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Lightweight and portable table for amateurs Greenlink Bluetooth low-axis mechanical keyboard KU102

Now friends who play digital games are all good-looking. After looking at my simple computer desk, do I rely on a keyboard to support the scene? Recently, I have been frantically dabbling in peripheral products to enrich my spare time. Whether the desk looks good or not, a keyboard has already determined most of the world. I used to think that black keyboards are the most versatile, but after a long time, I always feel a lot less angry. Recently, I have experienced a lot of keyboards one after another, and I feel that this Lulian KU102 mechanical keyboard is the most suitable for me.

Affected by my personal obsession, my desktop is too simple, but I am still racking my brains to explore. This keyboard of Lulian seems to have opened up new ideas. See that the small clock and the stereo have yellow elements, do they just echo with Lulian KU102? Whenever the night is dark, I may sit at my small table to relieve the fatigue of the day. Looking at the new keyboard and dreaming of my own small country of one square meter, I feel very beautiful in my heart.

Lulian KU102 is a portable mechanical keyboard, the keys are arranged in a compact 89-key layout; the new version of Gaote short tea switch is comfortable to use; monochromatic white light has 15 kinds of lighting effects; it supports wired and wireless Bluetooth adapter connection ;The connection is stable and the whole key is free; can be connected to 4 devices, compatible with multiple systems, and can be switched at any time with one key; built-in large-capacity battery, long-term battery life is more convenient; the weight of the whole machine is less than 500 grams, and it is very good to carry when going out choose.

I chose a sunny afternoon to show the beauty and charm of Lulian KU102 Bluetooth low-axis mechanical keyboard. The color scheme of Cangling Green is selected in the next menu. It is difficult to define the exact names of the three colors. Let’s call them black, green, and orange.

In the package, the keyboard body, Type-C power and data cable, key puller, 6 supplementary keycaps matching Mac, instruction manual and warranty card. Let me talk about the things that make me feel criticized. The gap between the keycaps is too small, and the plastic key puller is a bit redundant. It is no problem to use the steel wire. After the keyboard has been used for a period of time, it is recommended to regularly clean the foreign objects in the gaps, which can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria.

The logo of Lvlianjia can be vaguely seen in the lower left corner of the keyboard. When experiencing other products, the logo often appears on the right side of the keyboard. Designers may have their own thinking logic. When playing games and pressing the asdw button, is there any truth covered up?

The keycap material of Lulian KU102 is made of ABS material, and the skin-friendly UV paint is used as the coating. The workmanship and light transmission effect of each button are perfect, and the delicate feel when using it is still very tear-resistant.

Use two contrasting colors to distinguish the functional keys of the keyboard. The upper right corner of the keyboard is also equipped with a screenshot button and an expression button. To be honest, except for the Delete button, which is used more often, the rest of the function buttons are quite practical, but I don’t use them too much, and they are quite convenient when needed. of.

In terms of overall appearance, I like it very much. I use another green keyboard in the company. Maybe have a soft spot for this color? Don't get it wrong. The light hits the keyboard, with a matte texture, exquisite and borderless, which is irresistible, light but not thin. Carrying it with a laptop on your back will not feel heavy, after all, it weighs less than 500 grams.

Whether the mechanical keyboard is comfortable or not, the first thing is the choice of the axis body. The tea axis is the most suitable ax for opening up wasteland in Xinshou Village. The green axis snaps when it goes up, and the red axis goes down silently. There are also colorful switches to choose from, but remember that once you enter the keyboard, it’s as deep as the sea, don’t ask which switch will understand you. There are tens of thousands of digital products at present, there is no best product, only the one that suits you best. I may have stayed in the pit of the cherry shaft for a long time, and I still feel a little uncomfortable. The overall experience of Gott’s short shaft is not bad, better than some domestic shafts. The large keys of the keyboard are also used satellite axes, there is nothing to say, the picture is stable and pretty good.

The positioning board of Lulian KU102 is really good-looking, and this Cangling Green is worth it. The under-axis lamp is also the general trend, and there is nothing to discuss. With 4 levels of brightness and 15 kinds of lighting effects, there is love only when there is light. Let’s not demonstrate the light effects, the official announcement effect is much better than mine.

As mentioned above, Greenlink KU102 supports wired connection and wireless Bluetooth mode. For more convenient adaptation, set the keyboard mode switch to correspond to Win and Mac devices. Built-in 1800mAh, long-term battery life is no problem, no light for a hundred hours, no problem for more than ten hours with the light on.

Use the wired connection to plug in the keyboard and simply set the switch to off for normal use. Access to 4 devices at the same time, one wired and three bluetooth can be switched at will, sometimes it is very convenient.

Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 chip, the adaptation connection is stable and fast, and the guarantee of no conflict when all keys are pressed at the same time. This is the actual use feedback brought by the powerful main control chip.

There is no special decoration on the back of the keyboard, only one height cannot be adjusted by itself. It is not a big problem to raise the height by yourself according to personal usage habits, and the uniform plane controllability is easy to grasp.

Four non-slip foot pads, the support does not slip, and it is difficult to shake the Dali Diamond Finger.

The overall use of Lulian KU102 is still very comfortable. It should be due to the short shaft and short keycaps. It needs more practice to upgrade to the speed of typing at the speed of light.

It has a light and compact appearance, a beautiful appearance, a good feel, and stable and reliable performance. For an understated 18-line digital enthusiast like me, this is the most worthwhile mechanical keyboard. It is a great choice whether it is for daily office work or going out to carry.

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