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Key Words Key Words Chapter Thirty-Four: Real Experience! After using 56 mechanical keyboards, I made this 12 keyboard recommendations with different configurations

I have been in the pit of mechanical keyboards for more than 11 years, and there was a fever in the middle. Since I returned to the pit in 2020, I have used 56 mechanical keyboards before and after. I am not an experienced player, but I have some experience .

It has to be said that the market competition for mechanical keyboards is too fierce, and the replacement is really fast. The former top-level mechanical keyboards with big F and big L have now been reduced to relying on fame to sell goods, and the mainstream in the market is already domestically produced with a hundred flowers blooming. The keyboard is gone.

About all kinds of knowledge about mechanical keyboards, this article I posted before has been written relatively well, so today, I will recommend 12 easy-to-use mechanical keyboards with different configurations, hoping to provide reference for your purchase .

This article will not list the parameters of the keyboard, such as three-mode, hot-swappable, etc., but in special cases, it will mainly focus on the characteristics of the product and my personal experience. In addition, I will tell the advantages and disadvantages of each keyboard, so that everyone can choose.

Note: The following serial numbers only represent the order of appearance and have nothing to do with the ranking.

The problem with 60% arrangement is that there is no independent direction key, but after getting used to it, you can still get used to it by using combination keys to adapt to a paragraph. Kezhi’s K61 is a new product of this year’s 618. The price ranges from 359 to 449 according to different shafts. Among them, the TTC gold powder shaft version is 399, the silent red is 409, and the quick silver is 449 yuan. It is a relatively cost-effective product on the market. up.

The key thing is that Kezhi’s mold this time is very characteristic. It adopts a multi-layer design and the precision of the whole mold is also good. The shaft body of this model in my hand is TTC mute red V3, which is not considered mute. The best, but it is the one with the best reputation among the mass-produced silent switches. It is smooth to press and feels thick.

In addition to the lack of independent direction keys and the absence of foot supports, there are basically no major problems with the K61. There will be a little steel wire sound when you press the space in your hand, but it is only a keyboard within 500. The quality of this large key is already very good.

As an upgraded version of K330W, this plus has more sound insulation cotton and hot swap. The most important thing is that you can always trust Durga's aesthetics.

Compared with the stereotyped narrow-frame hull with 60% keyboard, K330W has a beautiful colored forehead with keyboard indicator lights on it, and it also reduces the burden of wrapping the PCB board, which can enhance the consistency of the hand feeling to a certain extent. The lines of the entire keyboard shell are relatively rich, and at the same time it does not look messy, and the color matching is also fresh and orderly.

And also from this series, Dujia stopped clinging to the cherry switch, and equipped with a crystal switch customized by Jiadalong. The crystal switch in my hand is a mute red crystal switch, which is the Jiadalong switch that I have used at this stage. The most comfortable one in the body, the smoothness is very good, and the mute effect is also very good. I think the hand feel is basically not inferior to TTC mute red. Coupled with the design of double-layer soundproof cotton and excellent large key tuning, the whole keyboard feels really good.

However, it is still 60% equipped with no independent arrow keys and Dujia, which takes the route of high-quality appearance, its products are destined not to be famous for its cost performance. Part of its price is indeed to pay for its appearance.

In April of this year, the launch of the Royal Axe R series caused a lot of waves in the market, and once ranked first in the sales list of mechanical keyboards on JD.com. However, because the R series are all compact configuration + hull design, the upper limit of the feel is not high. The small configuration R68 is not used by many people because the mode adjustment button occupies the position of the backspace.

This time, while the Y68 stubbornly retains the mode switching button, the design of the entire keyboard is very distinctive. The theme colors of the four keyboards have their own advantages and disadvantages. Although they are no longer ball caps, the overall feel of the new keycaps is still outstanding. The thickened frame design improves the wrapping feeling of this keyboard on the positioning board and PCB board. The whole keyboard The input texture is better. The biggest highlight is the metal edge protectors on the left and right sides, which improve the appearance, and control the vibration during the input process, which improves the typing sound and feel.

The gold powder switch is retained, and the adjustment of the large key is more mature than the previous R series. The large metal nameplate on the back and the replaceable foot support really add a lot of customization.

However, the stubbornness of Yufu still exists on this keyboard. This time, the mode switch is much better in terms of texture and appearance, but there are still some friends who don’t like it. The more important thing is that it occupies two precious keyboards on the 68 series. The position of the function keys, the position of the del, and the double Fn keys are all strange designs. Although they can be adjusted through the driver, it is always troublesome.

Amilo's biggest move in 618 this year is to launch this eucalyptus. This keyboard has indeed refreshed the lowest price of Amilo's current keyboards, and has become the current lowest price choice for experiencing electrostatic capacitors. On the one hand, there are many elements in its design that I have rarely seen in the mechanical keyboard market before.

At present, when the shells of mainstream keyboards are made of matte texture materials, eucalyptus has a delicate and smooth glossy surface. With the Morandi-style color matching, eucalyptus has an elegant beauty. And the wired + Kaihua customized switch version is Amilo's first keyboard that supports hot-swappable switches.

The one in my hand uses the Tanbai switch, which is designed to match the standard TTC Quicksilver. Needless to say, the actual experience feels smooth. The racial talent of the electrostatic capacitor crushes the conventional mechanical switch. In addition, the rebound is really good, very handy, and the bottoming sound is also very pleasant. I personally like to call it ceramic tone. This time, Amiro's big key is tuned well, with no noise, smooth and not fleshy, and the level of the mainstream first echelon. The whole feel and sound are wonderful.

The disadvantage is that the keycaps are made of ABS material. In fact, this is not a big problem. After all, ABS feels softer than PBT, and this keycap is not so wear-resistant after actual use. Wireless only Bluetooth without 2.4G is another shortcoming. Due to the trigger principle, the electrostatic capacitor version still cannot support hot swapping.

A kit I bought in April, the most popular before Wolfie was the 99 yuan 68 kit CIY68, and this 67 is upgraded to a Gasket structure + PC positioning version on the basis of it, and the big key has also been improved.

The original kit does not include the shaft body. I chose to match the phantom cherry blossoms customized by Langpai, which is said to match the standard gold powder shaft. This shaft body is designed with a red upper cover + bottom cover. It looks good, and its smoothness and rebound are also very online. The key is that the price is only about 1.5 yuan, which is just over half of the brand new gold powder shaft. The feel is very close to the gold powder shaft. But I don’t know who made this shaft body. The metal pins are very loose, and there is a high probability of losing the pin when it is pulled out. Although the two-piece pin can still be triggered, it still makes people feel awkward.

Gasket structure + transparent shell, the RGB lighting effect is not bad, the rainbow ripples scroll naturally, the input feel is also online, and the feedback is soft. Although the installation and removal of the PCB satellite shaft is a bit troublesome, the feel is quite good after adjustment, probably to avoid steel wires Sound, the steel wire is made very thick, just to install these satellite axes, my hand hurts for a long time.

To sum up, it is the cheapest Gasket kit, plus the custom-made magic color Sakura switch, which can be regarded as online in appearance and feel. Friends who like to do it or plan to buy a Gasket but have a limited budget can consider it.

The price of these small series of keyboards from U1S1 e-sports brands is outrageous. During the 618 period of Magician this year, the cherry switch version dropped to less than 600 yuan, but I personally recommend the NX switch version. Red switches and Mocha brown are good choices. .

As a compact floating 68-arrangement keyboard, it is quite difficult to play with its characteristics. After all, the front space is completely covered by the keycaps. As a ROG, there is no room for the big eye logo. So the magician arranged for you an ultra-luxury version of the dust cover, which can be placed under the keyboard when in use, and can also smudge the light, and it is dust-proof and handsome to cover on the keyboard when not in use. The dots on the left side show the remaining lights through the color, and the volume can be adjusted by sliding, and other functions can also be given through the driver. Coupled with ROG's divine light synchronization and various superb backlights, the playability is still very high.

The NX axis body is said to be manufactured by Kaihua, and it hits the bottom very smoothly. Although the NX Hawthorn Red claims to have a trigger pressure of 45g, the actual feeling of use is really unusual. There is nothing to say about the big keys. The big keys of the ROG family are all top-notch in the industry, so there is no need to worry.

Speaking of disadvantages, the price is actually a bit more expensive, especially the NX axis, which costs 749 yuan. However, ROG has low wireless latency and fast wake-up, and it is understandable that wireless modules are generally much more expensive than wired models.

NJ80 was off the shelves for a while on June 3, and then it was put back on the shelves again. The biggest disadvantage is that there are almost no discounts for 618, which is about 20 cheaper than usual... There is really no sincerity.

However, among the 75% of the large keyboards that have emerged since the end of last year, the NJ80 is still the best in terms of workmanship and feel. I bought the flame red switch version, the pressure is similar to the red switch, it has the longest spring in the TTC series, the rebound is super powerful, and it also has a condenser, which feels extremely Q-bomb.

You can choose copper fixed or steel fixed for the positioning board. Generally speaking, copper fixed is suitable for paragraph axis, and steel fixed is suitable for linear axis. In fact, it is no brainer to choose copper fixed. With the basic large keys and very good workmanship, the overall input experience is very good. There is no need for any adjustment, and it comes with mahjong sound when inputting.

The disadvantages are nothing more than expensive, the direction keys are not partitioned, and the overall shape is too square and lacks highlights. It is said that NJ81 is coming out soon, and I don't know what improvements will be made.

The link will not be uploaded, the official store is C store, and the link cannot be posted, and other stores are more expensive.

The reason why I didn’t recommend OG with better sales is mainly because I don’t have one, haha, but the feel of L80 is really great. During Double 11 in 2020, when the mechanical keyboard has not yet reached such a level, the aluminum factory boldly launched the A80 It is a pity that double 11 overturned the two keyboards, especially the A80, which had the biggest problem and almost all of them were reworked.

Later, I asked someone who used to work in the aluminum factory, and said that the person who designed this keyboard did not consider the installation problem. Once it was installed, it was too difficult. After working for a day, it ran away. . The result is that this keyboard was at the top level in terms of appearance and feel, but there were too many minor problems, and many people returned it.

Subsequent problems were solved one by one, and the TTC axis version was also launched, but at this time it was considered to have missed the best time, and the joint version of OG80 finally became popular. However, as far as the L80 itself is concerned, the appearance of the game console and the top balance bar keys of mass-produced keyboards make the entire input experience very good.

I personally like this L80 very much, but the problem is that there are too many good options at the same price. In this era, it is really difficult for people to have a reason to buy it.

The brand of Fuling is actually quite controversial, mainly because FL980 copied the burning wind, and the recently popular CMK series copied a domestic customized design, and the after-sales service of this brand has always been criticized, but as far as the product itself is concerned It is still good, and it seems that the relationship with Kaihua is very good. There are many shafts specially customized by Kaihua for Fuling.

The new CMK87 I bought is Kaihua's customized ice mint shaft body, with a white shaft cover and a light blue shaft body with a round dustproof wall. The smoothness is very good, and the bottoming texture is obviously better than that of our own classic BOX shaft, but the rebound is still not as powerful as the TTC series shaft.

This is also a common phenomenon. The life of the Kaihua shaft is longer than that of the TTC shaft, and there are fewer broken contacts and sudden deaths, but the rebound is generally not as good as TTC.

The entire large key level of the cmk series keyboard is very high, basically it can be said to be a perfect large key. After all, the Belly satellite switch sold separately on the market is also a favorite of customized players or keyboard reformers (but the one that comes with CMK is not that payment). On the one hand, the two horizontal iron plates on the back and the bottom improve the appearance, and more importantly, they better control the resonance when the keyboard is tapped.

This year's 618, Gasket keyboards began to blow out. Many brands such as Akko, Heijue, Black Canyon, Xingui, Jingzao, etc. launched Gasket structure products. However, in comparison, the earliest and most successful mass-produced gasket keyboard seems to be A98.

First of all, I would like to say that Dareu A98 actually has quite a lot of flaws. People have reported that the sky switch is easy to accidentally touch (I don’t think so), the color matching is low, the power display window in the upper left corner is too cheap, the keycap feel is relatively average, and the large keys partial meat.

But I still have to say that the overall input feel of the A98, especially the small keys, is really great. The transparent PC positioning version plus the Gasket structure + POM material axis brings a smooth and soft input experience, and the overall texture is good. For most of this year's large wave of Gasket structure keyboards, it even feels a bit more addictive the more you use it. I added more than a dozen new keyboards from Double 11 last year to around this year. I usually put about 3 or 4 keyboards on my desk. The A98 is one of the ones I am reluctant to replace.

The ceiling of the linear axis, the ROG Ranger RX light red axis, especially ROG’s activities during Double 11 and 618 have been so powerful, and the price/performance ratio of the ABS version in the early 500s can be said to be very good. Because the ABS keycap of Ranger itself is coated and smooth, there is no clear oily feeling after using it for a period of time. The PBT version is more than 100 yuan more expensive. To be honest, the ABS version is more cost-effective.

The characteristic of RX light red is that it is different from the traditional MX axis design, but has four support columns at the four corners, so it is more stable, and pressing the corners of the keycap can also get almost the same feeling as pressing the center. Another feature is the jack-like scissor foot support design, so the rebound is more powerful. The last one is that the optical axis itself has no contact, so the smoothness is also very good.

The ctrl on the left side has been enlarged, and it is the same width as Shift, which is indeed more convenient when actually playing games.

The only thing that needs to be said is that although ROG's Altron driver is very good, the download speed from the official website is really slow, and many friends reported that it took a whole day to download. Furthermore, the RX axis cannot replace the keycap at all.

Since last year, Black Canyon has begun to want to get rid of the image of only low-end keyboards, and this year's 618 Y series can be regarded as a product with a perfect score.

The most popular Gasket structure at the moment, the pure white design that has become increasingly rare in recent years, the unique combination of two-color light-transmitting materials, the SA height ball cap, the indicator lights of four expressions, and the large hand rest made of skin-like material. U port + C port dual-purpose 2.4G receiver, round mode switching button with LED light ring, fully filled internal structure with almost no echo space, and of course a somewhat controversial power display.

There is one thing to say, from my personal preference, I think the Gasket feel of Y5 is on the same level as Langpai CIY67, but weaker than Dareu A98. Among them, the selected version of the BOX axis V2 certainly feels good, but at nearly 700 There is indeed no advantage at all in this price range. But combined with the various features mentioned above and the level of large keys that are obviously better than A98, I still recommend the Y series keyboard.

The last thing I want to say is that the keyboards I personally have come into contact with are limited after all. There are too many types of keyboards on the market now, and there are still many I want to buy, but I really can’t buy them all.

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