Less than 20 wireless mini keyboards, a good companion for TV!

Many domestic videos are one VIP on the mobile phone and one VIP on the TV, which is very unreasonable. Moreover, VIP on the TV side is very expensive, so it’s okay to watch TV on a tablet every day. If you use a computer to connect to TV to watch dramas, it is very inconvenient to bring a wireless mouse and keyboard. In fact, you can buy a wireless mini keyboard the size of a remote control plus an infinity browser plug-in to replace the cumbersome mouse buttons!

The size 15*10cm is much smaller than the conventional keyboard

Anti-slip particles on both sides of the back

The plastic feel is full, but what bicycle do you need for a wireless mouse that costs less than 20 yuan? The infinity browser plug-in officially supports chrome EDGE firefox safari and four browsers. I also tried to download the CRX file and directly import it into the domestic browser Sogou. It can be installed but the new page cannot be opened correctly

There are two ways to download the plug-in, directly search the official website of infinity to download and install it, or click the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner of the Firefox browser

Select promotion and theme

Type infinity in the search bar

Search results select infinity new tab page

After the installation is complete, click the + sign on the top of the browser to create a new tab to enter the page, and then you can enter the plug-in page.

plugin page

Click the ∝ symbol in the upper right corner of the plug-in page to enter the setting page, the system prefabricated common pages, you can add them by searching directly, or you can customize and add websites

Add custom site

edit page

Move the mouse to the right button of the website icon, and you can freely delete the icon and sort it. If you want to change the website icon to another screen, you can click on the corresponding icon and press the left button of the mouse for a long time, and then press the left and right icons on the keyboard to change the website icon to a different screen. up

The infinity new tab page does not have a specific website, and it is a bit troublesome for ordinary people to set it as the home page. If you want to set the new tab page as the home page of firefox, there are two ways of thinking

① Bookmark the new tab page of Infinity, and then choose to use the bookmark as the homepage on the homepage

② Only open the new tab page of infinity, set - homepage and select the current page

, the browser shortcut key

After the browser plug-in is set up, you can use the browser tab on the mini keyboard to open the browser with one click and use the TV to watch videos freely, and there is no need to open the TV APP VIP separately (you must use the browser with the infinity plug-in installed) Set it as the default browser), in theory, any other brand can be used as long as it has a mini keyboard with browser shortcut keys, and it must have a touch function.

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