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Let's assemble a dream keyboard. Bald Brother Torch Order 940V3 Kit

I have always wanted to install a metal kit. After I saw the little prince’s keycap planting grass in the middle, and the reason for the epidemic, I tossed and tossed for two or three months before I finally put this keyboard together. The main reason for choosing the wine red switch is The cheap sound is nice, and the top feel is increased after changing the three-stage spring. The rose cream used in the keypad area, and the TTC gold powder flat replacement shaft, feel very good.

material information

Upper shell, aluminum positioning plate, shaft seat cotton, PCB, PCB bottom cotton, bottom shell

The kit as a whole is very thick, because of CNC aluminum, there are some flaws, halfway through I asked the bald brother to change a new case

Upper case back

Upper shell front

lower shell

lower shell

lower shell details

Replaced two, still have scratches, do not change

defective part

Aluminum positioning board PC positioning board

Aluminum positioning board PC positioning board

PCB front

PCB back side

Integrated design of TypeC interface and PCB board

Paste the PCB bottom cotton first and cover the back with paper tape

Paste the PCB bottom cotton first and cover the back with paper tape

A thin layer of pearl cotton is sealed on the surface of the PCB

Add axle seat cotton

Replace aluminum with PC positioning plate to increase flexibility

top cover

Teflon is also attached to the PCB including the bottom of the satellite shaft

Replace the bald brother's King Kong powder guard with a holy panda

The King Kong powder guard can be used on the small keys, but the space steel wire sound of the large keys is too noisy

Holy Panda Satellite Axis

Put Teflon on the satellite shaft

For the large keypad, use the KTT wine red switch to replace the three-stage spring, which is thick and moist, and the rose cream V for the number area of ​​the small keyboard2

Replace the three-stage spring for the wine red shaft

Three section spring

KTT wine red switch is replaced with three-stage spring, thick and moist, rose cream V for the number area of ​​the keypad2

The entire kit does not have a stand, and it is slightly higher to use. The notebook stand bought by Pinxixi is made of aluminum alloy and can be divided into sections

add feet

Aluminum Tutorial

add feet

add feet

Finished drawing on the back

Install keycaps

XDA milk purple keyboard

Replace OEM height petit prince keycaps




I originally wanted to change it to a typec magnetic suction head, but the adapter I bought was too large to fit in.

The entire keyboard has been tossed for two or three months from the purchase of messy kit materials to the finished product, before and after the superimposed epidemic. The overall feel is very crisp, and the knocking sound is similar to raindrops. The disadvantage is that the position of the power indicator light is on the keypad, sometimes it is not easy to see when lying on a chair to work, the whole kit is not three-mode, I feel a little sorry, although I don’t use it, I can’t live without it. The quality control of Bald Brother's first metal kit is really not good, and there are still flaws after changing two.

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