Kezhi K75 colorful version Zhidong axis ultimate complete body K75 true hexagonal warrior

Kezhi K75 can’t be said to be a household name, but almost everyone who plays keyboards knows it. It has been hot since the middle of last year until now, and its monthly sales have frequently exceeded 10,000. It can be regarded as a phenomenal product. Now K75 colorful version Zhidong switch is coming. This is the fifth Kezhi K75 I have used. My evaluation of it is the ultimate complete body K75.

Although I have used the K75 colorful version very well, the feel and appearance are in place, but Jiuzi Electronics is a new switch factory after all, and many consumers may not recognize Jiuzi enough, and they will think that the switch experience of the colorful version is it. a shortcoming. With the addition of the latest Zhidong switch from Kaihua, one of the three manufacturers, it can be regarded as making up for the shortcomings of the K75.

Kezhi K75 colorful version, the GasKet structure with a soft feel, can be changed to a TOP structure with a more consistent feel with the complimentary steel positioning plate and screws;

The sense of hearing and feel are both T0-level satellite axes;

PC with PBT sublimation and internal matte treatment forms a high-value jelly keycap that is transparent and not easy to oil;

Mass-produced textbook-level padding consisting of four layers of PORON sandwich, IXPE shaft pad, shaft seat cotton, and silicone pad;

Practical USB Hub expansion and power display; convenient three-mode switching lever;

The configuration is very full, and the user experience is very good.

Kaihua Zhidong switch, a chic HP-like switch body. Light pressure, Box structure, shaft wall touches the bottom, and rebounds to follow the hand, so you won't get tired after long-term use. When pressing, the beginning is a slight paragraph, the sense of paragraph will not be obvious, and then a linear stroke. When rebounding, the sense of paragraph will be more obvious. Although the Zhidong switch is a solid-color switch body, with the light guide column, the RGB performance is very good. With the K75 colorful version, I still prefer the hand feel. It sounds like a horseshoe sound. When the coding speed is fast, it looks like a galloping horse.

Kezhi K75 colorful version Zhidong switch, in the matching of kit, switch body and keycap, it can be said that there is no shortcoming. It is a hexagonal warrior with 75 series in mass production. I like it very much. How about you? ?

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