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Key Words Key Words Chapter Sixty-Eight: It's a perfect match! I assembled a suet jade-like illusion kit, and even equipped it with a pad.

I actually don't think that the operation of buying a kit, buying some switches, and buying a set of keycaps is called customization, but it is called that when everyone promotes it now. The cause of the incident is actually that ganss gave me a set of the latest chalcedony shaft made of POM material and asked me to make a video, and then I bought a set of DK75 kits for Heiji snakes. After I got them all, I realized that the two are a perfect match. So by the way, I turned out the set of white pudding keycaps that VGN V98 gave me when it was first released, and directly made a family of three for them.

Later, I discovered this small pad. The overall texture is the same, and it was simply grouped together, forming a family of four.

The official name of this white is Winter Melon White. This is a single-mode kit, and the starting price is about 150 yuan. The interior is filled with full silicone, and the outer shell is a semi-transparent frosted design.

It has a certain softness and elasticity, which is incomparable with a good kit, but the price of 150 can be said to be extremely conscientious, and the axle seat uses TTC’s hot-swappable axle seat, which is also a good choice as an axle tester.

In the upper right corner is a metal knob, the texture and sense of scale are not bad, quite satisfactory. Typing voice performance is also quite good.

In fact, in the final analysis, it is more distinctive in terms of appearance, especially the extra circle of RGB lamp beads at the bottom, which adds a lot of color to the whole kit.

The most well-known representative of the full POM shaft should be Kaihua’s ice cream pro shaft, so many full POM shafts will say that they are the replacement of the ice cream pro shaft. The characteristic of POM material is that the smoothness of the material itself is high, and the more it is used, the smoother it becomes.

This set of chalcedony shafts from ganss is pure white, but there is still a certain color difference between the shaft center and the outer shell. After installation, it feels like one with the whole kit.

The chalcedony axis is a light-pressure linear axis, with an initial pressure of only 37g. The overall pressure curve is consistent with the TTC gold powder axis, and an extended spring is also used.

Open the shaft cover and look at it. The internal lubrication of the shaft body is relatively sufficient, and a relatively thin lubricating grease is used. In actual use, it is the double smooth blessing of grease + POM material.

The price of this switch is about 1.65 yuan per switch, but it is also equipped on the Ganss keyboard. I personally recommend buying a keyboard equipped with this switch directly. It is smoother than the basic linear switch of Ganss. Both performance and sound are good, and the price is generally 50 more expensive. But it is much cheaper than the versions of TTC Gold Powder, Kuaiyin and Kaihua Ice Cream Pro, and the user experience is very close.

The disadvantage is that there is no dust-proof wall, and the stability of the axis is relatively average. After all, it is more than one axis, so it cannot be so perfect.

This pad is on Duoduo. My boss talked about it and it was a product that was originally intended for foreign trade, but the product page was green. After discussing with the boss, I found a white case and sent it to me.

In reality, there is still a color difference between the Heiji Snake and the design, and it is not designed with a wide frame. If you look closely, it is quite different from the main keyboard. But if you don't look carefully, it can actually be regarded as a good match.

This kind of pad small keyboard is still quite big in the market now. After all, key design such as 75% and 68 keys is popular in the key ring, but the demand for a large number of digital input is indispensable in daily office work, so it is very popular to have a small keyboard for emergency. of. Because it is mainly used when it is useful, and used when it is not used, it is strongly recommended to buy a wireless version of the pad keypad.

This wolf fighter keypad supports three-mode switching, both wired/2.4G/Bluetooth are available. The price on Duoduo is 87 yuan. If you use various pastures and watering coupons, you should be able to get it for around 80 yuan. The price/performance ratio is not bad.

It supports hot plugging of the shaft seat, the upper cover and the positioning plate are integrated, and there is a piece of EVA sandwich cotton between the positioning plate and the PCB, but there is no bottom cotton, which can barely be regarded as a TOP structure. Because the chalcedony axis was used up, I dug out some cream rose and used it.

The keyboard itself supports RGB backlight and can switch multiple backlight modes. There is also a circle of RGB lamp beads on the back, which is consistent with DK75, but it can actually be seen that its RGB ratio is actually higher. There is nothing wrong with saying that it is the main face value.

Although it doesn't feel like a good match when they are together, but if you keep a distance, you can also say that they are a family.

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