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Little fun for men, Article 188: The keyboard breaks out of the red sea, and the little nerd SKYLOONG GK75 three-mode mechanical keyboard starts

Hello everyone, I am Teacher Lin, and we meet again.

I have written an article about the use experience of the GK75 wired keyboard before. For many users, if it only meets the basic text output function or game function, the GK75 wired version is very cost-effective.

If there is a very practical demand for wireless, then the wireless three-mode design of the keyboard is undoubtedly the best choice. The GK75 three-mode wireless kit of the little nerd is also such a product based on customer needs. It supports three-mode links, RGB Backlighting effect, classic 75% layout, support full key without punching, in order to facilitate the user experience, it also adds a knob design that supports defined functions, and the shaft body supports hot swapping. Even the most classic three-stage foot support, this time the small bug GK75 three-mode kit has been retained, how about it, is it very sincere?

For the keyboard market, I have used many configurations, shafts, and brand products in recent years. I am still familiar with several brands. Some keyboard peripheral manufacturers are getting better in design, and of course some manufacturers are stagnant. After all, for the keyboard product, if you don’t innovate, it will gradually fade out of the consumer’s business. The innovation I’m talking about is not only the shaft, hardware, but also the theme, color matching, covering many aspects, and finally a manufacturer with strength and ideas In order to capture the hearts of users among so many products. Small nerd is such a brand.

For many users who like the small worm brand, many students who have needs for wireless connection can only continue to wait for the party due to the previous wired connection, but this time the release of the GK75 three-mode kit of the nerd has given users more There are many choices, let us see how this SKYLOONG small nerd product performs in detail.

The hardware configuration is remarkable, and I have all the mainstream configurations that users need.

The main body of the SKYLOONG GK75 three-mode kit adopts the OEM appearance design. It is made of matte textured PBT and ABS materials, and has two theme colors: white shell and black through.

The SKYLOONG GK75 three-mode kit supports three-mode design, which are USB, 2.4G, and Bluetooth links. The dial switches on the back are toggle switches and Windows and MAC toggle switches.

At the same time, the SKYLOONG GK75 three-mode kit supports the separation of keys and wires and the design of three-way outlets, providing 1.5M wires with a length that is more than sufficient for desktop users.

Of course, the two-stage foot support can't be absent naturally. This is not a standard configuration, but if you can't adjust it, you will lose a lot of fun. I still like this.

In terms of configuration, the SKYLOONG GK75 three-mode kit adopts a 75% configuration design, supports full-keys without punching, and is specially designed to support the knob to adjust the volume. Although the technical content of adjusting the volume is not high, the knob design is really easy to use. One point is really a lot more convenient for us who like to listen to music. At the same time, this knob also supports software configuration. Realize three main functions such as zooming in and out of pictures, brightness adjustment, and volume control.

For the keycap part, the SKYLOONG GK75 three-mode kit adopts the two-color keycap design made of PBT material. The two-color injection molded PBT keycap is classic, wear-resistant and non-greasy, and can maintain a better feel even after long-term use.

In terms of random accessories, the SKYLOONG GK75 three-mode kit is very powerful this time, except for some shafts, including replaceable knob switches and knob shafts. Two changing knobs can realize more DIY needs.

It is worth mentioning that the SKYLOONG GK75 three-mode kit also provides space modules that can be split, providing more cute ways to play. Isn't it very powerful.

In terms of the shaft body, the SKYLOONG GK75 three-mode kit adopts the design of the Glacier Orange shaft. This shaft body adopts the same process and structure as the customized mechanical shaft. , the feel and sound are infinitely close to the customized mechanical switch, and it is a switch body that is very suitable for quick use.

Of course, now that customized keyboards are gradually becoming popular, Gasket, which is one of the classic features of customized keyboards, must also be supported. Customized percussion feel, the built-in 0.2MM shaft pad can effectively reduce the bottoming of the keyboard shaft when using it, and the hand feels softer.

Students who like RGB also need to pay attention, the SKYLOONG GK75 three-mode kit supports a variety of lighting effects and RGB effects. Works well for night use.

The SKYLOONG GK75 three-mode kit uses a 32-bit M3 main control chip and 8Mflash onboard memory, and supports 3-way 256-level RGB color management chips, which improves the playability of the software part of the SKYLOONG GK75 three-mode kit huge.

NONONO This is not Wang Zha, the most important SKYLOONG GK75 three-mode kit also supports programmable knobs, full-key macros, RGB backlight customization and other configurations of Wang Zha, do you think there is no regret at this price?

Many users tend to prefer brand-designed kits when they first start buying keyboards. The advantage is that they can achieve quality control in mass production, and novices will not step on the pit.

Thanks to the design that supports various shafts, the touch feels light and the response is fast when operating some daily games. Whether it is shortcut keys or combination keys, you can easily control various operations. The configuration of 75% can basically meet the needs of game lovers, and can also meet the daily office needs.

In fact, my daily use of the keyboard is not too demanding. It is my requirement that the sound be quieter and the touch feel clear and not sticky. The switch I choose for daily use is mainly for processing text. Naturally it is more than enough for daily use.

The backlight of the SKYLOONG GK75 three-mode kit supports RGB and multiple colors. Since this keycap adopts a non-transparent design, the light is not so dazzling when used at night. If necessary, you can replace the keycap you like.

There are rich adjustment schemes for lighting effects through the official driver software, and it is very interesting to use at night. I was not too cold about RGB before. The keyboard I use every day is a product without backlight, but it will still work if it has RGB. Much more fun.

You can see that after downloading the driver from Geek’s official website, you can freely set exclusive lighting effects for your own keyboard, and the playability becomes higher all of a sudden. You must know that many of the designs that support software customization are keyboards of the thousand-yuan level. Only configuration.

In fact, this year's customization market is really full of flowers, and everyone is contending. If you want to spend your time making a product, you must either go for cost-effectiveness or design. You always need unique features to win the hearts of users. This little nerd is really careful. Compared with many customized products on the market, the functions that are more expensive than mine are not as complete as mine, and the price is not as cheap as mine.

The SKYLOONG GK75 three-mode kit perfectly retains the main function keypad, and it can be handy in daily life whether it is games or word processing. The customized optical axis perfectly meets the needs of game lovers. With RGB backlight, three-way cable outlet, two-stage foot support. Three-mode connection output, supports Windows and MAC dual systems, so what else do you need at this price?

As a senior keyboard player, choosing a keyboard that is easy to use has become the main rigid need. Although the wine is good, don’t be greedy. A good keyboard can reduce the fever.

I'm Teacher Lin, see you next time!

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