a total of four configurations, from wireless to wired, from monochrome backlight to RGB backlight, from ordinary PCB to slotted PCB, are very competitive at every price point.

The 299 version is equipped with the nine-purple smoke and rain switch with a POM shell LY axis, and the 399 version is a TTC steel switch made of all POM materials.

It is strongly recommended to buy the 299 and 399 versions of the slotted PCB and positioning plate, with PORON sandwich cotton and double-layer bottom filling to achieve an extremely soft and elastic feel.

The one I received is the 399 steel shaft version, let’s listen to a typing sound first.

rk r98 typing sound

Before, I often said that the big key of a certain product is T0 level, so this time the big key of r98, I can only say that it belongs to T0 in T0.

The TTC steel shaft is made of full POM material, with a milky white upper cover and shaft, and a red bottom case. This color scheme is indeed somewhat similar to Iron Man. The knocking sound is not loud, but it is very clean. After opening the shaft, I saw that there are not many places for lubrication, there seems to be a little on the small feet, and there is a little grease at the bottom of the spring. The pressure of 41g is between the gold powder and the standard red switch. The basic quality of this switch is still very good.

The mode switching slider is designed on the top, which is not as convenient as the operation on the side, but it feels good, tight and the gears are very clear.

PBT two-color keycaps, the height of the original factory. After using so many keycaps, the most comfortable one is the height of the original factory. I don’t know if my friends feel the same. The surface is relatively smooth, and if you touch it carefully, the character part has a slight bump.

A shortcoming is that the edges of this kit of the R series are sharp and angular, which lacks a bit of a sense of luxury, and the back has a three-way outlet design, which is not very suitable for this era. In order to enhance the texture, rk has added an ambient light bar between the main keypad and the digital area that can adjust the brightness level and lighting mode.

The maximum brightness of the light bar is very bright. If four people in a university dormitory happen to have a rkr98, then after the lights are turned off at night, the dormitory will be very suitable for disco dancing.

In normal use, it is fine to adjust it to the lowest brightness of solid color.

At the same time, the iconic flank light bars of the R series have also been retained.

Finally, let's follow the dismantling to see the trump card of rk r98 this time, the slotted PCB. In fact, this design is not uncommon in customized kits, but it is still a rarity in mass-produced keyboards.

Its significance is to make the Gasket really soft and bounce by making the positioning plate and PCBA deform greatly with the pressing, and the sound attenuation effect will be better. After pressing down, I feel that the entire input area is obviously sunken, and it is very elastic, not blindly soft.

Remove the upper cover, and you can see that the r98 uses a white silicone sleeve for cushioning, which is soft and thick, and the cushioning stroke is quite large.

The poron cotton in the middle is white, which is good for light transmission. The underfill is a piece of PE foam and molded silicone.

The mold opening of the silicone pad is done very carefully, filling the gaps in the mold fully. Two 3600mAh batteries each, it seems that this space can't fit a bigger battery.

It uses rk's own Jiuzi shaft seat. Due to the double plate slotting, the entire inner tank part can produce relatively large deformation.

Because I didn’t try the 299 Misty Rain switch version, for the r98 with 399 steel switches alone, excluding the appearance and texture of the kit, the feel of the small keys and large keys has almost reached the top level of mass production. It feels like there is no way to rise. Especially the soft elastic and silky feeling brought by the slotted PCB and the full POM shaft directly killed the game. It is hard for me to imagine what kind of tricks plastic kits can come up with in the future on the track of cost performance. . Then wait and see.

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