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Life Jun's Digital Life Museum Article 106: Your desktop I will grow grass (2) Appreciation of IQUNIX three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard OG80 happy vending machine

Hello everyone, I am Lifeisgood, the original author of "Synology NAS Unofficial Introductory Manual" from Aunt Zhang's family (If you can't remember English, just call me Lai Fujun in Chinese). In June of this year, thanks to Aunt Zhang’s love, I was lucky enough to get an LG gram 16-inch thin and light notebook computer during the public testing activity.

The new generation of LG gram is the benchmark for high-end thin and light business notebooks in 2022. It incorporates a 16-inch high-definition large screen in a slim body, is equipped with the 12th generation Intel® Core™ processor, and has passed the Intel® Evo™ platform certification , equipped with dual Thunderbolt 4 and other advanced and complete mainstream interfaces, LPDDR5 memory and NVMe Gen4 solid-state hard drive, built-in 80 Wh lithium battery, which can provide up to 20.5 hours of long battery life, and weighs as light as 1.19kg. LG gram is a powerful productivity tool that combines mobility, portability, and scalability.

LG gram 16 uses the original anti-glare 2K high-definition large screen with a screen aspect ratio of 16:10, which is very suitable for daily mobile office. After completing the evaluation, the control of this LG gram 16 was handed over to the girlfriend.

In order to sit on the sofa and watch live variety shows, I bought a laptop lifting stand; for office work, I installed printer drivers, video conferencing, and instant messaging software. But it was really time to start work, and my girlfriend said that the laptop was placed on the lifting stand, which made it inconvenient to type and not easy to use.

The ancients said that a good horse deserves a good saddle; passers-by say that poor students have a lot of stationery. Then build a mobile productivity office desktop around this ultra-thin and light notebook with a long battery life and match it with powerful peripheral equipment.

The OG80 Wormhole is the main mechanical keyboard I use every day. It has a three-mode connection, the key shaft supports hot swapping, and the 83-key layout saves desktop space. The percussion sound of the green axis is crisp and the feedback is favorable, which is suitable for my crazy typing every day.

The current situation is that both of them work at home. In order to distinguish, this time I chose the red OG80 happy vending machine.

The shaft body chooses the fast silver shaft. My girlfriend likes to play games, but doesn’t type much at work, so this high-precision, fast trigger and rebound switch is more suitable for her. As for the RGB backlight, it is a must.

This OG80 is named Happy Vending Machine, with happy and bright red and white as the main colors.

80 layout, three-mode connection, mechanical shaft body, MAC adaptation, full-key no punching, hot-swappable shaft, the main selling points and parameters are clearly conveyed on the back of the girdle.

The bright berry red, coupled with free pure white keycaps, is like dotted with red marks on the white snow, accompanied by the tapping rhythm, it will make you full of energy in an instant.

The smiley face element leads, the ESC key ranks first, and the keycap pattern integrates the theme of happiness and motivation.

The round and lively smiling face pattern and the undulating lines imply the ups and downs of life are smooth sailing.

A number of happy-themed red keycaps are presented as a thoughtful gift, allowing you to DIY as you like and switch your desktop style at any time.

At the same time, a MAC supplementary key (white keycap in the picture) is also presented.

The OG80 Wormhole mechanical keyboard supports wired, Bluetooth, and wireless three-mode connections.

On the right side of the smiley ESC button, there is actually a vertical LED indicator light, which will indicate different connection modes and working states in blue, pink, purple, fast flashing and slow flashing. The wireless receiver is actually hidden and stored.

The red magnetic cover in the upper left corner is opened, and the USB wireless receiver is stored inside to prevent loss and easy to carry.

This is a 2.4G wireless receiver, or according to the official switching sequence, it is called connection 4 (because it is switched with the Fn+4 shortcut key).

Bluetooth supports simultaneous connection of 3 devices (use Fn+1, 2, 3 to switch).

Therefore, through 2.4G wireless/Bluetooth 5.1 technology, 4 devices can be connected wirelessly at the same time. The current device can be switched flexibly and quickly with Fn+1, 2, 3, and 4.

For example, the wireless receiver is plugged into a desktop computer or an e-sports notebook. After all, playing games requires extremely low latency. Then laptops, tablets, and mobile phones use Bluetooth to connect. With a wireless/Bluetooth multi-mode mouse, you can control 4 devices with one keyboard.

The wired/wireless toggle switch at the bottom can also be used as a power switch. While connected by cable, it is also charging the keyboard.

The top F keypad is tilted at a larger angle, which visually highlights the personality and is more friendly to zero-gravity users: since the F keypad faces the user at a large angle, when you lie flat on the ergonomic chair, lower it slightly You can easily distinguish the buttons in the F area without looking up, so you don't have to get up and check.

When purchasing the OG80, I deliberately chose the RGB backlight model (there is also a matte version). When the keyboard is in wireless connection mode, you can press Fn+Del to turn on the backlight. OG80 happy vending machine supports 16 million color dynamic light effects, uniform color, many modes and gorgeous effects.

The wireless receiver is very small, and I am afraid that I may accidentally lose it. The storage card slot here on the OG80 has a magnetic cover, which is convenient for storage and will not be lost.

The mainstream Type-C interface is used on the back, and wired connection and charging and replenishing blood can be done at the same time.

No matter how fast your hands are, you can achieve no conflict with all keys and respond quickly at the same time.

The keyboard and the Type-C cable are designed separately and stored separately. When you go out and need emergency charging, you can also share a cable with your mobile phone.

The OG80 happy vending machine uses durable PBT material keycaps, which are delicate in touch, not easy to oil, and have a good texture.

OG80 happy vending machine only has a little regret, that is, the keycap is not transparent. When the ambient light is dim at night, it is not very helpful for distinguishing keys. The flaws are not hidden, I plan to buy a few custom-made light-transmitting keycaps to solve it, and it doesn’t take much. It is enough to replace the most commonly used F9, Fn and equal keys.

The OG80 happy vending machine is quite high in terms of playability and customization.

Not only can the keycaps be customized and replaced, but the OG80 happy vending machine also uses hot-swappable switches that are unique to high-end mechanical keyboards.

The standard two-in-one tool, one end of the steel wire is a key puller, which is convenient for us to remove the keycaps, and can be cleaned or replaced with custom keycaps.

Users can disassemble and replace each shaft at will. Turn the 2-in-1 tool upside down, with the shaft puller on the other end.

Poor students have a lot of stationery, and they have to copy homework from the list. Unknowingly, this LG gram 16 has been equipped with a lot of good digital peripherals.

In order to meet the needs of daily remote meetings, efficient office, professional drawing, etc., I want to buy a portable display with the same size, resolution and aspect ratio as LG gram 16. After reading the reviews and breaking the news at Aunt Zhang’s house, I finally chose EHOMEWEI Q3 (一港微), which uses the same screen as LG Gram +View, and more importantly, it adds a high-precision handwriting function, which can meet the requirements of meeting annotations. Higher requirements for records, calligraphy and painting, design and drawing, etc.

Based on years of habits, I pay the most attention to two points when choosing a wireless mouse: one is that the battery life should be long, and the other is that there are two function keys for forward/backward (this can be doubled when managing files and browsing the web). Improve efficiency).

Supports simultaneous connection of two devices (such as notebooks, tablets, desktops, mobile phones, etc.). How to switch? Pay attention to the small button behind the scroll wheel. Short press is to switch between wireless and Bluetooth, and long press for 3 seconds is to switch between mac OS and Windows operating system.

That is to say, it is possible to switch between two hosts with one key, which is convenient for controlling two computers at the same time. Overall, this is a very cost-effective dual-mode wireless mouse.

Compared with conventional notebook stands, this stand is made of aluminum alloy and looks very good. And the function of rotation and lifting is added, which is very practical.

I bought a new LG gram machine and cherished it. The original factory gave me a transparent keyboard protective film. I also need a laptop bag for carrying and protecting it when I go out.

I chose this portable 16-inch bag. Because notebooks are ultra-thin and light, from the perspective of lightness and portability, the notebook bag is also selected to be thin and light.

Looking at it this way, it is found that a notebook computer needs a lot of peripheral equipment. In the next article, peripherals such as active noise-cancelling headphones and Bluetooth speakers will be released, so stay tuned.

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