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Key Words Key Words Chapter Thirty-Six: Who is the new overlord of the hundred-yuan level? Comparison and evaluation of three new hundred-yuan mechanical keyboards

Mechanical keyboards should be very expensive in everyone's impression, while mechanical keyboards priced at 100 yuan are often a representative of cheap and low quality. About 2 years ago, the mechanical keyboards with a price of 100 yuan were mainly the three major brands of MSI, Dareu and Rapoo. Compared with other brands, the quality of these three is relatively good, and the workmanship is also considered qualified.

However, since last year, the appearance of the Ai Stone keyboard has broken this pattern. With better workmanship and smoother shaft body, it once became the first choice for keyboards with a price of 100 yuan.

However, the involution of domestic mechanical keyboard circles can be said to have intensified in the past two years. Naturally, everyone will not let go of the price of 100 yuan. rk's new r87 has been out of stock since it was launched. With the lowest price of 119 yuan and many Leapfrog performance has become the king of low-end mechanical keyboards. When evaluating the Langtu L9 some time ago, they told me that they also have a GK102 at a price of 100 yuan, with sound insulation cotton and bottom cotton, or full-key hot-swappable, vowing to roll the 100-yuan mechanical keyboard market to the end.

So at the price of 100 yuan, who is the best keyboard, let's start an all-round practical comparison.

The following keyboards are purchased at your own expense, please rest assured to eat.

But in fact, I bought my FE87 from Jingdong, and I can use a 5 yuan coupon, and the actual starting price is 94 yuan. R87 is purchased at the original price of 119 yuan, GK102 is priced at 139 yuan for the all-white keycap version, and the price of the matcha green keycap is 149 yuan. However, various channels generally have coupons. For example, the price of the matcha green I bought on Pinduoduo is 113 yuan after using 100-20 coupons, which is the original price of 133 yuan.

Ai Shitou’s RGB version supports hot-swappable shaft mounts, and the price is 199 yuan. The R87RGB version also supports hot-swappable shaft mounts, and it is a TTC shaft mount with good durability, and the price is 219 yuan. The ordinary version only supports hot-swapping of five large keys, and there is a non-backlit version of 169 yuan in the middle, which supports hot-swapping of all keys.

After the FE87 is connected under the Mac system, it needs to complete the key recognition according to the setup wizard, and the combined function keys cannot be used. In summary, there is no special adaptation for the Mac system.

Due to cost reasons, the outer packaging of the three keyboards is relatively simple, all of which are single-layer packaging. Among them, Ai Shishi is directly a kraft paper box, which looks environmentally friendly and simple.

In terms of accessories, RK's R87 is the most abundant, including shaft and key pullers, data cables, certificates of conformity, and feedback papers.

There is a strap on the data cable, and the connector supports the conversion between U port and C port.

The other two models only have conventional data cables as standard, and are not equipped with key pullers and shaft pullers.

The biggest feature of FE87 is the use of a magnetic top cover. This design is rarely used by high-end keyboards, but it is a bonus item for low-end keyboards. Many poorly made magnetic upper cover keyboards feel loose, and although the gap between the upper and lower covers of the FE87 is enough to fit several sheets of paper, the overall structure is relatively tight.

Another killer feature of FE is its workmanship, the frame is regular and chamfered and rounded, especially the bottom case, the whole is treated with arcs, and the texture is very good.

The orange brand LOGO is printed in the lower right corner, and it has become the only product of these three keyboards that can see the brand logo on the front. However, there is an obvious color difference between the keycap and the shell. Although the color of the keycap is white, it is relatively dark.

The two-stage foot support has a large non-slip rubber block at the bottom, and the matte material of the bottom shell is very textured.

R87 is relatively smooth from the keycap to the shell. Although the lines of the entire keyboard are relatively complicated, it still feels cheap, especially the chamfered parts are sharp right angles. There are even burrs in individual positions.

The indicator light part has been replaced with a brand new nameplate, which is quite nice.

The lines on the back are very rich, and the data cable can choose to go out in three directions, which all account for the cost. There are more rubber anti-slip pads than FE87, and the same two-stage foot support.

This arrangement of Langtu GK102 is unique to Langtu, close to the compact 100 arrangement, but an extra row is added in the middle to retain the 2U size 0 key in the digital area.

The upper right corner is the switch of the keyboard and the win/ios switch slider.

Compared with the conventional 104, this configuration saves the width of 2 buttons, and only 2 buttons are missing.

There is nothing to say on the back, a one-piece foot support, and another four pieces of rubber.

Compared with the three keyboards, the workmanship of Ai Shishi has obvious advantages, and there will not be a lot of loose and baggy covers on low-end magnetic keyboards. And the mold of r87 is still relatively innovative, but the corners are not well rounded, and it looks sharper. The advantage of Wolfway is that it has a complete digital area and most of the functional area keys. The plastic thickness and texture of the kit itself, and the fineness of the mold are at a qualified level.

The RGB light bar on the side of the RK R87 can be regarded as the finishing touch of the entire keyboard. Although it is not high-end, it definitely adds a lot to the cost of a hundred-yuan keyboard.

The color is very positive and white, and it is still very photogenic when paired with a light-colored table.

Ice blue backlight, in fact, for the backlight keyboard without RGB, white and ice blue are the best solutions. The regular blue that many low-end keyboards choose is too rich. The brightness is not bad, and it can be seen clearly under strong light. The light transmission effect of the characters is good.

The indicator light is white, not eye-catching, but it can be seen clearly. The newly edited strip light panel looks pretty good.

Ai Shitou looks closer to the traditional male model 87 keyboard, and the table setting is quite satisfactory.

The three red indicator lights are eye-catching and not dazzling.

Because Langtu is a matcha green keycap version, compared with the plain white of the previous two models, it looks much better from a distance. For this, it costs 10 yuan more than the full white, but the price difference on PDD will be higher in some stores. decrease.

Although it supports 19 lighting modes, the color of the light will not change, the mixed light is actually a bit cheap, and the brightness of the light is worse than that of the R87. Of course, some people like this kind of mixed light, different people have different opinions.

From top to bottom are the keycaps of Langtu, RK and Ai Shishi, all of which are made of ABS. Although Langtu claims to be double-layer injection molding plus radium engraved characters, there are no traces of double-layer injection molding on the front or back, and the characters will be obviously different when touched.

Both R87 and Ai Shitou are two-color translucent keycaps. Although my FE87 has no backlight, the same series has an RGB backlit version, so it is understandable to use the translucent keycap directly. r87 is a closed character, and the font looks better.

The nozzles on the back of the three keycaps are relatively regular, and the R87 is slightly better. The light-transmitting plastic part of the R87 is whiter, and the light emitted is closer to the original color of the lamp bead, and it is thicker than the keycap of Ai Shishi. The surface of R87's keycaps has subtle textures, while the surface of Ai Shishi's keycaps is purely flat, and the feel of R87 is slightly better.

As for the keycaps, the advantage of Langtu lies in the design of the ball caps, the edges are rounded, and the touch is also the best among the three keycaps, soft, delicate and smooth. However, the color of laser engraved characters is naturally gray, and currently only low-end keyboards are used.

The keycaps of R87 are basically made of Ai stone in all directions under the same process conditions, and the characters, thickness and surface texture are all better.

Next, let's talk about the lower shaft and the big key.

R87 uses RK's new satellite axis, which completely crushes the same level. Even at the 500 yuan level, the performance of this satellite axis is first-class. The shaft uses a custom-made yellow shaft with a pressure of 50g, which is also the main shaft of this series, and a 37g version is also available.

The smoothness of the shaft body is good, and the sound of the keys is clean and pleasant.

In terms of shortcomings, the satellite axis of the backspace key in my hand is a bit too... How should I put it, it is crunchy, and that feeling is that the satellite axis has been cut too much. In addition, the axis of this keyboard is slightly shaken, and the stability of the axis is the one that deviates from the three keyboards.

The axis of Ai Shitou corresponds to the red axis of the cherry, which is a bit off-colored when photographed. Because I can't pull out the key, I can't show you the PCB board below. However, through the transparent shaft cover, it can be seen that its PCB color is yellow like R87.

The shaft body is also very smooth. In comparison, it is slightly inferior to the R87 by a very small gap, but the shaft center is more stable.

The level of the large key is the overlord in the previous 100 yuan level. It is very stable and has no obvious noise, but it is not as crisp as the R87, especially the sensuality of the backspace key is very obvious.

The red switch specially customized by Kang Tenn used in the switch body of Langtu is lubricated at the factory, and the bottoming feeling is very cool and crackling, which is the best among the three keyboards. The disadvantage is that some keys feel strange, and some keys have a spring sound.

So in fact, it is still the old problem of Constant, the consistency is not good, but if you have the patience to lubricate the shafts one by one, it will give you a surprise. After all, the most famous low-priced thick wine red switch is made by Constant.

Back to this keyboard, because it supports hot-swappable sleeves, you can consider distributing some unusable switches to "frontiers" such as the F area, or simply lubricate the switches yourself. The "G" key in the main key area of ​​my keyboard is obviously duller than other keys, and several keys in the F area have a spring sound.

There are noises in the space on the big keys, and the others are okay, obviously they have been polished.

The hand feel is more subjective, and different people have different opinions. The smoothness of the shafts of the three keyboards is good, and there is no obvious rustling feeling. Among them, the bottoming of the GK102 will feel more crisp. The following is a video, you can listen to the big keys and the shaft Body knocking sound.

Comparison of typing sounds of three mechanical keyboards

The R87 has bottom cotton but no sandwich cotton, the overall sound performance is good, there is no obvious cavity sound, and the performance of the big key is very outstanding. In some video evaluations, I compared the R87 with the 49 yuan set of Fuling Satellite Axis on the market. The conclusion is that r87 is better, which shows that the foundation and adjustment are good. But as I said before, my backspace is a bit weird.

There is no filling material inside the FE87, and the keycaps are relatively thin, so there is a certain cavity sound that can be heard in the video, but I think this structure is actually quite suitable for the vocal switch. Because the big keys are too fleshy, it affects the input experience more or less.

With the support of PC positioning board, sound insulation cotton and bottom cotton, GK102 really presses the mahjong sound. It can be regarded as the most "HIFI" keyboard with a price of 100 yuan. Among them, the G key was very dull before. I moistened it a bit, but the whole sound is better and cleaner than other keys.

Among the three types of keyboards, R87 is still in short supply and needs to be pre-sold. Both FE87 and Langtu GK102 have different degrees of discounts.

Comparing the two 87 keyboards, the R87 is 20 more expensive, and the discount is even worse. The high-end RGB+ hot-swappable products of the two are 199 yuan and 219 yuan, which is also a price gap of 20 yuan.

The advantage of the R87 lies in better keycaps, better large keys, and ice-blue backlight, side RGB light strips, which bring a higher appearance, and the key sound also has advantages. In terms of input feel, it is actually half a catty. Subjectively R87 is slightly better. The five large keys support hot-swapping, which is convenient for lubricating the satellite shaft (in fact, it is not used) or changing the shaft with a larger relative pressure.

The relative advantage of FE87 lies in the magnetic upper cover, which can be replaced to change the suspension, as well as better kit workmanship and relatively stable axis.

The official price of GK102 is 20 more expensive than that of R87, which brings a complete digital area. The compact arrangement makes it easy to accidentally touch when using the right shift, and you need to get used to it. The bottom of the shaft is easier to press, and the consistency of individual keys is not good. It supports hot-swappable full-key sleeves, which is more playable and the keycaps feel better. It can replace some shafts of Constante, Gautech and Huannuo. As the only keyboard among the three models that is fully equipped with sandwich cotton and bottom cotton, with the PC positioning board, the typing sound is very pleasant, and the bottoming resonance is reduced at the same time.

There is no absolute winner in this comparison. After all, they are all the best mechanical keyboards in the price range of 100 yuan. Even their feel, many configurations, and features are leapfrog, compared with many 300 yuan or even higher prices. The keyboard is not bad. This article shows you their respective advantages and disadvantages through a comprehensive comparison as much as possible, hoping to provide a reference for your purchase.

The video version of the comparison of these three keyboards will be brought later, as well as the comparison and evaluation of the four 87 keyboards at the price of 500 yuan. Interested friends are welcome to continue to pay attention.

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