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Keyboard selection: 108 keys VS87 keys

The author used to use MX Keys before, and I have to say that this is indeed a very easy-to-use keyboard.

Charge it once until you forget when it was last charged

The keyboard is low and doesn't need a palm rest

The typing feel is not bad, relatively soft

The driver of the big factory is very worry-free to use

Then why am I still thinking about changing to an 87-key mechanical keyboard?

When playing games, MX Keys feel a bit too sticky

When typing for a long time, I feel that my body is always a little sideways

It's okay, I always want to buy something, otherwise I feel uncomfortable

Below, the two pictures explain why I feel that my body is not aligned

It can be seen that the comparison between 87 keys and 108 keys is actually only missing the small keyboard part. If it is not for some special occupations, the usage rate of the small keyboard is actually very low.

For me, it can be omitted as 87 keys.

It can be seen from this picture that if the center of the human-monitor-keyboard is unified in a straight line, then the main typing area of ​​108 keys is actually shifted a little to the left. It's a bit like the feeling that the steering wheel is a little bit to the left when driving.

Because of the size of the desk, I can't move the keyboard to the right at all, so I changed to 87 keys, which will be more comfortable for people when typing for a long time.

In addition, for playing games, the relatively crisper feel brought by mechanical keyboards is temporarily unmatched by membrane keyboards.

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