Keychron k4Pro user experience with complete customization elements

Recently, a friend threw me a cherry 3494. Looking at this keyboard, which was purely dreamed of 10 years ago, it suddenly became boring. . At that time, 3494 was known as the best hand feeling of cherry, and the fever-reducing keyboard, but the tide of the times is rushing in. Looking at it now, the belief of the year seems to have become a black and big old guy. , suddenly there is some exclamation, the content of the chat is finished, let's talk slowly, this time I will share with you the new keyboard that I just started, Keychron K4Pro

Keychron The brand's popularity in China may not be very high, but it is crazy in foreign countries, especially on Amazon eBay YouTube, and things in the customized circle are not cheap. While Keychron supports the use of Native QMK firmware/VIA software as well as Native f zone mac key Support and keyboard customization solutions, so that the playability and cost performance of the keyboard become very high.

By the way, I would like to say that many domestic Beijing-made keyboards are manufactured by Keychron, so that before I wanted to buy Keychron keyboards, I could only buy Beijing-made keyboards. In the past two years, Keychron has gradually returned to the domestic market before I can buy them. Native Keychron keyboard.

Before talking about the keyboard, I would like to talk to you about other QMK/VIA. Those who were familiar with keyboards in the early years or those who played boards on Lichuang must be familiar with this. You can customize your favorite keyboards and key positions. Need to use QMK.

qmk is an open-source keyboard firmware production solution, most of which exist in the mouths of customization masters. Using qmk can make keyboard firmware conveniently. After matching with via software, you can easily adjust your own key settings and lighting options. Playability is full.

The keyboard packaging is very simple and thick. The keyboard layout of k4pro is also displayed on the packaging box. The disposable plastic packaging can also be used to distinguish whether it has been unpacked.

Open the outer cover and you can see the keyboard body. The surrounding sponge is very firm.

Take out all the accessories, a K4Pro keyboard body, a double manual, a Windows supplementary keycap, a braided keyboard data cable with a shielding magnetic ring, and a keycap and shaft puller.

The main body of the keyboard uses a compact layout design of 100 keys. While retaining more functions of the full-size keyboard, the length of the keyboard is minimized so that the keyboard can be made more convenient and easy to use. As long as the f area on the top is switched to mac/ios mode, it can natively control the functions of mac computers and ios devices, which is very convenient.

keycap used pbt ball cap with two-color injection molding process , the form of the sunken edge in the middle is raised, this design allows the fingers to be placed in the sunken place unconsciously when tapping the keycap, reducing false touches and at the same time, the degree of follow-up is also higher.

Thanks to the high PBT content, the overall touch of the keycaps feels very Dry and comfortable, not sticky , There will be no greasy feeling after long-term use, and the two-color injection molding will not fade.

Full key supports hot swap. Let the playability of the keyboard become very high.

The k4pro in my hand is a k pro brown shaft, and the shaft body uses Dustproof design ,at the same time The axis is also more stable factory run It is very smooth to use, and you can see the oily sheen of the axis. It feels very easy to use, and it will not tire your hands after long-term use. It is versatile whether it is playing games or long-term office use.

Compared with the satellite axis design of the positioning board that is more common in our daily life, k4pro uses a more high-end Silver plated pcb satellite shaft , the factory comes with lubrication, and at the same time, it is fixed more firmly, and the hand feels stable and shakes less.

Above the keyboard is, 2 toggle switches and a type c charging and data interface , and the small hole in the middle is a charging indicator , when charging is in progress, it will display red, and when charging is complete, it will display green.

K4Pro F area natively supports shortcut keys in mac mode , adjust the toggle switch to mac/ios mode You can conveniently use the f area for quick operations, and when you switch to Windows/android, you can easily support the f area of ​​the windwos computer, which is very convenient in terms of user experience.

The Bluetooth and wired and off switch buttons on the left, It is convenient to switch the link mode of the keyboard as Wired/wireless mode. In wireless mode, Bluetooth 5.1 is used for linking, which is backward compatible, and can be easily supported when the Bluetooth of the device is not so high. The Bluetooth device supports 3 device links, use fn+1/2/3 to quickly switch the link device, so that you can input without dropping the line.

k4pro use Multi-layer shock-absorbing and sound-absorbing structure , the sound-absorbing cotton is used between the positioning board and the pcb to absorb the noise of the shaft body, and the bottom of the pcb is used One-piece silicone pad , to ensure the bottoming elasticity of the shaft body, and reduce the cavity sound when bottoming out.

Separate the pcb and the bottom case to see the integrally formed silicone pad below, and the battery is covered under the silicone pad.

Turn out the silicone pad and feel that the silicone pad is very thick. At the same time, it is matched with the positioning board and the sound-absorbing cotton in the pcb, so that the overall sound and feel of the keyboard are well balanced.

Compared with the keyboard lighting system that we have more daily contact with, Keychron k4pro uses a lower lighting design, which can better display the lighting effect of the keyboard. The tgb lighting effect of the keyboard has a separate lighting control button, which can be easily set and switched

After a period of use, The experience of using Keychron k4pro for me is very good . The support of QMK/VIA software, the lower rgb lighting design, the hot-swappable shaft body is convenient for customizing and replacing the shaft body you like, and the internal noise reduction and anti-vibration technology makes the keyboard very playable. Native mac System support makes the adaptability of this keyboard more comprehensive.

The author declares that there is interest in this article, please respect the author and the content shared, communicate friendly, and make rational decisions~

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