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[Knowledgeable keys] Keycaps with Chinese style and good design——GLOVE × DOMIKEY Traditional Chinese Zodiac.

Cutting to the point, this column will talk about a set of keycaps that I recently bought——

from IC

To be honest, this set of keycaps did not attract my attention at first, because the color expression of the sublimation PBT keycaps is far inferior to the keycaps of the two-color molding process. But as I scrolled down, the renderings grabbed my heart straight away.


Undoubtedly, this is the first set of keycaps with a traditional Chinese character design, and it is indeed a design beyond the norm. It can be said that the design level of the glove brother is indeed not covered.


But then came a few questions that lingered in my mind.

This OEM is DOMIKEY, a high-end keycap manufacturer. For the strength and workmanship of dmk, I am very appreciative, but the problem is that this is dmk's first set of pbt sublimation keycaps, they have never produced sublimation keycaps before, although in my previous article about My personal understanding of sublimation process keycaps - Bilibili.com has briefly introduced some knowledge about PBT sublimation, but these are just papers. The reason why high-end sublimation keycaps are high-end sublimation , because with the increase in price, consumers' requirements also increase--defects such as shading, character clarity, hand feeling, keycap bending, etc. cannot appear. If the price comes to this price, then I think these requirements are reasonable.

The price of Factory Tiger is 499 for a small set and 129 for individual patterns. This price is really not low, even the current so-called top sublimation keycap CRP, the price is 600 after the current price increase. DOMIKEY is the first time to make sublimation keycaps, and it offers such a top price. Although it is cheaper than the second color, the cost of sublimation is not high, so it seems that dmk should be very confident in its own craftsmanship. And there are extremely high expectations for the design of this set of keycaps. As it turned out, his bet was right.

This set of time-limited and unlimited keycaps sold an amazing 800+ during the three-day pre-sale period. At the same time, it once again proved my point that when you buy keycaps, you ultimately buy the design.

To be honest, the bad habit of the key ring is really annoying.

Many things really dissuade players who want to enter. To be honest, these things are sometimes talked about with ridicule, but it is not a kind of wry smile. I won’t go into details about these in the article. After all, the general environment is such that I don’t have the ability to change it alone.

In terms of purchase method, I still like the way gloves are sold - pre-sale on the platform, limited time and unlimited.

At this point, I think this is the most basic respect for consumer rights, rather than using graphite documents and other seemingly private things to improve the quality. As far as my personal point of view is concerned, I can accept you to trade in the form of graphite documents for small group sales. Graphite documentation is somewhat insecure. The advantage of customization is not the characteristics of these very small circles, but the ability to make a keyboard of your own in your favorite way.

The point of limited time and unlimited quantity is also very good. One is to ensure that consumers can buy their favorite products, instead of doing hunger marketing in a limited way. To tell the truth, any way of selling products cannot satisfy everyone, and it is difficult to agree. I personally think that this method is already the best way to deal with it within the scope of the merchant's ability. It can make a certain balance between the interests of consumers and the interests of merchants. compromise.

Let me put forward a point that may be very controversial: based on a major premise, the release method of this set of keycaps is stable and unlimited. Some people don’t buy when they know the news about the group launch, scold them when the price of the item has risen, and say they’re lucky they didn’t get in the car when the item broke. What we normal players value when buying things, design and workmanship, and price. I have to say for many ordinary players, people spend money, time, and risk, but later you think that others will bear these for you for free without increasing the price, which is unrealistic. Maybe someone will refute, it’s still the same sentence, why didn’t you buy it when you started the group?

Many people don't really hate Daogou, he is jealous of players like himself profiting from it. Moreover, Factory Tiger has been maintaining the reorder at a normal price before delivery. If it is really necessary, it is the best time to receive the order before the keycap is delivered. Once the keycap is delivered, when the physical picture appears , Break or price increase is completely unknown.

Another reason: Changhu, as the first set of domikey's sublimation keycaps, still has some problems, which will be mentioned later.

As a consumer and a player at the same time, I personally think that whether it is writing a review or shooting a video, one must not forget the original intention and present the advantages and disadvantages fairly, which is the correct approach. Let me talk about some problems with this set of keycaps.

There are some problems on the big cargo factory tiger. In fact, I have some expectations for this problem. Let me talk about some problems that have arisen.

Sublimation deformation is understandable, although it is said that the blanks of Factory Tiger seldom have space bending after QC, but the actual problem is that the length of the blank mold of Factory Tiger is the same as the length of the two-color molding of Domikey, and the length of Domikey’s The space itself is relatively not long enough. In the case of two-color molding without worrying about the deformation of the keycap, the gap between the space and the adjacent keys is just right.

From zf Shuangpin domikey

Perhaps some friends will be puzzled, this gap does not seem very large. But as I said before, the pursuit of customization is the ultimate. Since you can sell sublimation keycaps at this price, I must judge this set of keycaps with a critical eye. But then again, the gap is indeed a bit larger, but it is still within an acceptable range, so I also hope that domikey will improve and adjust the mold injection molding and process in the future to minimize the gap of the sublimation keycap.

It is not uncommon for five-sided sublimation printing to be crooked. This problem also appeared on the factory tiger keycap

The factory tiger pattern from the group of friends, the brown color is shifted

To be honest, it is not terrible to be crooked, the problem is that there are a lot of crooked shapes, which requires dmk to strengthen qc. With this money, you are not only buying a design, but also a service. Fortunately, domikey immediately stated that after-sales key replacement is possible, but in fact, I personally think that the best after-sales is that there is no "after-sales". If these problems can be solved in the qc stage, not only will consumers feel at ease, but manufacturers can also reduce unnecessary keys. transportation and processes.

Factory tiger experience

Although the factory tiger has some shortcomings, but as the saying goes, the flaws do not hide the advantages, and the factory tiger makes me satisfied. It is also very obvious

The feel of Factory Tiger is really very good. It can be said that it is the top one among the sublimation keycaps I have experienced.

The surface is frosted, and it feels very delicate. His frosting is not the kind of large-grained frosting, nor is it the inferior frosted greasy feel of Aifeisa. It is frosted and smooth, but at the same time it will not have that sticky feeling. Very good. The surface is very comfortable to the touch, without that astringent and stagnant feeling. This is a good point.

Factory Tiger's sublimation material is relatively thick

I believe that you also have a lot of sublimation keycaps in your hands. In terms of materials, it can be said that the materials provided by the factory tiger are sufficient, and the beige material is naturally durable. After getting used to the white material, this thick beige White has a warm texture.

The keycaps manufactured by DOMIKEY naturally inherit the fine tradition of their family. The nozzle is made at the bottom of the keycap, which does not affect the aesthetics of the keycap. Pick out a space bar, and the lower edge is straight and close to the ground without bending. Deformation is well controlled. Looking at the workmanship inside, there are four key columns, and the nozzle is designed at the bottom, and there is only one nozzle. Many brands have more than two nozzles in the space. No obvious burrs can be seen on the back of the keycap, and the entire details are well controlled.

In this regard, I can give Factory Tiger a relatively high score. It is indeed basically opaque, and the light-shielding performance meets the standard.

This level is also a difficulty for sublimation keycaps. As mentioned in my previous article, the advantages and disadvantages of sublimation characters are very obvious. What surprised me on this set of factory tiger keycaps is that his characters are printed very clearly, and there is no phenomenon of dizziness.

from group friends

from ZF

Factory Tiger Outer Packaging

Exquisite and commemorative outer packaging is a plus item, and this kind of packaging is very in line with my personal preferences, simple and clear, in fact, I personally think that the packaging does not need to be too complicated, some manufacturers’ packaging is like nesting dolls, some people think it is very There is a sense of ritual, such as Luo Fei's Xiaoqiao

Luo Fei's Xiao Qiao


Although the sense of ritual is very important for customized players, excessive packaging has deviated from its own function and has become a waste. I personally like the simple packaging of Changhu very much, and it is also more convenient to store.

Internal blister

The blister inside is designed as a keycap and a hole, and the height is corresponding. The ability to protect the keycap is greatly improved. The disadvantage is that it is not convenient to store, so compared with the JTK box, I personally think that radish and green vegetables have their own preferences. , I also bought JTK's keycap storage box to hold some keycaps without original blister.

Whether a manufacturer has the idea of ​​becoming bigger and stronger can be found out from the details.

short space

It can be seen from this picture that dmk specially made a radian in the space, which can reduce the hand cutting when using the keyboard.

In the process of buying and waiting, some of the following situations occurred.

The gloves are chosen as free shipping by Shentong Express, and one of the problems caused here is-violent transportation.

Packing when received by courier

Although the keycap body is not damaged, the protective shell outside the keycap has changed beyond recognition. To be honest, as a consumer, I still hope that my product can be perfect. This incomplete shell left some regrets.

The main defects of this batch of factory tigers are concentrated on the five-sided sublimation. Although the base area is basically unaffected, there are a lot of crooked prints on the five-sided sublimation. Although I trust dmk's after-sales service, I still need to strengthen QC next time, especially the QC with five-sided sublimation, which is beneficial to both consumers and businesses.

After receiving the factory tiger, I immediately assembled it on the keyboard, but because I don't have a wine red kit, I will use this Lucifer from Polestar Studio for demonstration first.

Shooting by myself, poor skills, limited equipment

In general, I personally think that Changhu is indeed an excellent set of keycaps. From the design to the overall workmanship, I am quite satisfied. Although the price has reached the ceiling, I personally think it is worth buying.

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