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Keyboard ceiling within 500? Fuling FL980 three-mode mechanical keyboard unboxing evaluation

Foreword: There are no various parameters listed in this article, only subjective experience evaluation (the keyboard is not a production tool, so I care more about its appearance (jia) value (ge) and user experience), so value friends who like to buckle parameters and study stacking materials Please go directly to the upper right corner.

Familiar value friends know that whenever I write an article, I must buy something again

This time, because of the need to streamline the desktop, I plan to replace the 104 keys of the big F ), no, it happened that the group of captors was engaged in activities, so I couldn't help but bought a three-mode "Fellow FL980" (Superman version) sea salt lemon color matching captor joint model

Due to the "reference" behavior of Fuling's keyboard, some more formal stores are forced to take it off the shelves and not allow it to be sold (of course, the small personal shops that are not afraid of anything are still not off the shelves). So here is a link to his own keyboard, if you need to buy the Superman version FL980 private chat customer service.

The reason I bought it was simple: cheap. Three-mode, full-key hot-swappable, unrivaled large key at the same price, only 499 yuan Then I used Ping An’s interest-free 24 installments, 20+ a month, rounded up, it’s free, brothers! Hurry up! (The atmosphere is here, Mr. Kuang sees it, please pay

Anyone see the box? Well, since you took the picture, put it up, otherwise it will be a waste

Packing list: manual*1, certificate of conformity*1, pull (key) shaft device*1, USB-C cable*1, C-C cable*1, C-USB conversion head*1, personalized keycap*1, wireless receiver *1, dust cover*1, keyboard*1

keyboard body

Replaced with three supplementary keycaps

The keycap is sea salt color, sublimation process, PBT material. The feel is relatively thick, and the color is small and fresh. Personally, I feel that the dye-sublimation keycaps of the Capturer are all darker, giving people an old and dusty feeling. Would it be better if they were brightened?

The upper right corner of the keyboard is the indicator light and the logo of Fuling, and the metal color scheme also improves the quality of the keyboard

The two-stage support also gives one more choice


This metal nameplate is really high-grade, but on the back, it feels emmmmm

In the overall back view, the wire slots on three sides are also more user-friendly (the amount seems to be standard configuration)

Let’s look at the switch again, the sea salt switch customized by the capturer, the sea salt switch is a linear switch, compared with the box red of Fu Ling, it feels heavier and the sound is slightly louder. It feels more stable than box red when knocked.

The legendary large-key adjustment with no rival at the same price, it can be seen that it has been moisturized, and there is no excess oil residue

It is said that Fuling has a high rate of overturning, everyone, have you heard about my overturning?

The flatness of the personality space is better

Fuling's software can only be connected by cable, simple style, and functions are clear at a glance

Full key programmable

The lighting scheme is basically unified globally

You can also share solutions in the cloud or download other people's solutions

It is worth noting that if you have nothing to do, don’t click the upgrade firmware here, it is easy to upgrade to a brick. Moreover, after the upgrade, various problems will emerge one after another, which can basically be said to be a representative of reverse upgrade.

If you accidentally upgraded to a brick, or want to roll back the original firmware, then you only need to ask for a set of firmware from the customer service of the store where you bought it, and you can flash the machine like a fool. The FL980 generation three-mode version can be obtained from me.

It is said that Fuling has no after-sales service, so I tried it.

1. The keyboard I bought at the Capturer store said that the keyboard was unresponsive and bricked. The customer service of Fuling Flagship Store helped me analyze the reasons in detail and informed me of the precautions, and then said that I was worried about the version mismatch and affecting the after-sales service of the store, so Let me go to the captor and ask for the firmware.

2. I pressed the X key on this keyboard repeatedly, and the customer service of the capturer happily reissued a few as spares.


1. Full-key hot-swapping provides great playability, and you can change different shafts to experience later. After all, the domestic shaft is cheap as hell now

2. The ready-to-use large key adjustment saves a lot of trouble for novices and enables them to have a better experience.

3. Three modes, usually office typing can streamline the lines on the desktop. You can also connect wired mode while gaming.


1. It is the USB cable that must be used at home (the C port of his home is long, and other lines will not be able to be inserted in the end), which reduces the fun of DIY cables.

2. There is no storage slot for the wireless receiver.

3. The driver software can only be recognized by a wired connection, but most small factories are like this, but Fuling can do the same software as a big factory, consumers are of course looking forward to it

Come follow me

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