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Life Part 9: I have new equipment for the start of school, mouse and keyboard

The school is about to start, I don't know how many family members have to submit the first draft of the paper, and how many people have not written yet?

Let's just say that it doesn't matter if the content is not complete, the tools must be fully prepared, and I will arrange all the mouse and keyboard⌨️. After all, a good tool is productivity. Isn’t it good to type comfortably? Isn’t it good to operate a computer from a long distance?

1. British Fick m8

The main reason for buying it is that I bought some wireless mice at pxx and it retired, so I had no choice but to buy a new one. Picked a few models and chose British Fick's m8.

First of all, let’s talk about its appearance, milk tea pink, it looks very girly. The mouse is small and light, and I can easily hold it. The operation on the computer is smooth without stuttering, and I personally don’t play games, and I feel that it is enough. I did my homework before I bought it, and said it is not silent. I think there is not much demand for silence. The main reason is that it is relatively cheap at around 40. After I got it, it is still relatively quiet, even quieter than what I heard in the lightning protection video.

Then let’s talk about the lack of morality. Its scroll wheel is made of soft material, which is fine, but it gets dirty very easily, and it looks uncomfortable, but the others are okay. In a word, it is enough.

2. Step from kb898

This is my temporary idea. I thought it would be OK to buy a mouse and pair it with a keyboard, so I chose Micong. [At first I chose Logitech, but the white one was sold out]

After getting it, I have to say that the packaging is okay. A small keyboard gave a box containing 6 bottles of shower gel. After unboxing and seeing the real product, I was amazed by its appearance. Although it doesn't match my computer, it looks good.

The body is small and wide enough to hold with one hand. The buttons are sensitive and easy to operate. There are also VR tuning keys, which are very convenient.

Let’s also talk about the disadvantages: it is not muted. Those who have this need can give up. The keyboard of the notebook is loud.

Then the keyboard membrane material on the surface is easy to absorb dust. If you don’t like this kind of material, there is nothing else, as long as it looks good enough.

These are my new equipment for the start of school, you can rush if you need them.

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