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Key Words Key Words Part 39: Good-looking, good-sounding, easy-to-use, 399 yuan Langtu L9 mechanical keyboard disassembly evaluation

Many friends who paid attention to the mechanical keyboard of Langtu may have some impressions of the brand. Before that, it has been focusing on low-end cost-effective products. However, as the key rings become more and more popular, many brands have begun to expand their product lines. Langtu also Recently, a new L9 mechanical keyboard was launched. The price of 399 yuan changed the brand before focusing on the style of a hundred-yuan keyboard. The configuration and elements of the key ring that have been popular recently are basically available on this L9, and the appearance is also very good. online, then let's take a look at how this new keyboard from Langtu looks like.

The L9 series has prepared two themes this time, which are safe home (left) composed of white, green and orange and crazy racing (right) in black and yellow. One is fresh and warm, and the other is cool and fashionable. For the value, both are very good.

In terms of accessories, the keyboard body, dust cover (forgot to take a picture), integrated shaft and key puller, 2.4G receiver, data cable, and a small brush that can be pressed and retracted are convenient for cleaning the keyboard.

The accessory style is mainly white and yellow, and the color rendering is very lively.

In view of the tide of customization of mass-produced keyboards, the back of the L9 is also equipped with a purple metal nameplate, engraved with the series model, LT-L9 returned home safely.

This keyboard adopts MDA-height colorful sublimation keycaps. The characters on the main keypad are large. Special patterns are specially designed on the two positioning keys of FJ. The patterns on the space and ESC keys are simple but harmonious.

This set of molds is similar to another GK85 of Wolfway. There is a panel on the right side. The upper part is the English language and indicator lights of Wolfway. block, the switching process feels very clear. This design not only improves the convenience of use, but also makes the entire keyboard more recognizable and more attractive.

The RGB backlight is naturally not absent. The color of this keyboard is very soft, which really gives people a kind of warmth at home. The orange is like a light left by your family for you who come home late.

The design of Crazy Racing is also outstanding, the whole design is full of energy and speed, especially the race flag on the space, it is simply soul.

The styles of these two keyboards in the same series are very different, but they are both very successful in design.

This keyboard uses a translucent PC positioning board, so it is much lighter than a mechanical keyboard with a conventional metal positioning board. Although it is a compact design with 85 keys, it is still suitable for home use and travel.

Personality height keycaps, especially ball caps, are very popular this year. This set of MDA height ball caps on the L9 is made of wear-resistant PBT material. The surface has no matte texture and is relatively smooth. It feels very cool, smooth and delicate, and it is very comfortable to type.

Although the light-colored keycaps are mainly used, because of the shading powder added to the keycaps, the keycaps themselves do not have light coming through, and the RGB backlight is exposed through the gaps. It's not like some semi-transparent white keycaps, it's really cheap.

Safe Home This color scheme is placed on the desktop, it is really a beautiful scenery.

As for the shaft body, the ice crystal powder shaft is used, which is self-lubricated at the factory and feels very smooth. It can be said to be soft when touching the bottom, and it can also be said to be not crisp enough. Some people like this kind of feel and some don’t. Different people have different opinions, but The fully transparent upper and lower crystal covers, plus the flesh pink axis, are still very good-looking.

Use this shaft body and Kaihua BOX red to push it against each other. The starting pressure of the trigger stroke is higher than that of the box red, and the bottoming is earlier than that of the BOX red. The overall pressure is the same. The rebound is positive and there will be no limp feeling.

The nozzle treatment of the keycap is relatively regular.

On the translucent PCB positioning board, you can vaguely see the metal connecting rods under the big keys, and you can see light yellow grease inside each big key, obviously it has been lubricated before leaving the factory. All the large keys of this keyboard have no noise, no detailed and fleshy feeling, especially the blank space, both in terms of feel and sound, can be said to be clean and neat.

The black bottom cotton, the white sound-proof silicone in the middle interlayer, and the industry's inner roll, these two things are naturally absent.

The entire typing experience of this Langtu L9 is soft and comfortable. The merchant claims to use a light Gasket structure, which is not a traditional Gasket, but the sound is nice and the hand feels not particularly elastic, but it can still be said to be soft, and the vibration is well controlled. good.

So what kind of structure is inside, let's take it apart and see. First, use a card to pry off the upper cover, and find that the right side panel of the keyboard is fixed on the positioning plate.

In addition, the traditional structure of this keyboard box is fixed with screws. At the same time, it should be noted that the edge of the PC positioning board is firmly embedded in the bottom case, so the bottom case also provides support for the entire positioning board.

In this way, the four sides of the bottom case and several screw columns in the middle support the positioning plate together. Although it is not as soft and elastic as the soft Gasket structure, the supporting force of the entire bottom case under this structure is more uniform, so that it can be better maintained. The consistency of the feel of the axis body at each position of the entire keyboard.

The sound-insulating silicone between the positioning board and the PCB is also very good at resolving sound and vibration, so that this keyboard with a group purchase price of less than 400 yuan also has a certain mahjong sound.

After dismantling everything, you can see the bottom cotton and 3200mAh lithium battery.

Behind the PCB is a hot-swappable shaft seat. The workmanship of the entire back circuit is not amazing, but it is neat and clean.

Three, summary

In terms of configuration and elements, this L9 has concentrated on the three traditional components of RGB, three-mode, and hot-swappable. The design and appearance of the two keyboards are very outstanding. The round MDA ball cap, the smooth ice crystal powder switch, the carefully adjusted large keys and the fully stuffed internal noise reduction structure make its sound and feel , at the price of 399 yuan, it can be called first-class level.

The structure did not pursue the most popular Gasket this year, but it borrowed some features of Gasket, including the support provided by the frame, including the PC positioning board, and finally formed its own unique support design, and the actual experience is indeed good. After all, I just shared with you the real Gasket structure of three or four hundred yuan last week. Limited by the price and cost, the actual texture and feel are not ideal.

In terms of disadvantages, the gap between the upper and lower covers is too large, and the foot support is only one-stage, which has no obvious impact on personal experience.

In general, L9 can definitely be regarded as a keyboard worth buying in its price range. Its appearance, sound, and feel will not disappoint you. The price before July 30 is 399 yuan, quite cost-effective

In addition, as an old cost-effective manufacturer, Langtu has just added sound insulation pads and bottom cotton to the low-end GK102 series. You must know that this is a keyboard with a minimum price of 139 yuan (matcha green 149 yuan), which can be regarded as creating an industry insider. It's a new chapter. This 102-key compact keyboard also supports backlighting and hot-swappable sleeves that can replace various high-end shafts. It can be called the new generation of low-end keyboards. Friends with insufficient budget can also consider it.

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