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Leopold FC750R keyboard Lightspeed wireless dual-mode transformation + TTC shallow cloud axis experience sharing

Among the wireless technologies that are active in the peripheral circle at this stage, the one that comprehensively compares macro keys, driver support, hardware functions, game adaptation, stability, power consumption, etc. is the Logitech Lightspeed wireless technology, leaving aside the software part and not talking about the single hardware part. It is also outstanding in the industry in terms of stability and overall power consumption. However, due to the fact that Logitech’s original factory has not been able to meet the current popular light-customized functional components such as hot-swappable shafts and noise-cancelling pads, there are people who love tossing, capable, and skilled to develop wireless products for Lightspeed. Retrofit, use a complete set of Lightspeed master control and surrounding components to adapt to different brands and models of mechanical keyboards. This issue is sharing the Lightspeed modification process of the Leopold FC750R mechanical keyboard.

▲Prepare a Leopard FC750R mechanical keyboard with any color matching. The Rita color matching keycap in the picture is the replacement keycap at the back

▲The white and green color box is actually equipped with a blue King Kong color keyboard

▲FC750R is originally equipped with a transparent dust cover, white shell with yellow and blue keycaps

▲The main key area has yellow hat and blue characters, and the large key area has blue hat and white characters

▲The single-mode FC750R should be selected when remodeling. The old FC750RT and dual-mode FC750RBT are not acceptable.

▲The retrofit kit includes: hot-swappable main PCB*1, Lightspeed main control PCB*1, main control cable*1, Lightspeed receiver*1, 1000mAh rechargeable lithium battery*1

▲Lightspeed receiver*1, main control cable*1, Lightspeed main control PCB*1

▲The hot-swappable main PCB adopts TTC professional gaming shaft seat, and the plug-in life is as high as 10,000 times, so there is no need to worry about its life.

▲The PCB supports both hot-swapping and soldering. Hot-swapping is a front-mounted shaft position, and soldering is a flip-mounted shaft position. It supports common tripod/pentapod shafts

▲The functions of the three switches on the back of the PCB are from left to right: game mode switch, low battery reminder switch, and keyboard master switch. For daily use, turn on the No. 2 and No. 3 switches to turn on the No. 1 switch as needed. Lightspeed master control support Automatically sleep for about three minutes without using the keyboard, it will enter the sleep state, press any key to wake up, and the key pressed when waking up also has a key value output

▲Lightspeed main control PCB installation diagram, the main control supports Lightspeed 2.4G / Bluetooth 4.0 wireless dual-mode

▲TTC shallow cloud switch is a joint customized model of zhudi and TTC. It adopts TTC silent double insurance structure and 1.2mm trigger. It can be regarded as a silent fast silver switch

▲The shallow cloud shaft is composed of a nylon upper cover, a POM shaft, a double-segment gold-plated spring, a light guide column, and a nylon shaft seat

▲The upper cover made of cloud white nylon PA material is slightly different from cloud white and milky white, slightly lighter

▲The design of the linear axis and double side walls made of POM is lubricated by default at the factory, 1.2mm triggers 3.5mm bottoming, and the TTC third-generation silent double insurance structure adopted can greatly eliminate the noise generated during pressing and rebounding and bottoming out at the same time The feel of stickiness and damping has also been optimized.

▲Double-stage gold-plated spring The trigger pressure is 45g, and the bottoming pressure is 58g. The short-stroke shaft body is prone to false touches. The double-stage spring achieves the purpose of preventing false touches by increasing the initial and trigger pressure.

▲The improved version of the light guide column has a slope chamfer on the side so that the keycap will not be stuck

▲ Nylon PA shaft seat, gold-plated contacts and shrapnel are fixed by riveting, 80 million times of service life, stable and reliable

▲A silicone pad is installed at the bottom position of the axis column to ensure the quietness and also achieve the feel of Q-bomb at the bottom

▲Leopold’s original Rita color matching still uses PD height, 1.5mm thickness two-color PBT material. Own mold keycaps, compared with ABS keycaps, it has the advantages of strong oil resistance and characters that never wear out.

The Leobold keyboard's solid workmanship and excellent shell fit are dubbed "big L", "textbook level" and "ceiling" by players. The driver has become the wireless technology that game players continue to respect. The product after the combination of the two can be called a graduation-level wireless keyboard. It can be combined with the current popular light-weight customized accessories such as hot-swappable shafts and noise-absorbing pads. Playability is also high. If you are looking for a high-performance wireless keyboard that will not break down when playing games in the near future, you may wish to refer to this transformation~

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