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Lao Zhang’s Brief Commentary, Part 23: Black Canyon X1 PRO Unboxing and Hands-on Experience

After Black Canyon released a slightly different BOX68 last year, in 2022, Black Canyon launched a more affordable version of this keyboard, Black Canyon X1 PRO, which is directly half price on the basis of the original price. Follow me Let's see what's special.

Although the outer package is a traditional black design package, it is full of dynamics and the design language is very young. In terms of appearance, X1 PRO almost maintains the BOX design style. The appearance and keyboard theme have not been redesigned, but the previous The unique dual-color shell design makes the keyboard full of personalized style.

The X1 PRO adopts a standard 68-key arrangement, which is small and cute. In daily use, for me personally, there is no discomfort. After all, I am used to thinkpads and I don’t use the F area much. The number area uses the letter area. The digital part has long been used to it. In terms of accessories, a braided data cable, custom shaft puller and a wire key puller are provided.

The design of the bottom of the keyboard is simple and clear. Although it adopts a small array design, X1 PRO still designs a storage compartment for the 2.4G receiver of the keyboard, so that the keyboard can be carried out without missing the receiver. USB and TYPEC are two-in-one The receiver can handle more usage scenarios.

At the same time, the keyboard also provides a two-stage foot support, which can be chosen by friends who like different input angles.

Due to the adoption of 65% arrangement, Black Canyon has also adopted the method of FN plus combination keys to realize the second-layer definition of various keys, and has rich functions, realizing the design of office hands without leaving the keyboard, further improving office efficiency (Of course, due to the cost of learning, the benevolent has a different opinion on how efficient it is). Black Canyon seems to particularly like the design of the double skin milk keycap. Although it’s not very special, it’s classic and good-looking, and it’s light-transmitting. At least on this track, Black Canyon has made its own differentiation. At the same time, it has continuously improved and upgraded the double-skin milk keycaps to make typing more comfortable.

After removing the keycap, the white positioning plate and the rose red BOX axis customized by Kaihua come into view. It can be seen that the design of the satellite shaft is adopted, and the color matching of the satellite shaft is also a customized yellow and white color matching. The black canyon factory has carried out a factory-run treatment on the satellite shaft, but the quantity is really small. At the same time, the feel of the satellite shaft this time is still Very stable, the feedback is stable when the shaft is struck, and there is no sensuality. The keyboard supports tripod and pentagonal axes, and adopts the design of positive SMD lights. Although hot-swapping makes it easy to freely replace the favorite shaft body, the design of positive SMD lights is very important for some shafts. Compatibility may be limited.

Finally, let’s talk about the controversial aspects of the X1 PRO keyboard: the right one is the magnetic hand rest. There is no doubt that Black Canyon’s starting point must be good. The original intention is to provide consumers with a better input experience while being portable, but This design really backfired a bit. Let me show you the slope. The experience is really not good.

Fortunately, under the feedback of the market, the official also quickly updated the relevant design: the subsequent batches will cancel the back magnetic suction, and instead give away a storage bag with a higher cost. I hope that it will be more convenient for players to carry the small keyboard when they go out occasionally.

Finally, to sum up, X1 PRO's awesome appearance, stable three-mode wireless connection, 100-hour battery life in no-light mode, the combination of hot-swapping and lighting bring stronger playability to the keyboard, and provide Various noise reduction and shock absorption optimizations have further improved the player's hand feeling experience. It is not invincible at the price of 299. If the pure white light can be upgraded to RGB and the positive SMD light can be changed into a reverse SMD Lights are even better.

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