Key Words Key Words Chapter 75: Turning into a three-mode Gasket will still be sold out this time? rk R87s disassembly evaluation

Last year, there was a keyboard of great significance, which set off the prelude to the involution of keyboards priced at 100 yuan, and raised the entire keyboard priced at 100 yuan to a higher level.

He is rk r87, here... well, I don't know why the low-end version is out of stock half a year after it was launched.

This is the most important point. The keyboard that I bring out the most on various platforms is the rkr87. There is no other reason. For non-mechanical keyboard players, buying a keyboard in the early 100s is a more acceptable choice, and the rkr87 is in at this price.

An important reason is that the shaft body used by rk r87 is manufactured by Jiuzi, and Jiuzi is actually the shaft body factory under rk itself, so the cost can be well controlled.

A common problem with keyboards priced at 100 yuan is that due to cost constraints, there is not a good precious metal coating on the shaft body, which leads to poor life expectancy of the shaft body due to the oxidation of metal shrapnel and other parts. However, it is very rare for RK's r-series shafts to break contact at least at the price of 100 yuan. This shaft has been factory lubricated when it leaves the factory, and the smoothness and feel are top-notch at this price.

The r87 has raised the level of large keys in the entire industry by itself. After all, a keyboard with more than 100 large keys is very well tuned. Your more expensive keyboard with large keys or meat or a bunch of noise is not suitable.

A keyboard with a price of 100 yuan is limited by the cost, so it is really difficult to invest more in appearance. The appearance of the r87 series is somewhat similar to the design of the electrostatic capacitor brand Ranfeng, but the fineness of the overall appearance of the r87 must be relatively ordinary. The color is a black and white solid color design, without a theme keycap, but the RGB light bars on both sides are really well designed, adding a lot of color to this keyboard, especially the light from the light bar passes through the halo plate, the light is soft and very Atmosphere.

In fact, the most difficult thing about low-end keyboards is to make the appearance more colorful, and at the same time, it will not look outrageous. The r87 series has done it.

I have done a comparative evaluation of r87 and several other keyboards before, so I will not spend too much time on the introduction of its appearance, but directly talk about the improvements this time.

K yellow is considered to be the switch with the best feel at the same price. As mentioned earlier, this time the r87s is equipped with a K yellow pro switch. The main difference is the addition of a dustproof wall. First, it can increase the stability of the shaft, and second, it can reduce dust entry and prolong the life of the shaft.

It is difficult for us to verify the lifespan, but after actual experience, the axis stability of K Huang Pro has indeed improved compared with the previous generation.

The most popular key ring last year should be the Gasket structure. This structure, which does not directly contact the positioning plate and the upper and lower covers, originally only existed on high-end customized keyboards before October 2021. Now Gasket structures are almost everywhere.

Gasket structures often use PC positioning boards (but POM, metal, and glass fiber positioning boards are also common). Better Gaskets will feel very soft and elastic, but low-end Gaskets generally cannot do so.

The price of the r87s is obviously a low-end Gasket, and its sinking space is limited, so it will not feel particularly soft. But another major feature of the Gasket structure is that it reduces the sense of shock and makes the sound cleaner. Because of the flexible connection, the knocking vibration will be transmitted to the shell as little as possible, so various raindrop sounds and mahjong sounds are also realized by the Gasket structure.

Compared with r87, the sound of r87s can be said to be a big improvement, and it is pure and pleasant. The bottoming feeling is relatively softer than the metal positioning plate of the original basic version.

On the basis of the sound-absorbing cotton at the bottom of the original r87, the r87s adds a mold-opening silicone pad to the protruding part of the bottom case, and the slot also arranges the position of the battery. The keyboard is heavier and fuller because of the silicone pad.

Finally, the Kaihua shaft seat used when it was first launched was restored. Although the Jiuzi axis seat used later is also good, but the Kaihua axis seat obviously still convinces more people.

Unfortunately, the keycaps of the r87s are still two-color light-transmitting ABS keycaps. The surface is relatively smooth, and there is no problem from the user’s perspective. Most of the keycaps have some injection molding tape near the characters from the front. traces of coming.

The gap between the upper and lower covers is very tight. Although the r87s is not fixed with screws, the process of opening the upper cover is quite troublesome.

As a buffer part, rk put a silicone sleeve similar to a small rubber band on the positioning plate. Such a small silicone sleeve is really the smallest cushioning unit I have ever seen. Fortunately, the elasticity of this silicone is still good.

The sandwich buffer between the positioning board and the PCB, rk uses a white silicone pad, which is relatively common in mass-produced keyboards, but more than 200 keyboards are generally filled with PE foam and EVA, and rk has a lot of conscience.

The bottom is mentioned in front, half of the molded silicone bottom pad and ordinary PE foam. The battery capacity is 3000mAh.

Generally speaking, the shock that r87s gave me is not as good as that of r87 when it was first launched. However, r87s has upgraded the structure, shaft and padding without any obvious changes in appearance, and finally formed a price of 269 yuan. It is still a keyboard with excellent cost performance and user experience.

The key is that RGB backlight, three-mode, hot-swappable, and Gasket really provide everything this time. It can be regarded as the real complete body of the rk r series.

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