Key Words Key Words Chapter 77: Keyboards are no longer fancy and useless for women, the experience of using the Z82 mechanical keyboard of Dareu Sanrio Yugui Dog Co-branded Edition

In the previous impression of a mechanical keyboard player, female-oriented keyboards generally focus on appearance, but do not pay attention to feel, and often lose a lot of practical experience for the sake of good looks. However, the Z82 small cube sugar mechanical keyboard launched by Dareu in the second half of last year not only has a cute and soft appearance, but also has the hottest Gasket structure of the key ring recently and an excellent silent shaft such as Kaihua light tone shaft. , can be regarded as a clear stream of women into the keyboard.

And on April 17, Dalyou launched a brand-new appearance Z82 - the cinnamon dog-themed mechanical keyboard co-branded by Sanrio. The brand-new appearance color and keycap make many friends who are Sanrio chefs unable to extricate themselves at a glance.

The first thing to explain is that although what I received is a mechanical keyboard, in fact, this time Dareu and Sanrio jointly branded a complete set of cinnamon dog-themed peripherals. In addition to the mechanical keyboard, there are also mouse, mouse, etc. Pads, game controllers, interested friends can buy together with the whole family. The outer box of this keyboard is filled with cinnamon dog elements, and five cinnamon dogs with different colors and shapes are directly on it.

Open the package, there are not many accessories inside, but they are also very practical, power cord, key puller, three additional keycaps and cable management straps. Personally, I suggest Daryou to replace this strap with white in the future, or directly replace it with a strap with cinnamon dog elements. Of course, Dareu may think that as a wireless keyboard, the data cable and strap itself are not important.

The appearance of the entire keyboard is composed of sky blue and white. Whether it is the keyboard kit or the keycaps, the overall shape is very round. With this color combination, it can definitely be called a small and fresh style.

It is worth mentioning that the keycaps of the Z82 are all pebble-like arc concave ball caps, especially the edges are very round and feel very comfortable to the touch.

As a co-branded keyboard, Daryou did not spread the elements of the cinnamon dog everywhere, but only reflected the name and pattern of the cinnamon dog in the space and the lower right corner of the front, so that the keyboard would not look cluttered.

The shell adopts a moat-like design, with slightly protruding edges, then concave and then raised. The texture of the entire shell is a skin-like matte texture.

There is still a very practical volume knob in the upper right corner, and the texture of the rotation is stepless. Whether you like stepless or scale varies from person to person, but relatively speaking, the feel of stepless knobs is more in line with the overall style of this keyboard.

Also in line with the style of this keyboard is that the backlight is single white, not color RGB. After all, imagine that if you really get a color backlight, it will definitely destroy the overall beauty of this keyboard.

The front part is a direct plug-in C port, and the physical toggle button can switch between different modes. The bottom is the storage compartment of the 2.4G receiver.

The back is quite satisfactory, and a small bump on the upper part can leave space for the internal battery. At the same time, the two-stage foot support is also the regular configuration of the keyboard.

At the beginning, I said that this keyboard adopts the most popular Gasket structure of the key ring nowadays, that is, the positioning plate used to fix the shaft body and the keyboard shell are not in rigid contact like the traditional structure, but rely on silica gel or other materials as a buffer. And the positioning board is not made of the most common metal material of conventional mechanical keyboards, but a PC positioning board.

This structure will bring several benefits, ① reduce the resonance of the shell when typing on the keyboard, the sound is smaller and cleaner; ② some Gasket keyboards feel softer.

Because the Z82 uses the Kaihua light sound switch with relatively low sound itself, there will be a silicone sound-absorbing structure in the switch body, and enough sinking space is reserved inside the entire keyboard kit, so when you press the keyboard, the soft spring feeling is very obvious.

Because of the addition of the structure and the shaft body, the bottoming feeling of this keyboard is softer than most keyboards on the market, which can take good care of the user's fingers, and the initial 40g operating force of the light tone shaft is slightly It is lower than the conventional red axis, especially suitable for users who type a lot for a long time.

There may be a little more accidental touches when this arc concave keycap is first used, but after getting used to it, it feels a little inseparable.

At the same time, Dareu uses a satellite switch that is very consistent with the overall appearance and color matching on this keyboard. This small detail is commendable. Under the environment of the silent switch support, the whole large part is clean and there is no noise. It should be said that after a major upgrade of its product satellite axis around October last year, Dareu's key is already at the industry's T0 level.

By the way, I inquired about the news with Daryu. Among the Sanrio series of anime characters, another super popular IP Kulomi joint series peripherals will also be launched in the future. However, considering that Kulomi’s lines and colors are more beautiful If the Guigou is complicated, it will be time to test the skills of Dareu designers.

Finally, I would like to summarize this Yugui Dog joint version Z82, which can be said to be very accurate in finding the various needs of female users for mechanical keyboards. Under the small fresh and cute appearance, it also has the same appearance. At the same time, the light sound shaft equipped with it is very suitable for use in some public environments because of its small sound, so as to avoid disturbing others.

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