Keyboard Part 5: New keyboard equipment for the start of school, a good helper for dormitory codewords-Gauss HS87T!

Gauss is also an old brand of mechanical keyboards. It has been active in the cherry circle before. Now the Hello Ganss series basically keeps up with the times. There is no shortage of hot-swappable and domestic switches. I bought an HS87T in 618 last year because of the discount, which appeared in the year-end summary

Check out this keyboard I've been using for half a year today and why I chose it

Goss hs87t, three-mode RGB hot-swappable, I bought the g yellow pro version, the picture is cheap, only 339, it may be worse than the TTC axis, but the cost performance is still very high. When I bought it, there were not so many strange preferential rules. I just bought 339 directly, and the cashback in the group was really a bit discouraging. Mine is colored glaze, which is generally white and a kind of green. Because the pure black and pure white versions were out of stock at the time. If you buy it and use it as a keyboard, you can choose the color you like. If you want to change the keycaps later, black and white will still be better matched.

Taobao express, a bag wrapped with foam paper

Further inside is the keyboard box. The overall color is gray and more lively, which is still pretty, better than regular kraft paper.

Open the box, the accessories include two AA batteries, a very considerate Type-c to USB, which is convenient for mac users who only have type c, a set of shaft and key pullers, and a Type-c data cable with the same color as the keyboard

It is worth noting that the USB-A port of this cable can be inserted on both sides, which is very considerate.

There is also a small set of supplementary keycaps for the Mac, without the number field.

Finally, there is the keyboard body covered by the manual, and a dust cover. In terms of accessories, it can basically be said that this price can give you everything, which is still very considerate.

When it comes to the keyboard, there is a very conventional 87 arrangement on the front. The keyboard body is all cyan, and the keycaps are decorated with white letters, less cyan and two yellow embellishments. The cyan color of the keycaps has no color difference from the keyboard as a whole.

This set of keycaps is OEM-height two-color PBT, probably made by oxd. The overall quality is good, except that there is no color difference, the nozzles are all processed at the bottom, and there are basically no traces around. The overall sun pattern is rough and more wear-resistant.

On the back, there are three-way outlets, two two-stage foot supports, and the receiver storage compartment is hidden under the foot supports.

Next to it is the battery compartment, which can hold two AA batteries. This is also one of the selling points of this keyboard, it is powered by dry batteries. Compared with charging, the advantage of dry batteries is that they are easy to replace and can be recharged in a second. But after all, the capacity of the dry battery is in place, and it is also a big pain point that this keyboard cannot turn on RGB wirelessly.

In terms of RGB, it is a very conventional male model, and the lighting effect of the male model is basically enough. The overall brightness of the light is not bad. After all, in many mass-produced keyboards with "given lights", it is already a very good level to be able to see the light during the day. If it is equipped with a TTC condenser lens or a light-transmitting keycap, the effect is still the same. Very good.

Behind the keyboard is the switch for the three-mode and Bluetooth, this must be praised, the switch placed at the bottom is anti-human!

The Goss logo is also printed on the receiver. The overall wireless experience is good, and I haven't encountered any strange problems or delays.

In terms of the shaft body, the G Huang Pro is also an evergreen tree at the price of the unary shaft. It is cheap and ensures good smoothness and good sound. Except for the poor stability of the shaft center, it is not satisfactory on the whole. The big key can't be said to be very good, it can only be said to be a bit worn down. My space bar has obvious noise, and the other keys are a bit fleshy. If you care about it, you may have to change the satellite axis, which is a bit troublesome. Of course, if you think it doesn't affect it, don't bother to understand the big key or something, just use it.

In terms of typing sound, it belongs to Chen Rui eating peppercorns - losing hemp. Although you don’t need to pay much attention to the noise reduction measures, I have to say that the cavity sound of this keyboard is still a bit loud, so loud that I, a person who doesn’t care much, feel a little uncomfortable.

Since there is no sound-absorbing measure, and it may be a problem with the mold, the sound is always loud when pressing the keys. It's like there are abnormal noises in the interior of the car. Although the sound is not obvious and does not affect anything, sometimes it feels uncomfortable. Of course, if you don't care, this shortcoming can be completely ignored.

In terms of drivers, pay attention to go to the official website Hello Ganss to download, there is nothing in Ganss, I have been looking for it for a long time. The driver as a whole is to apply the public model, and all the necessary functions are available, such as modifying the lighting effect and changing the keys.

In terms of dismantling, this thing is really really difficult to disassemble. I suggest that it is best not to dismantle it if there is nothing to do. Since the 87 itself is relatively small, and there are too many buckles on the side, and the upper cover is so tight, it is necessary to use a very thin crowbar to remove the buckles bit by bit, and it takes a lot of force to scratch the keyboard. is inevitable.

If you want to dismantle it, I suggest starting from here, because there will be a relatively large gap in the place of the switch, so that the stick can be inserted in. I can already see the scratches on the upper cover by me.

Seeing the scars on the side, the obsessive-compulsive disorder is still a bit uncomfortable. Take off the upper cover, remove a few screws on the positioning board, and there is a black PCB, which does not look cheap at all. There is a power cord attached to the bottom case and nothing else.

The interior is relatively simple. (Bad, I forgot to see what the shaft seat is) If you want to change it, you can buy a piece of sandwich cotton with a male model 87 and put it in. It is easy to buy and cheap. In terms of effect, it can't be said that it has a new look, but it can only be said that it is better than nothing.

As for the bottom of the PCB, due to the small space of the bottom case and the protrusion of the battery compartment, it is still difficult to install the bottom cotton. If it is textured paper, a large part needs to be cut off. I used eva cotton to stick a part of the bottom shell on this one, and I feel that the improvement is not obvious. Therefore, I don't recommend doing too many internal modifications. At most, change the satellite shaft and add a sandwich cotton.

Apart from these strange shortcomings, this keyboard is still very worth buying as a whole. Whether it is the 339 Jiadalong shaft or the 499 TTC shaft, it is cost-effective and also guarantees good quality. RGB hot-swapping is also available, and dry battery power is the only one in the market now. . If you just want to equip your computer with a good-looking and easy-to-use keyboard, especially for the student party, for example, if you want to equip your notebook with a keyboard for daily codewords and games, you don’t need to worry about the structure, big keys, and sounds. Strange things, just choose what you like! The successor to the HS87T, the GS87, is also well priced today.

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