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Keyboard Modification Record Part 1: 1800 and 75% Collision——Cherry G80-11800 Magic Modification

As a spicy old man who entered the pit from the map bar, I have been in touch with the cord trimmer keyboard for 17 years. I just started to make small troubles. I can do wiring work, change the axis, and add a light. I am very happy. Five years have passed in a flash. , Changing the keyboard has become the most decompressing activity during the yq period, and during this time, Cherry has gradually become more friendly to the people, no longer a superior existence, after all, domestic manufacturers of all sizes are desperately catching up, but from the perspective of God today Looking back at Cherry’s old keyboard, many design concepts are still very advanced. For example, the 980 series that was popularized by the big L actually started in 1800, and the 1800 family also has its own characteristics. Today we will talk about our protagonist 11800.

borrow someone else's picture

When I got this one, it was terrible, with incomplete keycaps and missing trackballs. Let me show the original appearance with a picture.

This is the modified sample paper

Send a comparison chart, and then start today's text.

The keyboard is disassembled, cleaned and disinfected first when you get it. With the design of the sky and the earth cover, you only need to unscrew more than a dozen screws at the back to separate it. The steel-free design only contains the pcb board, the keyboard and the main control of the trackball.

The small keyboard area needs to be cut, so the shaft body is removed first.

This is very old, and it still uses the ps2 interface of ancient times. Direct usb will not work, and an adapter board is needed here.

Both pro-tests can be used, of course, the white one is cheaper, and the shell is easier to disassemble.

This is the wiring diagram of the previous transfer to 11900. The line sequence definitions of the two keyboards are the same. As long as the positive and negative poles are not connected incorrectly, it doesn’t matter if the data+ and data- are connected incorrectly, just swap them.

Old Cherry’s pcb is notoriously fragile. Fortunately, after testing this keyboard, the full key is triggered without flying wires, so let’s do it!

Draw the positions of the upper and lower knives with a pencil, and cut slowly with a carving knife

Use a jigsaw where it is not easy to cut

After the incision is polished flat, it is glued with nail-free glue

The same is true for the lower cover, but in order to keep the foot support, the cut part should be moved to the left, otherwise the duck with only one foot support will be very uncomfortable.

Still glued together

The scalded area on the cover needs to be repaired and polished

The same is true for pcb. The advantage of this keyboard is that the main control is in the middle, unlike the g80-3000 which cuts off the small keyboard area and needs flying wires to connect to the main control.

surgery completed

simple fit

After sanding, spray paint, first apply white primer, then spray pearl white, and finally apply varnish protective oil

Spraying paint is a patient job, it takes a small amount and many times to be even, but every time I can't bear my temper and leave blemishes I really wish I could have a set of painting equipment

Akko's neon keycaps, because the bottom row of this keyboard is wkl design, 7u space widened body ctrl alt, more suitable.

In the later period, I couldn’t bear the cherry tea shaft that came with it, so I replaced it with strawberry jelly v1. Because it is a tripod shaft, I grafted the 0-ohm diode of the cherry shaft, which is the staple wire, into the light foot hole of the strawberry shaft. , barely fixed on the pcb, because this process is more painful, so I didn't take a picture, and posted two schematic diagrams as a reference

Changed to a five-legged axis

Finally, I would like to mention that this modification is not my original creation, but borrowed from the creativity of the great god. This person not only modified the shell, but also repainted the pcb. Where can I buy such a board.

The 7-character carriage return is really charming


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