Keyboard Recommendation Series Part 22: Gaming Keyboard Recommendations - Razer Huntsman Competitive Edition

The Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition (TE) is a gaming keyboard with Razer's proprietary Linear Optical Switch. These switches provide a responsive typing and gaming experience; however, some may find them to be overly sensitive and prone to false touches. The overall build quality of the keyboard is very good, and the keyboard features full RGB backlighting, which can be easily customized through Razer's Synapse 3 software. The keyboard is part of Razer's line of optomechanical switches, which includes the Huntsman and Razer Huntsman Elite.

The Razer Huntsman TE is an excellent gaming keyboard. The keys are responsive and light, and are all programmable through Synapse 3 software. Full RGB backlighting is perfect for darkroom gaming, and the two-tone PBT keycaps are sure to last a long time without the risk of key legends fading or chipping.

The Razer Huntsman TE does not have wireless capabilities and cannot be used with mobile devices.

The Razer Huntsman TE is a decent keyboard for office use. Typing is fairly comfortable, and the keys are responsive with short key travel; however, some may find them to be overly sensitive, leading to more typos. Typing noise is minimal, which is good news for noise-sensitive offices, but the stabilizer isn't great as some keys rattle.

The Razer Huntsman TE is great for programming. Typing is very easy and does not cause any fatigue. The build quality of the keyboard is very good, but there is some rattling on some of the keys. Unfortunately, although each key is programmable, the Synapse 3 software is only available on Windows, so macOS and Linux users cannot customize the keyboard.

The Razer Huntsman TE is unable to go entertainment/HTPC with a keyboard. It's wired, so you have no choice but to stay within cable distance of your connected devices. It also lacks a keyboard scroll wheel or trackpad, but at least it has full RGB backlighting and media control hotkeys.

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