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kzzi k75 rhine ttc gold powder gossip

First of all, I actually went to the original price to grab the wronged species, and bought it for 479 oceans. At first, the wired keyboard that was previously customized at home was almost delivered, and the rebound was weak, and the trigger was loose. It's not easy to use anywhere. Just buy a new one.

At the beginning, I aimed at the keyboard z680 of the Miwu brand, which cost more than 300 yuan. After I bought it, the texture was really good, but after I went to see the disassembly, it cost more than 300 yuan. It’s empty, and it’s the same feeling after I bought it back, but I personally feel that the g yellow pro shaft is not bad. The sticky feeling is always indescribably comfortable, but it’s not that comfortable. It's very contradictory. Then the quality control of the one I got was rubbish, the shaft seat was in bad contact, and there were a few buttons that had to be pulled out and pressed hard to be able to use it normally. If you backhand, the returned product brand will be blacked out.

At the beginning, I often saw people swiping in the comment area of ​​Aunt Zhang, and then I wanted to buy it, but I wanted to rush to buy it, so I didn't want it very much. But I also saw a brother who said it was easy to grab, so he got stuck the next day and grabbed it directly. . .

To be honest, this power display was also the reason I bought it at the beginning. I thought it was cool at the time, but it was nothing when I got it, and I was still anxious about the power.

The whole is a kind of retro style. The above one is a keyboard that I customized a few years ago, but it is welded. I also chose the Kangte switch at that time, and the ttc had not yet been released. That keyboard is actually the same as cherry red. The feeling of being ready to use. The kzzi feels really good, the typing sound is that of mahjong, and the rebound is also very strong. I haven't used a few keyboards before, and I basically change them when they are broken. There is no other suggestion. It's still comfortable to type on.

Although the lights in my photo are very bright, they are actually similar to fireflies. There are basically no lights during the day, so it is better to turn off the lights to save money.

By the way, this is a three-mode keyboard, which can be switched directly, and there is basically no delay. I use it to play ow2 very smoothly, but the sound of the fog in ow2 is too loud, and once you open it, your teammates will lose their minds. Go up and give it away, let's continue playing Nana, by the way, I specialize in iron fist, woo woo, uppercut, my uppercut, how can I eat Nana without you.

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