Life in the Game Part 6: I want both appearance and feel. Dujia Hi Keys mechanical keyboard is fun to play

I recently upgraded my computer desktop, mainly by installing a perforated board, so that some peripheral products can be hung on the wall, saving space on the desktop. By the way, I also want to equip the notebook with an external keyboard, because after using the mechanical keyboard of the desktop computer, I always feel that using the keyboard that comes with the notebook will make typing for a long time more tiring. So I saw some trendy keyboard brands, and when I was dazzled to choose, my friend recommended me Dujia’s Hi Keys mechanical keyboard. I was deeply attracted by this appearance. Today I will unbox it and share my experience.

This Durga Hi Keys mechanical keyboard has two colors, dark blue and silver white. I chose the dark blue color, and I was amazed at the first glance when I opened it. The real thing is so beautiful, it completely changed my perception of the keyboard.

The layout of the keyboard keys is different from the common 104 keys. The Hi Keys mechanical keyboard is small and exquisite, with an 84-key layout. Although it saves space, there are not a few commonly used keys, which is simple but not simple. The color matching of the buttons is also very special. The calm dark blue collides with the vibrant orange, showing an unruly and fashionable personality.

There are two kinds of tea shaft and red shaft on the shaft body. I chose the brown switch, which is the "universal switch" in the mechanical keyboard. It has the characteristics of a mechanical keyboard, and there is basically no sound when pressing the keys. It is very suitable for my typing and gaming needs. Both the tea switch and the red switch are very suitable for office and entertainment scenes.

In terms of hands-on experience, I have been used to using concave keycaps. The square keycaps of the Hi Keys mechanical keyboard are slightly raised, but the touch is round. Coupled with a tea shaft, after using it a few times to get used to it, the hand feel will feel better when knocking.

The common backlight of mechanical keyboards is also arranged. The Hi Keys mechanical keyboard is equipped with a minimalist white light effect, and a single light can also enhance the appearance, full of avant-garde technology. When the light is turned on, the keycap will show a soft white light effect, and there are 8 light effect modes that can be switched at will. When used at night, it not only illuminates the keyboard keys, but also creates a sense of desktop atmosphere.

In the actual experience of typing or gaming, it can bring a soft feel when pressing the keys. The sound of the brown switch is small, which is not much different from that of the red switch. It has the characteristics of noise reduction and does not affect others; The strength is very comfortable.

The keyboard supports 2.4G wireless + Bluetooth dual-mode connection, and the receiver is hidden in the storage box on the back. 2.4G wireless can ensure low latency in games. The switching method is also very interesting, using indium-plated toggle switches, which can quickly switch between the 3 devices. Compatible with windows, Mac, Android and IOS systems, it is convenient for me to use it on devices such as notebooks, computers and tablets.

The top row of buttons also has a wealth of shortcut settings. You can freely switch lighting effects, lighting brightness, playback switching, volume, etc. according to your preferences. The icons indicate that the operation with the Fn key is very simple and easy to understand.

The battery life is also a bright spot for me. The battery of the wireless keyboard that has been used for five years has long died, and now it can only be powered by plugging in the cable. Hi Keys mechanical keyboard can reach a maximum of 360 days of ultra-long battery life when the light effect is turned off, which is simply against the sky. When it is in 2.4g mode, it will be slightly reduced, and the game usage can reach 220 days, and you will gain a more enjoyable gaming experience. Even with the backlight turned on for a long time, it can last for a week. It can also be charged with the mainstream Type-C interface, and it takes three hours to fully charge, which is more intimate and convenient.

Finally, there are adjustable feet on the back and a non-slip rubber pad, which can adjust the angle of the keyboard according to the feel when using it. When the keyboard is placed on the table, it can also be kept stable without shaking.

In terms of comprehensive experience, whether it is in terms of design or the impact of color, this innovative keyboard really impresses me; I am also very satisfied with the comfort of use; and the long battery life is also very satisfying. very powerful. Whether it is office or entertainment, or a beauty party, it is a good choice. I also hope that Durga will bring me more surprises in the future!

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