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KeysMe Lunar 01 Three-mode Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review: Cool and trendy

In the past few years, many excellent appearance designs and structural solutions have emerged in the field of customized keyboards. While enriching the user's field of vision and choice space, it also brings more ways to play and a better user experience. A common input device endows it with the attribute of "fashion play". The new brand customized KeysMe’s first keyboard kit Lunar 01 is a product with trendy features. It not only has a cool and sci-fi design, but also has a sharper and more hard-core gameplay. Let’s take a look with the author. .


KeysMe Lunar 01 three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard not only has keyboard kit products, but also provides a rich selection of peripheral products. The packaging of this series of products adopts a cool illusion style scheme, combined with the dark gray background color and silver product name with a full sense of technology, the visual effect is still very good. The author received a finished keyboard, keyboard wrist rest, large-size mouse pad and magnetic fidget spinner this time.

The keyboard accessories provide a white USB Type-C spring cable, a dual-port receiver, a crowbar, an instruction manual, and a magic sticker. Both the keyboard wrist rest and the mouse pad adopt a light-colored Lunar White theme, designed in a sci-fi style, and the look and feel is still very outstanding. The mouse pad adopts the table pad size of 900mm×400mm×4mm, and the wrist rest is 360mm×80mm×20mm. Both the mouse pad and the wrist rest are printed with high precision, and the pattern details and color processing are in place, and it is more harmonious with the corresponding theme keyboard. The magnetic fidget spinner is designed in a rocket shape and has a Lunar White theme color scheme. I will introduce its gameplay later.

KeysMe Lunar 01 three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard has rich appearance matching schemes, which can be roughly divided into two categories: transparent shell series and solid color series. The keycap part also provides three options of transparent color, two-color and sublimation. Black, blue, white, pink and other color schemes can better meet the different needs of users for keyboard materials, keycap styles and color schemes. The appearance design of the keyboard is based on the traditional 87 arrangement scheme, and the body size is about 368.5mm×152mm×47.5mm, which is slightly larger than the conventional 87 keyboard, and does not significantly increase the space occupied by the desktop. The keyboard as a whole adopts the next-generation sci-fi style design, and rich design elements are added to the body to further highlight the sci-fi atmosphere of the keyboard. The slightly wider top adds a detachable pickup light and adjustment knob, which has high practicality and playability, and the excellent design style further enhances the overall aesthetics and recognition.

KeysMe Lunar 01 three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard is based on the common 87 arrangement, and also adds a wealth of combined function keys to achieve more operating functions. It is convenient for users to identify and use. At the same time, this keyboard has also adapted the key positions for the MaxOS system, and a simple pattern logo has also been added to the keys in the F area, which is convenient for users to use. In terms of combined key functions, it provides operations such as multimedia control, lighting adjustment, and switching connection modes, which is still very good in terms of convenience. The top pick-up lamp supports multiple lighting mode switching and detachable design. After disassembly, the groove can be used to place a mobile phone or tablet, which further improves the functional performance of the keyboard. By default, the knob supports the function of volume adjustment and lighting effect mode switching of the pickup light. Rotate to adjust the volume, press to switch the pickup light effect, and long press to turn on or off the pickup light effect. Three status indicators are provided on the right direction area, which is convenient for players to identify the keyboard connection pairing and working status.

There are two toggle switches and USB Type-C ports at the top of the upper right corner of the keyboard, which correspond to the power switch and mode switch respectively, which is convenient for users to save power or adapt the platform according to their personal usage scenarios. The independent switch is suitable for daily use. It is also more convenient and faster, and the experience is still very good. The left and right side walls are designed with concave interfaces, built-in powerful magnets, which can easily absorb the rocket-shaped magnetic fidget spinner, bringing a different visual shape and higher playability to the keyboard. The tail of the rocket-shaped magnetic fidget spinner can rotate, and the built-in orange LED light can also create a look and feel similar to the tail flame, which is still very realistic. As a recognized decompression tool, the addition of the fidget spinner also allows users to relieve the tension or mental stress caused by work and study, let the brain empty, and restore thinking activity.

The KeysMe Lunar 01 three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard also ingeniously adds design patterns on the bottom case of the keyboard. The interior of the transparent case also adds posters, and the solid color case is printed patterns. I still like the sticker scheme of the transparent case very much. It can also bring different perception performance under different light angles. The overall design of the bottom incorporates a lot of sci-fi themed elements, and provides two-stage support feet and multiple anti-skid pads, which are convenient for users to adjust the inclination of the keyboard according to their personal usage habits, and at the same time ensure the stability of the keyboard placed on different material desktops, further enhancing the user experience. use experience. At the same time, the bottom case of this keyboard adopts a detachable solution. Users can easily pry open the buckle and remove the bottom case by using the crowbar in the accessory, which is convenient for users to modify and adjust the keyboard later. At the same time, by replacing the cushioning strip on the bottom case of the keyboard, users can also obtain different hand feedback, which brings higher playability performance.


The KeysMe Lunar 01 series keyboards provide all Gpro2.0 switches and various switches for users to choose from, such as wallaby, raccoon, and arctic yellow switches. The author’s two models here are respectively equipped with Jiadalong Gpro2.0 yellow switch and wallaby switch, corresponding to the linear feel and the early paragraph feel. The trigger pressure of Jiadalong Gpro2.0 yellow axis is 50gf, the bottoming pressure is 67gf, the trigger stroke is 2.0mm, and the total stroke is 4.0mm. The bottoming pressure of Jiadalong wallaby axis is 54gf, the step pressure is 59gf, the total stroke is 3.4mm, and the trigger stroke is 2.0mm. Both shafts have a lifespan of 80 million clicks, and the durability performance is still very good. The large key position adopts Jiadalong Jiadalong PCB satellite axis, the vibration and abnormal noise are properly controlled, and the hand feeling feedback is crisp and neat, which can improve the user's hand feeling experience when tapping.

The keyboard supports hot-swappable switches with all key positions, and the holes are compatible with mainstream three-pin and five-pin MX switches, which is convenient for users to replace their favorite switches, and it is convenient and quick to experience different switches on one keyboard. It has high playability and practicality. In terms of body structure, the Gasket structure scheme with adjustable softness and hardness is adopted. The interior provides silicone sandwich pads, bottom pads, and EVA shaft pads. With different support materials on the bottom shell, it can bring users a different feel. feedback. The rich and complete internal filling material can reduce the cavity sound when knocking, making the knocking sound cleaner and purer, and bringing users a better experience in terms of feel and hearing.

In terms of keycaps, the author got KDA height sublimation keycaps and original height transparent PC keycaps. The former is made of PBT material with thermal sublimation process, which feels delicate and dry, and the top treatment is more suitable for users. The sharp arc can bring better tactile performance. After sublimation treatment, the keycap is also more wear-resistant and oil-resistant, and its durability has also been improved to a certain extent. Transparent PC keycaps have two options: pure transparent and matte transparent, which can bring better lighting performance and better visual perception, but it is still relatively easy to leave stains and fingerprints, so you still need to pay attention to daily care.

RGB backlight:

KeysMe Lunar 01 three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard supports RGB backlight scheme and lower light position scheme. The fuselage also has a variety of lighting effect modes built in, allowing users to quickly adjust light brightness, dynamic speed, and light color. In terms of lighting playability The performance is still very good. The pick-up light on the top is also preset with a variety of display modes, users can switch according to their preferences, so that users can get better lighting dynamic feedback when tapping, which is quite good in terms of lighting gameplay. The light of the solid-color keycap version looks soft and natural, and the color filling of the light is relatively full. The dynamic performance is clear and smooth, and the look and feel is still very good. The transparent color series lights have a more gorgeous look and feel, with rich and gorgeous colors, and the transparent shell and keycaps can also bring good light transmission effects, which can create a better lighting atmosphere for the user's desktop.

Use test:

In terms of connection scheme, the KeysMe Lunar 01 three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard provides the mainstream three-mode connection mode, supporting three modes of wired, 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth. to deal with different usage scenarios. Three sets of connection configuration storage are provided in Bluetooth mode, which is convenient for users to adapt to different platform devices of IOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows. It has good device compatibility performance and is also very friendly to multi-device users. At the same time, it also supports Mac OS key adaptation, which makes it easier for Mac OS users to get used to it and improves the usability of the keyboard. In the state of 2.4G and Bluetooth wireless connection, the connection performance is also very stable, there are no problems such as disconnection and stuttering, it can quickly respond to user operations, and it is more handy to deal with game scenarios.

The fuselage adopts a built-in lithium battery solution with a battery capacity of 4000mAh, which is still very good in battery life. In 2.4G mode, it can provide about 100 hours of use time when the light is turned off, and about 16 hours of battery life when the light is turned on, which is enough to meet the daily needs of users. The USB Type-C interface is also convenient for users to charge or use in a wired state. It is more convenient to replenish power, and it can also reduce users' battery life anxiety and improve the user experience. The rich combination of key functions can also bring users a convenient and fast use experience. The multimedia knob supports the drive adjustment function, which is convenient for users to set according to their personal needs and obtain a better use experience in daily use.


KeysMe Lunar 01 three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard has an outstanding design concept and rich configuration options, which can better meet the different needs of different users. The easy-to-remove bottom case also allows users to adjust the keyboard feel more easily, enhancing the overall DIY fun of the keyboard. The mainstream three-mode hot-swappable solution and RGB backlight also make this series of keyboards have better device compatibility and lighting gameplay. The rocket-shaped magnetic suction fidget spinner can also better relieve the spirit of long-term work or games. The pressure makes this keyboard more distinctive in the use experience. At present, this keyboard has been officially launched, and interested users may wish to pay more attention.

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