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Key Words Key Words Part 31: Desktop Elf: Small, easy to use and high-value, Dujia K330w plus mechanical keyboard experience

What is the most important thing for you when buying a mechanical keyboard?

Is it a function? Is it feel? Or looks?

Dujia is one of the hottest mechanical keyboard brands in China in the past few years. The common feature of the products under the Dujia brand is that they have a sense of design, from the most basic standard K310 to the retro-style Fusion.

K330w is a 60% keyboard launched last year. It has a very fresh appearance and color matching and is also very compact, saving desktop space and easy to carry.

The K330w plus shared with you today has upgraded the full-key hot plug on the basis of the original, making it more convenient to use. Today we will take a look at this keyboard together.

This keyboard adopts a black-dominated appearance and, as always, uses a double-layer packaging box.

I chose the mint green version, and I can feel the freshness through the packaging bag and dust cover.

The package contains a very thick dust cover, a key puller, a shaft puller, a data cable and a UtoC adapter.

The lower right corner is Durga's brand logo, and the groove design looks very textured.

This kind of design is widely used on this keyboard. Different from the traditional small array keyboard, the lines on Dujia K330W are very rich and layered.

If you compare the keyboard to a woman, then K330wplus is the kind of beauty with 360 degrees and no dead ends.

The back is green all over, and has a raised line on the upper part of the Durga family. Next to the right foot support there is a slider that can be pushed out.

After pushing it open, there is a 2.4G receiver hidden inside. At the same time, we can see from this picture that its feet are opened sideways, which is very characteristic in design.

Adhering to the consistent design style of Dujia brand: fresh color matching, rich layers and coordination. Dujia has always been a brand with a very sense of design.

The 60% configuration is very compact and saves space on the table. In fact, it is also very suitable for use with a notebook.

Because there is no independent direction key for the 60% configuration, it can be realized with the combination of Fn + four buttons in the lower right corner. Du Jia thoughtfully marked the button effect after Fn combination on the side.

The keycaps are made of PBT two-color injection molding, the characters will never fade, and the surface of the keycaps is very wear-resistant, and the nozzles are also beautifully treated. The overall standard of this set of keycaps is very good.

As always, the keycaps of Duga’s keyboard are still at the original factory height.

This series of keyboards uses the crystal switch customized by Dujia to Jiadalong, with a translucent black upper cover, and I chose the custom-made silent red switch, which is very quiet when it hits the bottom, very suitable for offices or dormitories use.

The satellite shaft has been lubricated when it leaves the factory. You can always rest assured about the big key of Durga.

Because Dujia has been using cherry switches before, and did not start to launch products using domestic switches until last year, so I also have a strong interest in this Jiadalong silent red crystal switch.

First of all, it can be seen that there are bright lights on the shaft center guide rail and the center shaft of the base part, indicating that this set of shafts is well-run, and it is no wonder that this set of shafts has achieved a very stable shaft center. Smooth feel.

At the bottom of the axle part, there is a small white silicone shock-absorbing foot that stands out. Because of its existence, every time our axle touches the bottom, it will be cushioned by the silicone foot, so as to achieve a quiet effect.

Another interesting thing is that the conventional shaft body is like the one on the right, and the bottom of the shaft center is a solid stick, while the base is a hollow cylinder. When pressed, the stick at the center of the shaft will enter the shaft seat. in the hole. To put it simply, it is a "sky-covering" structure, but Jiadalong's crystal axis is a "sky-covering" structure in which the shaft seat is inserted into the center of the axis. The advantage of this structure is that the axis is more stable and smooth.

Then I simply disassembled the keyboard, and removed a piece of sound insulation cotton at the bottom, and the inner workmanship of the bottom shell is also very exquisite, with reinforcing ribs all over it.

There is also a thick layer of gray silicone sound insulation pad between the aluminum positioning plate and the circuit board, filling the entire gap.

Below is a long lithium battery with a marked capacity of 3600mAh, which is very rare in 60% keyboards. It can last for 240 days in Bluetooth mode and 180 days in 2.4G mode. After charging the battery once for half a year, K330w plus can be called the "standby king" among lithium battery keyboards.

Simple and beautiful black PCB, with hot-swappable shaft seats welded on the back. And there is an additional layer of cushioning and sound-absorbing cotton where the top and the battery may come into contact.

Another interesting design is that the PCB board of this keyboard is one piece wider than the positioning plate. When installed, this protruding part will be inserted into the protruding part on the bottom case, so that the actual design of this keyboard is between the ship hull. and between heaven and earth cover.

The positioning plate of this keyboard is made of all-aluminum material, which is lighter and the key feedback is more comfortable.

Don’t forget, you can download Dujia’s exclusive Zeus driver on Dujia’s official website, which can realize functions such as full-key editing and one-key macro. It is also one of the best drivers for domestic brand keyboards. Through this driver, you can also understand to the remaining power of this keyboard.

Last year, an old friend of mine who played with mechanical keyboards seven or eight years ago paid more attention to mechanical keyboards, and was going to buy a small series of products. As a result, he took a fancy to K330W at a glance. It can be seen that Dujia’s design is very impressive. As far as my mint color is concerned, it is really appropriate to say that it is hibiscus out of clear water.

In addition to upgrading the hot-swappable version, this plus version has also made a lot of filling structures, which improves the consistency of the feel, and the key sound of the sound switch body will also be significantly improved. Consistent high-quality workmanship and large key adjustment, K330w plus can be said to be a boutique, not an exaggeration.

In addition

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