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Lighter and faster, Razer Soul Eater Golden Scorpion V2 wireless optical low-axis keyboard out of the box

In the past few years, keyboard switches have been flourishing. After the traditional switch models can be filled with the periodic table of elements, major manufacturers finally couldn't help but start to move into new fields. The unboxing this time is Razer's latest Soul Eater Golden Scorpion V2 series keyboard, equipped with Razer's self-developed optical short switch, providing wireless full-size version (104 keys), wireless competitive version (87 keys) and full-size wired keyboard. Version three models to choose from.

The 104 wireless version I bought for the first time is actually a three-mode design, and the outer packaging is still the standard Razer flavor, and the green color can be seen from afar.

The first feeling I got from the keyboard was that it was light and thin. The three-dimensional dimensions of 437mm×140mm×28mm did not look like a full-key mechanical keyboard at all. The shell is made of a black aluminum alloy panel. In addition to increasing durability, the overall weight is also light, so it is not a problem to carry it in a bag.

From the side, you can more intuitively feel the lightness and thinness of 28mm thickness, and you can also see Razer's self-developed optical short axis. In terms of the axis body, there are two choices of red axis and purple axis, among which the red axis is a pure linear axis, and the purple axis is a crisp and neat paragraph axis.

Remove the keycap and you can see the whole picture of the optical short switch I chose. The trigger point of the red switch is 1.2mm, the full key travel is 2.8mm, and the trigger pressure is 45gf, which is about 40% less than the traditional red switch. As the biggest selling point of the keyboard, Soul Eater Golden Scorpion V2 uses the fastest trigger speed optical low switch ever, with "light speed level" trigger, zero-delay rebound and super long durability.

From the profile of the official shaft body, the optical shaft does not need metal contacts to trigger. As long as the optical signal is blocked, it is regarded as a trigger signal. Compared with the metal contact trigger of the mechanical shaft, the speed is faster and the delay is lower. At the same time, it can also have an ultra-low failure rate and a life span of 70 million knocks.

In addition, Razer has designed the latest silicon damper in the optical linear red switch, which greatly improves the sticky feel of the traditional short switch. With coated ABS keycaps, it not only feels refreshing and not procrastinating, but also very quiet and durable. It is easy to use whether it is coding or playing games.

In terms of links, the Soul Eater Golden Scorpion V2 wireless version supports three-mode connections, including 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth and wired connections. In Bluetooth mode, the keyboard can be connected to up to 3 devices, and the button on the top of the keyboard can be switched with one key, which greatly facilitates the use of multi-host users.

The 2.4G connection uses Razer's patented HyperSpeed ​​wireless technology, which is 25% faster than the same type of wireless technology. It can adapt to frequency to ensure a stable link. It can also connect multiple Razer peripherals with one receiver.

High performance does not mean low battery life. The official claims that when using HyperSpeed ​​connection, the keyboard can be used for about 40 hours at 50% brightness. At the same time, in the Leiyun software, we can set various energy-saving configurations to increase the battery life of the keyboard.

Usually we can judge the battery is on by combining the buttons and the indicator lights above the direction keys. One light represents 20%, and it is clear at a glance when to charge.

The 2.4G wireless receiver of the keyboard is hidden in the storage slot at the bottom, and there is a base for sending and receiving the receiver in the accessories, so you don’t need to look for cables when charging later.

In addition to the combined buttons, the top of the digital area of ​​the Soul Eater Golden Scorpion V2 wireless version is also equipped with an all-metal multi-function dial and multimedia buttons. We can give the buttons rich functions through settings, including pause, play, switch, adjust brightness, volume etc.

As a lamp factory, light pollution must not be absent, so first adjust to the iconic Razer Green.

We can make more light effect adjustments in Thundercloud, including display effects, brightness, light off time, and so on.

Thanks to the customized laser-etched keycaps, the pattern of each keycap can be clearly seen in the light that shines through in low-brightness mode, and the sense of class is prominent.

If you are a Razer fan like me, through Leiyun, we can synchronize all the accessories of the computer with Shenguang with one click, and easily create personalized light pollution.

With the blessing of a full set of Razer peripherals, the sense of atmosphere is still very strong.

The mouse is the Viper ultimate version with mercury color matching, 74g ultra-lightweight design, optical micro-movement, and HYPERSPEED wireless transmission technology.

The mouse pad that goes with the poisonous viper must be the beetle, a perfect match. I am using the latest RGB version here, XXL size, if you are interested, I will post a list later, the large size table mat is more comfortable to play games.

Here I recommend a set of host configuration for game enthusiasts, which is basically the best.

The CPU is i7 12700KF, which has the same 8 P cores as 12900K, 4 E cores, 12 cores and 20 threads, supports PCIe 5.0, and 25MB L3 cache. The matching motherboard is MSI Z690 CARBON WIFI, which belongs to MSI MPG series and supports DDR5 memory. The power supply adopts 18+2 phase direct output, the single-phase maximum current is 75A, and the theoretical maximum output power consumption is more than 450W.

The Z690 Diablo motherboard has 4 DDR5 memory slots, supports a maximum capacity of 128G, supports Intel XMP 3.0 technology, memory overclocking can reach up to 6666MHz, and has the Memory Try It function to easily complete memory overclocking. At the same time, it also has 5 M.2 interfaces, and the expansion performance is explosive.

The memory is Diaopai DDR5 strips, with a black copper-aluminum composite heat sink with nano-coating, which can better take away the heat. The XMP frequency is 6000Mhz, the timing is 40-40-40-76, and the voltage is 1.35v. Hynix particles, good overclocking potential.

The 12700KF overclocked still generates a lot of heat, which requires good water cooling to suppress it. The MSI MEG God of War S360 integrated water cooling is used. It is equipped with three 12CM P12 noise reduction fans as standard, pure black without light pollution, suitable for users who pursue quietness. It adopts the seventh generation Asetek water pump with a pure copper bottom. The water block integrates all cables, including SATA power supply, USB cable, 3 fan hub connectors and 1 3PIN fan interface, for easy cable management.

The cold head of S360 has a built-in 2.4-inch IPS screen, which can display more interesting content with MSI Center. In addition to the various animations that come with it, you can also customize text, pictures or animations, taking into account excellent silence and heat dissipation At the same time, it can be said that the playability has been greatly improved.

The bright machine card is the outdated flagship RTX3090 HOF Extreme from GALAX. The parameters are not listed. Anyone who will buy it will know it, and those who will not buy it will be mines. RTX3090 uses the GA102 core, the number of CUDA is 10496, very close to 3090Ti, the acceleration frequency is 1860MHz, and the maximum power consumption is 420W.

This 3090 Hall of Fame graphics card uses an all-white all-aluminum alloy cooling module, with a diamond cutting process, which makes the entire graphics card sharp and sharp, with a strong sense of three-dimensionality and recognition. The "Hall Of Fame" LOGO on the side and the fan in the middle support Shenguang synchronization, which is convenient for creating light pollution.

The power supply is MSI's A1000G, which belongs to the MPG series, 1000W gold medal full module. 100% all Japanese capacitors, high temperature resistance up to 105 ℃, provide a ten-year warranty. There is an intelligent start-stop switch at the end of the power supply, which can stop and run with zero noise under low load. Built-in 13.5cm FDB bearing fan with a maximum speed of 2300RPM.

The length of A1000G is only 150mm, which is 10mm smaller than the common ATX power supply and has better compatibility. The power supply is a full-module solution, providing one 24Pin, five 8Pin, and four 6Pin output interfaces, which can support the needs of the motherboard + graphics card and five 8Pin. They are all flat cables, which are convenient for installation and management.


The monitor is MSI MPG321UR-QD, a 6,000 yuan 32-inch 4K144Hz monitor. Using quantum dot technology, the main feature is Samsung's nano-quantum film, the P3 color gamut can reach 97%, and it supports HDR600. Whether it is playing games or productivity, there is nothing to say about the display.

After a few days of experience, the feeling of the Razer Soul Eater Golden Scorpion V2 wireless version is subversive. The starting point of the traditional short axis is to replace the gaming notebook membrane keyboard, but due to factors such as thickness and weight, the hand feel is hard to describe. The Soul Eater Golden Scorpion V2, supported by Razer's self-developed optical low-axis axis, not only bid farewell to the unsettled feel of the low-axis keyboard, but also has faster and more stable performance blessings. Users who are tired of traditional mechanical keyboards must try it out. enter.

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