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Keyboard Recommendation Series Part 1: Affordable Keyboard Recommendations-Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard

The Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard is a basic wireless keyboard. It's your typical membrane keyboard, offering a good overall typing experience, though some might find the feel a little draggy. And it's made entirely of plastic, but it's well-made, and it's perfect for an open office setting because it's not noisy at all to type on. It doesn't have a backlight, which might be a big downer for some, but it's pretty versatile as it works with just about any Bluetooth-compatible device, including mobile.

Gaming Performance The Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard is not designed for gaming. The latency is high, and gaming keyboards are generally not recommended to connect via Bluetooth. Also, while it can set up macros, the F4-F7 keys aren't the best position for gaming. It also lacks a backlight, which makes it hard to get used to.

This keyboard is just average when used with a mobile device or tablet. Although the Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard is Bluetooth compatible and works with mobile devices, this full-size keyboard isn't the most portable of the bunch. It can be a little difficult to fit in a backpack, and you can't connect it to multiple devices at the same time.

Office Performance The Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard is a good office keyboard. Its wireless design keeps desk clutter free, and its low-profile ergonomic design is perfect for typing during the workday. The membrane keyboard is very quiet to use in an open office environment and provides a good overall typing experience.

The Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard is a good programming keyboard. While its typing experience is decent, only a few macros can be set on the F4-F7 keys, which may be too restrictive for some.

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