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Key Words Key Words Part 37: The peak of Black Canyon’s appearance, the first test of pictures and texts, and the experience of using soda68 mechanical keyboard

The peak of Black Canyon's appearance, the first test of pictures and texts, the experience of using soda68 mechanical keyboard

This is a keyboard that I accidentally discovered on a certain treasure, and I was attracted by its appearance at first sight. However, Black Canyon does not seem to have done too much publicity on this keyboard, and there has been very little news about this keyboard on the entire Internet. Some friends also told me that this keyboard should be a keyboard of the international version of Black Canyon. The domestic market is not its main sales market, so it is not surprising that the volume is relatively low.

But the appearance of this keyboard is really very distinctive.

The soda series has three colors, namely the green version equipped with vitamin C yellow axis (paragraph axis), the orange version equipped with hydrogen-oxygen blue axis (audio paragraph axis) and the red version equipped with carbonated red axis (linear axis). The color of the casing and keycaps correspond to the switch body one by one, but this keyboard is equipped with Kaihua hot-swappable switch holders, so if necessary, you can buy it back and change the switch yourself.

The one in my hand is the orange version, which is like orange juice that cools and relieves heat in summer.

The outer packaging is indeed different from the style of the domestic line. The plastic casing looks like a pattern of a red shaft vending machine.

Accessories include independent key puller and shaft puller, and the green data cable is probably to match the green version of the main product of this series. Especially distinctive is that it is equipped with a thick plastic dust cover.

The dust cover is made of magnetic material and can also be used as a hand rest.

Relying on a groove on the bottom of the keyboard and a protrusion on the dust cover, with the help of magnets, the palm rest can be well fixed.

This keyboard uses ball pudding keycaps, using two-color technology, crystal clear and very beautiful, but when it comes to closed characters, there are light orange plastic residues in the transparent character area. I don't know if it's an exception, because I don't have this problem with my friend's green keycaps.

The surface is made of fine frosted material, which is very comfortable to the touch. Through the side of the keycap, we can also see the blue mechanical shaft core below.

The dust cover fits tightly when it is on, relying on the magnetic part, it is not easy to fall off, it is very suitable for carrying when going out.

Many keyboards like transparent shells choose to give up the bottom cotton because the back can see through the light. He Canyon obviously did not choose this way. He chose a white bottom cotton with the Black Canyon LOGO printed on it, which improved the refinement a lot. Below is the power switch and mode switching slider, and the operation feels good. Another advantage of this is that the dark battery will not be exposed.

There are four indicator lights in the upper right corner, which correspond to upper and lowercase letters, battery prompts, Bluetooth, and 2.4G mode indicators.

The most beautiful keyboard with transparent casing and keycaps is after the lights are turned on, but because of the jelly keycaps and the textured casing kit, soda68 is also a beautiful scenery when the lights are turned off.

Do you like this orange soda?

Naturally, the RGB backlight will not be absent. The lamp beads on the soda are very bright, and coupled with the keycaps with excellent light transmission, it presents a meandering light effect.

The hot-swappable structure of the Kaihua shaft seat is used, and the white sandwich cotton and bottom cotton can be seen in this picture.

The blue switch body is not simply a BOX white switch with a new core, in fact, its sense of paragraph is more obvious than that of the white switch. Therefore, its feel should be understood as the Kaihua jade shaft with a reduced number of grams.

The BOX shaft is Kaihua's characteristic structure. The metal shrapnel is completely sealed in a small white box, so as to achieve the effect of dustproof and waterproof, and better ensure the service life of the shaft. And the green dot outside the white shell is the contact point of the shaft body.

As an audible paragraph switch, there will be a sound-generating structure inside the small box, and the sound of this blue switch body is very crisp, similar to a pressed ballpoint pen, but more crisp. In particular, it is rare for Kaihua to equip this shaft with an extended spring. So it feels very handy when actually using it.

The upper and lower fully transparent crystal shell is also a style that mechanical keyboard players like very much recently, especially the transparent structure of this keyboard.

The injection molding mouth and chrysanthemum are regular, and the surface texture is similar to skin. This set of keycaps is definitely exquisite.

For light pollution lovers, as long as the headlights are turned off, they will instantly enter the colorful world of soda.

The colored light overflows from the top, side of the keycap, between the positioning board and the PCB board.

The battery life of soda is also good. The official shows that this keyboard can work continuously for 30 days when the lights are turned off, which can basically eliminate battery life anxiety.

Beginning in 2020, domestic mechanical keyboards have embarked on the road of inversion, from RGB, three-mode, and hot-swappable as standard, to starting to roll in various themed keycaps and Gasket structures. The market is full of high cost-effective stacking products with high configuration and low price.

As the overseas version of Black Canyon, soda does not pursue the ultimate pursuit of cost performance, but it gives a high score answer in terms of appearance, structure and feel. In addition to cost-effective products, this market also needs high-quality products.

In terms of price, the current price of soda is 649 yuan.

Don't worry, Black Canyon also provides other solutions, first of all, you can buy a kit with a fully transparent shell of the green soda.

In addition, the jelly pudding keycaps can also be purchased separately, and are available in green, orange and white tea.

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