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Key Words Key Words Chapter 73: How to choose a happy switch for roommates, 6 types of silent mechanical keyboards are recommended for purchase, and the decibel measurement of each type is attached.

Compared with ordinary membrane keyboards, the feel of mechanical keyboards obviously has obvious advantages, but on the other hand, due to structural reasons, the bottoming sound of mechanical keyboards is often relatively loud, so it is often noisy when used in dormitories or offices. Others, when many friends asked me to help recommend the keyboard, they all asked for a keyboard with a lower sound. The silent axis keyboard is obviously the best solution to this problem.

The sound of the mechanical keyboard mainly comes from the impact of the axis and the axis when the axis touches the bottom. Therefore, the silent shafts of various companies use silicone material at the bottoming part to buffer the bottoming action of the shaft body. In terms of feel, it lacks the refreshing feeling of conventional shafts bottoming out, but various shafts The sensuality of each can be said to be different.

This article recommends 5 silent axis keyboards and a static capacitive keyboard to you, hoping to help you choose the most suitable silent keyboard for you through comparison and description.

Before the official introduction, first give the typing sound decibels of the small keys (because the large keys have more influencing factors) of the keyboards recommended in this article. At the same time, two conventional keyboards were selected for comparison.

By the way, because the table is different and the ambient sound is different, this test is not repeatable, but the comparison in the same environment is of reference significance.

The above values ​​are for reference only, the measuring equipment has not been professionally calibrated, and there are some fluctuations in the values.

The Black Canyon Y series is relatively rare among mass-produced brand keyboards, with two optional silent switches. Kaihua's Yelan Pro and Deep Sea Pro respectively. Although they are both silent switches and linear switches with a pressure of 45g (Yelan also has a segment switch version), the difference between the two switches is still quite large. The deep sea switch emphasizes the ultimate silence, while the Yelan switch focuses on the balance between feel and silence.

There are only two small vertical sticks in the upper part of the guide rail of the Yelan Pro, and there is no outer wall, which can reduce a certain amount of friction. Silence is achieved by the silicone pad at the base of the guide rail.

The whole series of Y series are white top cover, there are 75%, 87, 108 three configurations, and they are all Gasket structure, using slotted PC positioning board. In particular, the Y5 is a 108-key Gasket structure keyboard that is extremely rare among mass-produced keyboards. The cushioning of the entire Gasket structure is also in place, and there is obvious elasticity when pressed.

Y5 supports wireless three-mode, Kaihua shaft seat hot-swappable, and the character light-transmitting PBT keycaps that are also very rare in the market, and the light transmittance is very high, and the RGB lighting effect is very beautiful. The sensual feel of the Yelan switch bottoming is not very strong, and the smoothness is very good. Coupled with the very high-quality large key adjustment of the Y series, the overall feel of this keyboard is very online.

Especially suitable for the office, not only quiet, but also very low-key when the lights are turned off.

As far as the feel is concerned, I think the Y5 of the Yelan Switch Pro and the Rabbit Switch Royal Axe L98 that will be mentioned later are the two silent switch keyboards that feel the best in my hand. . Black Canyon has activities in the past few days, and the prices of all models are the lowest in history. The Y5 of the Yelan axis pro and the ice cream axis pro are both 599, which is about 200 yuan cheaper than before.

Although all major mainstream brands have silent switches, after all, silent switches are not the mainstream of mechanical keyboards at present, and many popular styles do not have silent switch versions. So in many cases, players have to disassemble the switch and replace it with a silent switch keyboard. When it comes to buying a silent switch for yourself, the first thing you think of should be the high-tech peach mute switch. Because it's cheap and feels good in the hand.

The way to mute the high-tech peach axis is to insert a piece of silica gel into the guide rail of the axis, so that when the axis falls, it is also this piece of silica gel that is in contact with the base, so as to achieve the purpose of cushioning and silence. I am equipped with a male model Gasket structure 75% wired kit, Vika 810. Except for the Gasket, which uses a slotted PC positioning board, other aspects are relatively simple and filled with EVA. However, this set of male models at least has a volume knob, which is more practical.

In actual use, with this kit, the mute performance is not too good, but it is enough in most cases. The smoothness of the shaft body is online, and the initial pressure is 40g, which is considered a light pressure shaft body, and the sensuality of touching the bottom is acceptable.

Because the cushioning material of the kit is relatively ordinary, you can still feel a little vibration from the shell when typing, and the feel of the peach switch is more or less rough, not as moist as the Y5. But considering the price, the price of kit + shaft + keycap is about 260. This experience is actually very good.

The K75 was a hit last summer, and it has been selling well and out of stock all the time. Today, only half a year later, in essence, all channels have already reduced prices frequently. Because the TTC series shaft body is used, it is also possible to choose the TTC silent red shaft.

K75 is the star keyboard in the second half of last year. In August, the new products were basically sold out as soon as they were released. Now, as the key rings become more and more curled in the second half of the year, they are always in stock (but the colors are not complete) and there are certain keyboards. degree of price reduction. The advantage of K75 is that it combines the advantages of each company, and at the same time, its own structure filling is relatively complete.

Gasket structure, PC positioning plate, all Inoue PORON internal filling, with IXPE shaft pad. In addition, hot-swappable full-key shaft seat, RGB backlight, and three-mode are of course necessary. The entire shell design has a little nostalgic game console style, the mode switching button in the upper right corner, and a small window for power display The visual effect is also very good, and the sense of unity with the appearance is very strong. There are plastic strips on the rear and bottom, as well as an A port and a U port, which can be used as a USB HUB in wired mode.

It feels soft and elastic, the sound of the non-silent switch version is good, and the adjustment of the large keys is excellent.

TTC Mute Red V3 was once the mute shaft with the highest hand feeling evaluation. The mute structure comes from a piece of silica gel at the bottom of the shaft sleeve at the base of the shaft body, so that when the shaft is pressed to the bottom, it will first touch the silicone gasket to form a cushioning . Like TTC's quick silver and gold powder, the mute red V3 has a relatively smooth experience and a very good rebound.

K75 launched a colorful version at the beginning of this year. The appearance and keycaps have been adjusted to a certain extent and the switch is semi-ventilated. The switch body has been changed from the TTC series switch to its own Jiuzi switch. select.

In addition, Kezhi’s K61 also has a TTC silent red version to choose from. The texture of the mold is quite good, it looks like a double-layer shell, and the keycap is also very comfortable, but it is not a Gasket structure, a metal positioning plate The sound will also be louder. The only disadvantage is that there is no independent digital area, which needs to be realized through key combinations.

I have written a long graphic review of this keyboard before, so this article is as simple as possible. In one sentence, everything is very good except for the price.

In detail, let’s talk about the disadvantages first. Because of the small window, the F area is crowded together without a gap, which brings some difficulties to a blind operation, but there is a gap in the L75, so don’t worry about it. The other is that the power failure is really faster because of the small TFT window.

Let’s talk about the core rabbit shaft first. This shaft body is not only beautiful but also very good. Compared with our own TTC mute red V3, the mold precision and smoothness are obviously much better. The cushioning like the red V3 comes from the silicone pad under the shaft sleeve of the base.

The shell design is very characteristic, and the mold precision is quite high, but because I personally have a lot of keyboards, this keyboard has not been placed on the table for a long time, and I am not sure if this design on the edge will accumulate dust after a long time.

The sinking space of the entire cushioning structure is also good, and the typing has an obvious soft and elastic feeling, and the hand feel is definitely not comparable to those of the 98 male models with Gasket keyboards of four or five hundred. The driver of the small window is also relatively good, and the editing freedom is very high.

Therefore, L98 and L75 are suitable for users who have high requirements on appearance and feel, and are not sensitive to price.

Z82 is a mechanical keyboard launched by Dareu mainly for female users. It has this very cute look, available in canvas white and sakura pink. The keycap is a structure with a concave center and rounded edges. The whole shape looks like small pebbles, which are comfortable and beautiful. There is a volume knob in the upper right corner, and a cat's claw silicone sleeve, which is cute again.

The most rare thing is that as a female-oriented keyboard, Z82 is also equipped with Gasket, the most popular customized structure on the market, and uses a PC positioning board. On the one hand, this keyboard is much lighter than traditional mechanical keyboards, making it easier to carry and move.

This keyboard has two switch bodies to choose from, namely the regular linear sky switch V2 and the silent Kaihua light switch. As the name suggests, the Kaihua light tone switch is light and quiet, with a pressure of 37g. In addition, although the PC setting of this keyboard does not have slots, it is indeed very soft. Softer than most Gasket keyboards in this price range.

The Z82 Fangtang is a rare female-oriented keyboard that takes into account both appearance and feel, especially suitable for use in places like offices.

Ningzhi is the only domestically produced electrostatic capacitor keyboard. Amilo’s electrostatic capacitor and traditional electrostatic capacitors are completely different concepts, and we have the opportunity to elaborate on them. Because of the use of a plastic bowl structure similar to a film, the sound of Ningzhi is also very close to the sound of the silent axis, which is also used for comparison.

First of all, let me talk about my personal opinion. Before 2021, the sound volume of the electrostatic capacitor keyboard is still acceptable. Many friends said that after using the electrostatic capacitor keyboard, they will never use the mechanical keyboard again. The keyboard is an upgraded version of the membrane keyboard (structurally speaking, there is no problem), and the feel does not match the price.

My personal opinion is that the electrostatic capacitor keyboard actually took advantage of the previous mechanical keyboard without the light pressure switch body, and since the gold powder switch was launched, the advantage of the 35g model with the best reputation for static capacitors no longer exists. Another advantage, soft bottoming, does not exist in the general environment of the popularization of Gasket structure and everyone's crazy roll filling, padding under the shaft, and the use of PC positioning boards. As for mechanical keyboards, in 2022, whether it is the shaft, the large keys, or the structure, there will be a huge improvement. At the same time, in fact, it has also experienced a round of general price cuts by mainstream brands. In this case, the static capacitive keyboard has no advantage at all.

My personal suggestion is that if you are curious about the feel of the electrostatic capacitive keyboard, you can go to Xiaohuang Yu to buy a second-hand one that is relatively good and come back to experience it. If you like it, you can keep it or buy more similar keyboards. Not much loss.

My domestically produced Ningzhi 108 basic version is 45g. The large key is a balance bar structure, which is more refreshing than the best-adjusted satellite axis. It will be interesting to take it out and experience it after a while, but after typing hundreds or thousands of words, I will still miss the more clear and clear bottoming feeling of the mechanical keyboard.

In addition to the above options, there are also some keyboards that use cherry silent switches. The silent crystal switches manufactured by Dujiashangjiadalong are also of good quality, which is generally comparable to TTC silent red V3. Because Tuge T9 itself is a keyboard with a relatively high degree of freedom, it is also possible to choose silent switches such as Whale Fall, and you can choose according to actual needs.

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