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Like Gundam peripherals? Take a quick look at the mechanical keyboard co-branded by ikbc Banshee

Some time ago, my friend came to my house to play and fell in love with my new ikbc RX-78-2 Gundam joint wireless keyboard. Of course, I was not willing to part with it, so I asked him to buy one by himself, and now 618 is here, and the price is very affordable. Originally, this buddy also planned to buy a version of RX-78-2 like me, but considering that the white keycaps are not resistant to dirt, he planned to buy a version with black keycaps. As soon as I thought about it, I recommended the joint version of the ikbc Banshee. Just in time for today, let’s unbox and show it!

The outer packaging style of the ikbc Banshee joint keyboard is also extremely low-key, not as gorgeous as the previous RX-78-2 version.

However, the logo of Gundam UC in the upper left corner still shows its identity. I believe that everyone is familiar with the Banshee. As the main character of "Mobile Suit Gundam UC", it is also the second unit of the Unicorn series. Anyway, its popularity is not low. However, the No. 2 unit has a joint name, and I don’t know when ikbc will release the joint version of the Unicorn No. 1 unit?

In terms of overall design and color matching, the ikbc Banshee joint version keyboard is exactly the same as the Banshee, using black + golden color matching. It's just that the keyboard doesn't have a re-enactment of the banshee's explosive armor mode. If it is completely re-enacted, it is estimated that the appearance will be much higher.

The ikbc Banshee joint keyboard is designed with 108 keys, the overall size is 443*137*42mm, and the weight is about 1.2kg. There are two versions of 2.4G wireless and wired.

The Banshee elements of the entire keyboard are relatively rich. The ESC button is the logo of Anaheim Electronics, the maker of Banshee Gundam. The full name of the company is Anaheim Electronics, or AE for short.

The small print on the side is the abbreviation and logo of Earth Federation Space Forces.

Then there is the Enter key. The logo on it is NT-D. This is actually the NT-D system carried by the Gundam Unicorn series. The activation condition is when the mental detector detects that the enemy is NT or a similar strongman. , the body will be forced to switch to the destruction mode, commonly known as explosive armor. At this time, the driver can manipulate the body through mental thinking to release more powerful body performance.

Above the arrow keys is the code name of the Banshee: RX-0 Unicorn GundamBanshee (Gundam Unicorn No. 2). There are also 4 shortcut keys on the upper right of the small keyboard, which correspond to the abbreviation of "E.F.S.F." of the Earth Federation Space Force. The functions are mute, volume, and the function of quickly calling out the calculator, but it does not support customization.

The ENTER button in the lower right corner is also the logo of Anaheim Electronics.

At present, the ikbc banshee joint edition keyboards are all equipped with cherry switches, including red switches, brown switches, and green switches. My little friend chose the red axis this time.

The space key uses a satellite axis instead of a balance bar, and it feels very good in the hand.

In terms of keycap material, the ikbc banshee joint version keyboard is also excellent as always, using PBT material and two-color injection molding process, both in terms of texture and lifespan.

I also tried playing a few games and typing, and it feels no different from the ikbc RX-78-2 Gundam co-branded wireless keyboard I use. After all, they are all cherry red switches. The force feedback of typing is moderate, and the feel is very smooth. ; The response is faster when playing games, and there is no delay caused by 2.4G wireless.

Anyway, if you like Gundam elements and want Gundam keyboards, the ikbc Gundam joint series is definitely the best choice. Because they have done a very good job in terms of appearance design, keycap and shaft material, and feel adjustment. It just so happens that 618 is also here. Friends who want to buy a Gundam keyboard can go to the ikbc store to have a look.

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