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Keyboard Part 1: itou65 - the cheapest gasket structure aluminum lump

Speaking of which, it has been a long time since I played with a keyboard. I have been playing with soft routing and nas for the past one or two years. After the k100pro that has been hanging on Xianyu was bought for 500 points a few days ago, I started to prepare for a new keyboard. .

Then I learned about the itou65 they are opening in the bald group, and it happened that the bald head started selling it on Xianyu, and the price of 299 is very affordable. At the beginning I bought it from Baldhead, but it was the Ching Ming holiday, and Baldhead didn't ship it, so I returned it and bought it from someone else, and it was confirmed that it was flawless. 305+19 SF to pay.

unpacking family portrait

Included accessories: upper and lower covers, gasket (thin at the top and thick at the bottom), pcb, pad under the shaft, sandwich cotton, fr4 positioning plate, knob, satellite shaft, 2.4g receiver, typec line, foot stickers.

The mmd princess shaft is used, which is directly used by Changrun.

princess axis

The keycaps are made of big-leaf Rome, and the effect is good after installation, both in appearance and sound.




typing sound

Generally speaking, the price is very good, and the car has already been driven. The bald head may continue to make other specifications, such as rough shell, anode and so on.

I changed the top cover without chamfers with a group of friends, and paid a total of 28 yuan for round-trip shipping. And added a counterweight of 20 yuan for the bald head. As shown in the picture:

Replaced with a split space and 7-back positioning board, it is not very suitable. Bought a knob and painted it black. The interior is further filled with eva cotton to avoid inconsistent sound between the battery position and other positions.

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