Kezhi Z98 keyboard: Equipped with TTC high-speed rail switch and smart color screen

In the previous stage, I got the trial set of TTC high-speed rail switches. Unfortunately, there were only four of them, so I couldn’t fully try the feel. I searched the market and found that Kezhi’s Z98 is the first keyboard equipped with TTC high-speed rail switches, and the keyboard has Many advantages, in addition to the common theme color matching, GasKet structure, hot-swappable shaft, wireless three-mode, etc., what is more novel is that it is equipped with a KSA height ball cap, and even a smart color screen. It is rarely seen on other keyboards, and I will share it with you below.

Simple unpacking, the yellow tone brings a little childishness and warmth, and the Z98 in the middle is very eye-catching.

After opening the cover, what comes into view is the product manual. In addition to the function buttons, an important space is left to describe the use of the smart screen.


The accessories are complete, including dust cover*1, dual-purpose key puller*1, tpye C cable*1, and replacement keycap*4.

The keyboard has five color schemes, namely red and black, blackberry mousse, matcha red bean, lemon sea salt, and cabernet sauvignon. I chose Cabernet Sauvignon, which is mainly composed of pink, blue, and black colors, and after I got it, I found it looked better than the keyboard renderings of online sellers.

The picture on the Internet is like this, but the real thing I got is more shiny than it is.

Because the shell color also has a gradient treatment, the renderings of the online store did not capture this effect.

The keyboard adopts the 98 layout, rounded narrow frame, compact arrangement, with independent direction keys and small keyboard area, which is convenient for office use.

The keyboard has a traditional top cover with rounded borders and corners. The entire upper cover is made of plastic, and the spray paint on it is cured by UV, so it looks more glossy, and it is not easy to be stained with fingerprints and oil stains, and it is easier to clean.

The keyboard does not have an independent editing area, but the most commonly used del is separated and designed in the small keyboard area, occupying the original num key, and a large number of combined keys are used to achieve reduced key functions and some additional functions.

multimedia function

Pairing and connecting different wireless channels

Z98 maintains some family-style design features. For example, the front of the keycaps is as simple as possible, and those combined function symbols are engraved on the side of the keycaps, which is convenient to use without affecting the appearance.

The keyboard supports win/mac dual system, and there are special function keys on the keycap.

In the past, the display screens on Kezhi products are not only retained, but also have increased functions, making them more practical. The display screen is designed on the upper right of the keyboard. When it is not plugged in, it looks like an ordinary mirror decoration. On the left is a round button and on the right is a cylindrical lever.

After powering on, I was surprised to find that this is a display screen, which can display power, time, date, connection mode, color gif pictures, etc., and its functions are very powerful. At the same time, the switch and connection functions of the keyboard in wireless mode are realized through the buttons and levers on the left and right of the display screen, and are displayed on the screen, which is very intuitive and practical.

There are 3 interfaces on the left front of the keyboard. From the icon next to the interface, we can know that from left to right are the USB expansion port, the type C expansion port, and the charging/wired connection port. to its credit

Another point of praise for the keyboard is that the keycap is very unique this time. It is matched with the KSA height ball cap keycap. The material is still PBT, two-color injection molding process, and the font is closed.

The main reason for the ball cap is that the surface is very concave, which allows the fingertips to fit better and gives a stronger sense of positioning when typing.

The keyboard is equipped with the new Neptune switch released by TTC this time. Only the Z98 is equipped with it for the first time on the market, which is also a major selling point of the keyboard.

The keyboard is a pluggable switch, so I can remove the switch body for research this time. The shaft body adopts a blue upper cover, a cross transparent shaft core, a transparent shaft seat, a five-legged shaft, and the metal shaft feet do not have additional glue to prevent penetration.

This time there are more shafts, so you can boldly disassemble them. The shaft body can be decomposed into the upper cover, the shaft core, the condenser lens, the spring, the shaft seat, and the shrapnel terminal.

The condenser, like the previous flame red axis, has a special protruding end, which can better fit the LED patch light and gather light.


The very unique transparent shaft core and transparent shaft seat can allow the backlight to go directly from the bottom to the top, and see how the backlight works after plugging in the power.

The most unique thing is the inside of the shaft cover of the shaft body, which is TTC's innovative high-speed rail structure. Inside it is an integrated long track shaft cover, and the track is inserted directly into the bottom of the shaft from top to bottom in one go.

The shaft core slider penetrates to the shaft upper cover, and always slides in the long track of the shaft cover. The typical concave-convex binary motion structure is stable and reliable.

After electrification, the backlight of the shaft body is mainly emitted by the lens, and the core part of the shaft is not very transparent, which should be because the light source is still mainly under the lens.

The Neptune axis is a linear axis with a straight up and down feel. The conduction stroke is 2.0mm, the total stroke is 3.8mm, and the trigger pressure is 41gf. In terms of parameters, it is relatively close to the red switch. The conduction stroke is 0.2mm less than the red switch, and the pressure is also 4gf less. On the surface, it looks like a soft version of the red switch, but it is still a little different in use. It may be different from the keyboard and keys. It is related to the comprehensive bonus of the hat. After the switch body touches the bottom, it will not feel empty, and the hand feels very solid, and the sound of the keys will not be loud after touching the bottom, a bit dull, and relatively quiet. The biggest advantage of the shaft body is that it makes the feel of the linear shaft smoother and more stable, and there is no other noise from the key sound.

The keyboard is very convenient to use, and it has three connection methods: wired, wireless 2.4ghz, and wireless Bluetooth. Thanks to its own 3750mAh large-capacity battery, the keyboard can have a battery life of about 120 hours without a backlight, and about 30 hours with the backlight turned on. The power display can be intuitively observed from the display screen, so there is no need to worry about charging.


The strong combination of Kezhi and TTC makes me have a very good user experience with this keyboard. The keyboard has many advantages that cannot be found in other keyboards on the market, such as super high value, smart interactive color screen, and KAS height ball. Cap, and TTC's high-speed rail shaft. If you want to experience the TTC high-speed rail axis, Z98 is a good choice.

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