Late comers come first? Take a look at how the Rapoo V700DIY can play with the customized mechanical keyboard

Hello, everyone, I am a digital enthusiast and a crazy digital hacker. Love life, love to share, don’t brag or criticize, real experience, if you like it, you can like it and follow it, so as not to get lost~~

As an important peripheral of the computer, the keyboard is really annoying if it is not selected well. I bought the last keyboard at Pinxixi for tens of dollars. It looks beautiful and has RGB lighting effects. After I got it, I was complacent for a long time, thinking that I had picked up a big deal. But, within a month, all kinds of failures and garbled codes made me want to scold my mother, and finally made me fall to pieces. After suffering this loss, I bought the Pennefather V700DIY mechanical keyboard.

So why choose this product over others? One is that the Rapoo V700DIY keyboard supports full-size hot-swappable, the other is that it is a customized keyboard, and you can DIY according to your own preferences in the later stage, and the customization is highly playable. The KA-12 linear fast silver axis highlights the short stroke, fast trigger, and no sense of paragraph. Of course, this is my biggest feeling after using it for nearly 10 days.

Considering that many friends are still troubled by not being able to buy a keyboard that is easy to use, today I will take this opportunity to tell you about this Rapoo V700DIY keyboard in detail, and it may bring certain benefits to your purchase. s help.

In order to let everyone see more clearly, first briefly talk about the packaging

The overall packaging of the Rapoo V700DIY keyboard is mainly black and blue. The front is a 3D rendering of the product, as well as the brand LOGO and product model.

On the back is the introduction of the 6 highlights of Rapoo V700DIY:: Full keyboard conflict-free design, full-key hot-swappable switch design, full-keyboard editable, RGB backlight system that can be adjusted freely through the driver, on-board memory, ready to use, And two-color PBT keycaps. On the whole, it is very simple and simple, and there is no excessive packaging. After all, the wool comes from the sheep, and we are the ones who pay the bill.

The inside of the packaging is also very simple, instead of focusing on the packaging like those niche brands. The internal list mainly includes: Rapoo V700DIY keyboard body, Type-C cable, key puller, and manual.

In fact, we have already seen the DIY appearance of Rapoo V700 from the outer packaging. It still has a personalized design with the mainstream mechanical keyboards currently on the market, and the overall look and feel is also quite cool.


The Rapoo V700DIY adopts the mainstream 104-key layout, with its own number keys, which can meet my needs for digital input.

In terms of the overall size, it can be said that the Rapoo V700DIY is well controlled, the keys are in place, loose and easy to tap. The separated key line design makes it more convenient for me to store and carry it.

In terms of materials, the shell of Rapoo V700DIY is made of PVC material and covered with a layer of aluminum alloy. It can be said to be very solid and durable. It also adds the texture of the keyboard and improves the appearance.

In the protruding part of the upper right corner, 5 shortcut keys are designed, M mode switching key, V1 lighting mode key, V2 scroll wheel mode switching key, V3 mute key and scroll wheel, which makes the user's operation of Rapoo V700DIY more convenient and quick . How to use it? How it works, please read below.

The ex-factory shaft of Rapoo V700DIY is the KA-12 linear fast silver shaft developed by Rapoo itself, with full key and no impact, calibration factory moist satellite shaft, with 45±10gf trigger pressure, 1.3±0.5mm trigger stroke and 50 million times As for the button life, Rapoo V700DIY dared to release the experimental data, which shows that the background color is very strong, and it is difficult to wear it out under normal use. I would also like to remind everyone here that products that dare not release data are most likely the products of small workshops. Whoever buys them will suffer losses, and whoever uses them will go crazy.

In addition, the Rapoo V700DIY adopts a 10,000-time hot-swappable metal shaft seat design scheme, which supports 104-key hot-swappable, allowing me to customize my own according to my favorite feel, color and sound. Two's exclusive mechanical keyboard, the playability is really the existence of YYDS.

To tell the truth, I am an old man who loves all kinds of things. Without a backlight, I am always drowsy and unable to cheer up. Rapoo V700DIY has its own 104-key Symphony RGB backlight. In the office mode, it has 18 kinds of monochrome lighting effects. In the game mode, it has 19 kinds of magic lighting effects, and supports adjustable brightness. It's very cool and can directly fill up the atmosphere.

In this way, the Pennefather V700DIY can make me more energetic, and I won’t get tired after playing for a long time. I like it very much.

In the use of keycaps, the Rapoo V700DIY keyboard uses PBT two-color keycaps. The keycap characters are well-designed, there is no ink overflow, the texture is matte, the touch is refreshing, it is not easy to decolorize and not oily. From my use in the past 10 days , still beautiful as new. This shows that the workmanship of Rapoo V700DIY can stand the test.

At the same time, in terms of stability, the back of the Rapoo V700DIY is designed with 5 well-distributed silicone pads, which can make the keyboard stay more stable on the desktop without slipping. At the same time, it also designs inclined foot pads, which can make the keyboard fit better through adjustment. The arc of the user's wrist makes tapping more comfortable and durable.

Okay, let’s talk about the specific experience of Pennefather V700DIY~

I first connected the computer to the Pennefather V700DIY keyboard with a Type-C cable, and then typed a paragraph of text on the keyboard. It can be said that the hand feels smooth and easy to trigger, the feedback is clear and the sound is crisp, straight up and down without a sense of paragraph, and the response is entered quickly. Fast, the overall experience can be said to be very comfortable. In e-sports games, the Rapoo V700DIY has a full feel and quick feedback.

In terms of shaft replacement experience, whether it is pulling out keys or shafts, it can be said that the damping is moderate and will not be loose. The replacement process is also very simple and easy. It can be seen that the difficulty of replacement is quite low. Even novices can DIY one. Desirable mechanical keyboards to meet different needs such as office and games.

In terms of shortcut experience, through the combined setting of Fn+F1~F12, 12 shortcut functions such as forward, backward, home page, mailbox, my computer, etc. can be realized, which makes my computer operation more efficient.

At the same time, through software settings, Rapoo V700DIY also supports 104-key programmable, 104-key non-conflict, onboard storage and cloud storage custom settings, etc., which can better cater to my usage habits and combo operations in games Wait, let my office and games more handy.

In general, Rapoo V700DIY is an excellent gaming keyboard, which fully considers the needs and usage habits of users in all aspects from appearance to functions. At the same time, it provides rich customization options and strong compatibility. It can be said that it has brought me a very cool input and operation experience during use. If you are looking for an easy-to-use gaming keyboard, you might as well try Rapoo V700DIY, I believe you will fall in love with it, and your productivity will also increase in a straight line!

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