Langtu LT84 three-mode mechanical keyboard: easy to use for games and office work!

I am picky about keyboards. The feel of mechanical keyboards will directly affect my state and mood in office and games. In addition, most of the usual work content is typing and typing codes, and occasionally games and entertainment, so few keyboards can satisfy both requirements. I have high demands on office and gaming. The Langtu LT84 mechanical keyboard, which I recently bought at the Tmall Langtu Digital flagship store, is a keyboard that is better for gaming and office work in my mind. Experience the article and share it with everyone. I also used the Langtu LT84 to write this article, and I really can't put it down after using it.

From appearance design

The appearance design of the product is a stepping stone, a good design will make the user have the impulse to experience, and the product impresses the user from the first impression. Wolfway LT84 has two color versions of "Oriental Whitening" and "Twilight Night". I personally like and strongly recommend the "Oriental Whitening" color scheme. I am also using the "Oriental Whitening" version now.

The color of the oriental white version of the keycap in my hand is opaque white and light gray, which looks simpler and more concise. Seeing that some netizens on the Internet have replaced the translucent pure white keycaps, which are integrated with the white oriental white keyboard body, it is also another kind of good-looking.

The appearance design of Wolfway LT84 is more like an office mechanical keyboard, the appearance is mainly simple, but this is the case without RGB lights. Once the RGB lighting is on, the keyboard has the smell of a gaming keyboard. Use the knob to adjust various lighting designs such as lighting effect, lighting color, frequency, etc. RGB full-range color backlight, with 19 lighting effects.

So after a day's work, when you go back to your study and turn on the gaming laptop, Wolfway can also be transformed into a gaming keyboard. RGB is really the soul of gaming keyboards, and the atmosphere is full.

Regarding the appearance design, I would like to add one last point. Whether it is the keycap or the surface material, the Langtu LT84 feels very delicate to the touch. It has a skin-like texture and a very textured texture.

If appearance design is the stepping stone to a good product, then Wolfway LT84 has successfully knocked on the door. For people like me who like simple business design, and usually have needs for both games and office work, Wolfway is simple but can be changed at any time. The design of the RGB gaming keyboard can be called a thug in a suit, which really "kills" me.

Regarding the appearance design, so much to say briefly, let's talk about the following content.

Small screen and knob design

If the wolf way LT84 only has a good appearance and the feel of the switch body, it will not stand out among many mechanical keyboards. The design and feel are only the basis of the keyboard. I think the characteristic design of the wolf way is concentrated on this small screen and the knob.

This small full-color screen can display a wealth of functions, which is rarely seen on keyboards of other brands. By default, it displays system information, time, battery power, link mode, WIN system or MAC system.

The knob is also very textured. Different functions can be adjusted in the direction of the left and right knobs. For example, the easter egg animation can be displayed counterclockwise.

Turn the knob again to display language selection, volume adjustment, light rate, light brightness, light color, light effect, system switching between WIN and MAC, and connection methods. The function is very perfect and comprehensive!

Shaft feel

The importance of feel to a mechanical keyboard is comparable to that of a chassis to a car. The quality of the feel almost determines the life and death of a mechanical keyboard. The switch body used by Langtu LT84 is different from the ordinary green switch, black switch, brown switch, and red switch, and it is a sea-air mechanical switch.

The feel of the sea-air switch is different from any switch we have used, and it is a feeling of its own. The feel is extremely delicate and smooth, the sound is thick and steady, and the feel and hearing are very textured. When typing and typing code, you can experience the delicate and silky milk, but when playing games, it also has the same straight up and down trigger rebound as the black switch. The design of this switch is to take into account both games and office work. like.

It is strongly recommended to experience it firsthand. The shock brought by the touch cannot be described in words. My evaluation of the sea-air switch of Langtu is that it is silky enough and shocking enough.

shortcut key

In addition to the small screen design that surprises me, the shortcut key combination designed by Wolfway LT84 also surprises me, making the usual use more convenient.


So far, let's make a small summary. Wolfway LT84 is as sincere as ever. The price of 299 yuan, good-looking design, delicate shaft body, and the characteristic design of the small screen buttons all make this keyboard look better and more usable. Three-mode connection, full-key hot-swappable, dual-system support, this keyboard is priced at less than 300 yuan, making a mechanical keyboard that takes into account both office and gaming. If you are an office worker like me and need a keyboard that combines work and entertainment, you can seriously consider the Wolfway LT84.

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