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Less than 400 yuan, double eleven desktop good things, Rapoo MT510 Pro multi-mode wireless keyboard experience

Unexpectedly, Double Eleven has not yet arrived. Since October, I have felt that various promotions are coming, and everyone is crazy about adding shopping carts, and the number is constantly rising. As a self-media person, I naturally joined this crazy On a shopping trip.

Unexpectedly, just before Double Eleven, I fell in love with a good desktop product: Rapoo MT510 Pro mechanical keyboard, which is different from the previous Rapoo keyboard. Combining with the aesthetics of appearance, a new desktop aesthetics has been formed. Next, hurry up and try the different experience this product brings me!


Starting from the appearance this time, Rapoo does not use the previous black and blue style, but adopts a brand-new design. The outer packaging looks more cute and very eye-catching. The front of this Rapoo MT510 Pro is a rendering, and the back is a cute little tiger running away, which is very interesting.

After opening it, you can see the real machine of Rapoo MT510 Pro. It adopts 75% configuration and 84-key layout. The overall keys look compact and small.

In terms of accessories, this time the Rapoo MT510 Pro naturally did not miss a single piece. The keypad, 2.4GHz connector, and data cable all adopted a separate packaging design this time.

Next, let’s take a look at the Rapoo MT510 Pro. The first time I saw it, my heart was a little cute. I like such a high-value keyboard.

It uses a high-strength aluminum alloy frame, and adopts a sandblasting oxidation process and CNC trimming. The visual perception feels that it has been upgraded a lot, and it feels more outstanding when you get started.

There is a Type-C charging port on the top of the keyboard, and the RAPOO logo on the bottom. There are also anti-skid pads at the four corners of the bottom of the keyboard, two-stage feet, and the switch key.

This makes me look forward to the Rapoo MT510 Pro experience even more.


What I got this time is Meow Meow Holiday. I think this is more suitable for girls, and boys are more suitable for sailing diaries.

Next, take a look at the configuration of Rapoo MT510 Pro:

1. Bluetooth, 2.4GHz, wired multi-mode connection, support connection switching of up to 5 devices

2. 75% arrangement, compact layout of 84 keys

3. Faceless sublimation PBT keycaps

4. Rapoo independent linear silver axis

5. 12 kinds of multimedia shortcut key functions in WIN system

6. Built-in 4000mAh large battery

Let's talk about its connection first! Now I am mainly used to mobile office, so naturally I don’t always move my computer around. I have a mainframe and a Surface Pro7, and most of them use Surface Pro7 for office work. I will use Bluetooth connection, which is very convenient. Going wireless will also make the desktop look cleaner.

Occasionally, I will connect to the host computer to play games. At this time, I will use 2.4GHz connection, the signal is very stable, and there has not been a single disconnection. It is very suitable for desktop. Of course, when there is no power, I will still choose wired connection office.

Let me talk about my favorite part of appearance, the keycap of Miaomiao Holiday adopts a more cute and cute tiger design, because it wears a hat with a king. The pattern of each keycap is different, just like in Vacations by the sea are common, and you can feel the breath of summer from the keyboard. It is indeed a beautiful landscape on the desktop, and it is hard not to notice it.

Speaking of this, I have to mention the keycaps. The PBT sublimation keycaps are used, which greatly improves the hand feel and is not easy to oil. I like this very much. After all, I am an oily hand and sweat easily. A wet feeling on the keycaps.

This made me feel at ease, and the keycaps will not fade, so I am more at ease after long-term use.

The mechanical fast silver switch developed by Rapoo has a short key travel, the number of acrylics is not very high, and the feeling of rebound is very good. It is very suitable for coding. The feel of the silver switch is somewhat similar to that of the red switch and tea. Before the switch, it was neither as soft as the tea switch, but also had a hint of the pleasure of the red switch. Whether it was a game or a codeword, it was more comfortable. After all, the sound of the silver switch is quite crisp, relatively light, not will affect those around you.

The last thing I have to mention is the backlight system and large battery. The Pennefather MT510 Pro has a total of 4 ice blue light effect systems. It will not be too eye-catching when the keycaps are opaque, and it can provide a certain amount of light in dark light. Brightness can also facilitate codewords.

If it is connected in Bluetooth and wireless mode, with Rapoo low-power wireless technology, it can be used for at least 225 hours, and it can be used for at least one month without charging. In the case of turning on the backlight, it can be used for at least 7 days, and it is very durable.


The Rapoo MT510 Pro mechanical keyboard has broken my consistent impression of Rapoo products. It uses a brand-new design to attract new users and face value parties. The compact layout of 84 keys and 75% arrangement are very suitable for me who like a simple desktop. At the same time, there are some different people. The multi-mode connection, long battery life, and backlight system all make this keyboard practical and comprehensive. The PBT sublimation keycaps and independent linear silver switches have improved the feel, so that I will not feel tired after using it for a long time. , very suitable for Double Eleven.

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