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Less than 200, Pingwei Magic Keyboard: Is the Amoy iPad Air keyboard worth buying?

In terms of both productivity and entertainment, the iPad is undoubtedly the best.

In recent years, Apple has been moving the iPad closer to productivity. The just-released iPadOS 16 moves closer to the Mac.

The iPad keyboard can complete most of the learning/lightweight daily office work. So if you have this need, an external keyboard must not be bypassed.

Apple itself has two, the Smart Keyboard Folio and the Magic Keyboard.

The pricing of 1399 yuan and 2399 yuan is also very fruity. The high price has rejected most people.

Fortunately, there is no technical difficulty in this type of product, so domestic manufacturers can lower the price.

Recently, there are always revelations about the Amoy iPad keyboard on the site, and the keyboard double-sided clip costs less than 200 yuan.

I bought a new iPad Air 5, and I will come to explore the way for everyone. Is the keyboard case worth buying at this price?

There is also a sticker in the package, and it costs 20 yuan to go to the roadside stall. Rounding it up, this keyboard is even less expensive.

Like the design of Apple Smart Keyboard Folio, it is a double-sided keyboard folder. The housing has a built-in magnet, but it may be limited by the price, and the inner lining is not flocked.

The iPad can be directly attached, and the magnetic force is no different from Apple's own feeling.

Try it to the limit, so that it will not fall when it is suspended vertically.

There is no reduction in the key position, this size is given to the full-size keyboard. The two slots on the top are used to adjust the angle of the iPad.

When closed, it becomes a protective case, but there is no magnetic induction, so the cover will not automatically sleep when the screen is on.

This kind of structure with a keyboard seems to be supported by Apple's own home only when the cover is closed?

This is only for iPad Air 4/5, Apple’s is compatible with iPad Pro, and the camera on the Air is ugly.

Pairing is also very simple, you can connect in seconds after turning on the power.

I think the light gray color scheme is more attractive than black, and the back is also quite plain, with only a light love magic logo.

Except that it cannot be suspended to adjust the angle like the Magic Keyboard, other product forms are basically the same.

The price difference between the two is 10 times, one is 200 and the other is 2000.

Aimo adjusts the angle through the two grooves at the bottom, which is also a common practice for this type of product.

There is a power switch and USB-C charging port on the side. If you look closely, the parting line is a little obvious, but the 200 price is not a disadvantage.

Two angle comparison charts, adjusted according to different sitting postures.

It is about the same size as the Magic Keyboard, except for a touchpad. The keycap of Aimo is a little smaller, but it is also a full key position. However, the trackpad of the Magic Keyboard is very difficult to use, unlike the Taptic Engine that comes with the Mac.

There are also command, option, and fn keys.

The arrow keys are slightly wider than the second-control keyboard, so it is not easy to touch them by mistake.

In terms of hand feel, the Aimo is actually a little better. I personally like this kind of key travel. If you enter for a long time, you will not feel like knocking on the table.

From this picture, it can be clearly seen that the bump is slightly higher than the Magic Keyboard, so the key travel will be longer.

Put a moving picture to test the Bluetooth delay, and there is no problem with fast typing, which is no different from Apple's own keyboard.

The weight of Aimo is much lighter, only 362g, and the iPad Air 5 is only 868g.

If you often carry your iPad with you, I advise you not to consider the Magic Keyboard.

Unlike the Magic Keyboard, which relies on the iPad for power supply, the Amoy needs to be charged for use. The official description is that it can be used for 100 hours after charging for 2 hours.

Add the power widget, and you can also see the power of the Bluetooth device.

The price is less than 200 yuan, what kind of bicycle do you need...

Compared with Apple's more than 1,000 to 2,000 keyboards, Aimo's 200 yuan can also solve the same use needs, and the keystrokes feel more comfortable.

The product form of the iPad keyboard double-sided folder, once you get used to it, you can't go back. Although iPadOS still has a long way to go in terms of productivity, it is still quite comfortable to cope with learning and light office work at this stage.

As for the disadvantages, I don't think it should be called a disadvantage at this price, but let's talk about it.

First of all, there is no magnetic induction, and the lid cannot be closed to sleep;

Secondly, the mold line is somewhat obvious and there is no flocking, and the others seem to have no shortcomings.

Compared with buying an expensive Magic Keyboard, after spending 200 to buy Aimo, the money saved can actually buy a better anti-drop case.

For example, UAG’s crystal clear series still has passed the US drop-proof certification, and the top has reserved a place for Apple Pencil.

This shell is a bit interesting. The inverted support point is realized by four protrusions, and the height and double angle can be adjusted.

It's the first time I've seen this design, and it's quite an idea. However, after closing the lid, it will not be completely flat on the table.

It is still UAG's signature frame/corner reinforcement protection, and the dual-structure design of internal honeycomb + external hard shell.

Recently, I bought an iPad mini 6 for my wife with a subsidy of 10 billion yuan, but the machine hasn’t arrived yet, so I bought a good-looking case first.

The joint name of incipio and kate spade, the color matching is very kate spade style.

There is no girl who doesn't like the pattern design of light pink + hollyhock flowers.

The shape is more like a lady's bag, and there is a logo of kate spade on the magnetic buckle.


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